2014-2016 work programmes thematic programmes and the knowledge chain_john metzger_29 aug


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2014-2016 work programmes thematic programmes and the knowledge chain_john metzger_29 aug

  1. 1. 2014-2016 Work Programmes Thematic Programmes and the Knowledge Chain GWP Regional Days 26-30 August 2013 Stockholm
  2. 2. 2 1. Overview of 3yr regional work programmes and themes 2. TEC draft roadmap – 2014-2016 3. Panel discussions – by 6 TEC thematic leaders 4. Group discussions – jointly facilitated 5. Plenary feedback and discussions 6. Conclusions Agenda
  3. 3. 3 • preliminary list of knowledge products • developed jointly by 1. Regional Water Partnerships 2. Technical Committee 3. GWPO • reflecting the 6 thematic areas • reflecting regional and global priorities Objective
  4. 4. 4 Portfolio of Programmes – 2014-2019:
  5. 5. 7
  6. 6. 8 Over-arching Framework GWP’s Strategy 2014-2019 outcomes identified
  7. 7. 9 Regional Work Programmes for the 3-year period: 2014 to 2016 • Intended as high level planning documents  detailed planning through Annual Workplans • Compilation of the Global and all Regional Work Programmes  the “GWP Work Programme – 2014-2016
  8. 8. 10 Regional Work Programmes for the 3-year period: 2014 to 2016 • The main reference for: • Financial Partners: • to support their multi-year unrestricted core commitments – where the Strategy document is often not detailed enough • Our multi-year results framework: • that we use for M&E (outcome challenges, progress markers, etc.) • Individual Regional Work Programmes • Used for regional and local fundraising
  9. 9. Regional Work Programmes Content 1. Background and introduction 1.1 The regional context 1.2 GWP organization in the region 1.3 GWP regional role and value added 1.4 Taking stock of the 2009-2013 Strategy period 2. Strategic Result Framework at Regional level (6 years) 2.1 Vision & Mission 2.2 Regional Outcome Challenges & Progress Markers 2.2.1 Strategic goal 1 2.2.2 Strategic goal 2 2.2.3 Strategic goal 3
  10. 10. Regional Work Programmes Content 3. Implementation Map at Regional level (3 years) 3.1 Implementation Path for Goal 1 3.2 Implementation Path for Goal 2 3.3 Implementation Path for Goal 3 4. Resources needed (3 years) 5. Summary Results Framework (targets) 5.1 GWP Impact 5.2 GWP Key Water Governance Outcomes 5.3 GWP Outputs
  11. 11. 13 REG GOAL NB Regional Activity Blocks – from 3 years Regional Work Programmes, Table C (draft not complete) Food Ener Ecos Urb TB Clim Other Theme CAC 1 1 GWP CACENA Partners support National IWRM policy dialogues (in cooperation with UNECE and UNDP) in all countries for promotion of wide public participation into water governance at all hierarchic levels IWRM CAC 1 2 GWP CACENA Partners facilitate policy dialogue for the improvement of decision-making efficiency addressing IWRM tools needed at the regional level; IWRM CAC 1 3 1. Promotion of BEAM model WRM_modeling CAC 1 4 2. IWRM as a practical approach to climate change adaptation in Caucasus and Central Asia X IWRM CAC 1 5 3. Green growth – basis for cooperation and water security DEV_Green growth CAC 2 6 1. GWP CACENA Partners organize awareness raising campaign for water management planning and its application in all CACENA countries.; IWRM CAC 2 7 2. GWP CACENA Partners promote knowledge accumulation and dissemination addressing development challenges (including mechanism to use IWRM ToolBox as the repository of GWP knowledge on water resources management, climate change adaptation, green growth process, etc); X Green growth CAC 2 8 1. GWP CACENA Partners support coordinated capacity development process over the region.; IWRM CAC 2 9 2. GWP CACENA Partners attend the most important National, Regional and International events to obtain advanced and to share own experiences Partnerships CAC 3 10 1. Regional Secretariat properly conducts governance of the GWP CACENA network and streamline financial, administrative and governance structures. Organization of the Regional Council meetings. Partnerships CAC 3 11 2. To conduct inter-regional consultation meetings. Participation in the annual CP meetings of the GWP Partnerships CAF 1 1 Water security is taken into account by ECCAS in the development work of the Regional Water Policy; IWRM CAF 1 2 Countries in Central Africa have prioritised water security in national adaptation plans as well as other policies and national development plans related to climate change; X # CAF 1 3 Political commitments (Ministerial Resolution) are facilitated to improve water security in transboundary basins; X # CAF 1 4 Programs for the integrated management of floods and droughts are implemented in four countries and two transboundary basins; X X X # CAF 1 5 The region have a regional policy on food security/ agriculture that includes measures to improve water security; X # CAF 2 6 The region have a regional energy policy that prioritizes water security. X # CAF 2 7 At least 10 universities and educational institutions are challenged to integrate the GWP toolkit in their curriculum; IWRM CAF 2 8 Improved system of data / information management on water as a tool for water resources knowledge management in Central Africa region; WRM_data, information CAF 2 9 A system of monitoring and reporting of resources agreed between the countries, at regional and transboundary levels; X # CAF 2 10 Development of water infrastructure based on sound knowledge of water resources for water security, and backed by ministerial resolutions at regional and basin levels; WRM_Infrastructures 2 11 The regional network for journalists is operational Partnerships Work Programmes: 2014 to 2016 Draft v1 – August 2013
  12. 12. 14 Theme Region Climate resilience Food security Energy security Ecosystems Integrated urban water mgt Transboundary cooperation Other (in addition: IWRM) Central Asia & Caucasus X Green growth Central Africa X X X X X WRM data, infrastructures Central America X X X X X X Financing, WASH, MUS, Conflict Caribbean X X X X Nat eco. Acc., WRM financing Central & Eastern Europe X X X X China X X Eastern Africa X X X X X X Mediterranean X X Non- conventional Southern Africa X X X X X X WASH South America X X X marine, WRM financing South Asia X X X X X X WASH Southeast Asia X WASH West Africa X X X X WASH, right to water Very preliminary overview of thematic areas draft regional 3 years Work Programmes
  13. 13. 15 GWP Knowledge Chain
  14. 14. 16 GWP ES Publication proposal: Publication Concept Note Publications Work Plan Second draft with Network inputs TEC Chair produces workplan and submits to GWP ES KMO supported by Nework Operations First draft The GWP publication management and the Knowledge Chain RWPsauthors authors authors TEC Project Facilitator Final draft with Network inputs authors Danka Zaki Regional Knowledge Parters as discussed Aug 2012