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GER Investor Presentation May 2017


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Our latest investor presentation.

Published in: Investor Relations
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GER Investor Presentation May 2017

  1. 1. TSX VENTURE: GER.V | BOARD OF DIRECTORS See the following link for a more detailed view about Glen Eagle's Board of Directors.
  2. 2. TSX VENTURE: GER.V | Cobra Oro de Honduras has been a gold producer for the last 12 months. An important plant expansion was in progress all year long to add a cyanide circuit to the floatation. The new circuit has entered commercial production in April 2017 and is already cash flow positive. GOLD PROCESSSING PLANT IN HONDURAS
  3. 3. TSX VENTURE: GER.V | The plant was initially valued by an independent canadian engineering company at $1.5 million dollars. With the recent expansion, the company values the plant at $8M to $10M dollars based on data recently accumulated. GOLD PROCESSSING PLANT IN HONDURAS
  4. 4. TSX VENTURE: GER.V | The project is located 100 km north of Chicoutimi. A phosphate deposit grading 5.4% on average is currently being discovered. The large anomaly has been drilled over 1 km long by 300 meters wide by 100 meters deep and remains open. MOOSE LAKE
  5. 5. TSX VENTURE: GER.V | The Minamata Agreement was signed in Japan by 96 countries in November 2014 to address the use of mercury by more than 15 million small miners to extract gold. Part of the metal will end up in creeks, rivers and down the food chain. The participants were unanimous about the urgency to address the problem and find a solution to one of the worst environmental problem affecting our planet today. MINAMATA AGREEMENT
  6. 6. TSX VENTURE: GER.V | Likelihood of property acquisition in Honduras. Possibility to leverage Moose. Upside potential on its stock with a low market cap of $15 million. SHORT TERM “BLUE SKY”
  7. 7. TSX VENTURE: GER.V | A well managed and non diluting company with 77 million shares outstanding after 12 years of operation. Fewer than 7 shareholders including management control approximately 40 million shares. SHARES UNDER CONTROL