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Are you paying attention?


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Are you paying attention?

  1. 1. A CRASH COURSE ON CREATIVITY ASSIGNTMENT #2 Are you paying attention? Giovanna Trindade Pastorelli Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil 2012
  2. 2. All the stores here are in Patio Higienopolis Mall ( São Paulo, Brazil) andall the stores didn’t allow taking pictures inside of them, so I just took pictures of the front of the store.STORE 1- ANIMALE In this store I saw that the prices are so hard to find (even thesalesperson found difficulty to find). I also noticed that there were few clothes ofeach type, what, in my opinion, makes the store look like a hurricane passedthere, I didn’t like it!
  3. 3. STORE 2 - BILLABONG The music and the decoration made me feel like I was on the beach, Iliked it! One curious thing I saw was “for sale” items near the cash register,strategically, to force (unconsciously) the consumer.STORE 3 – CONTÉM 1G MAKEUP What I liked on this store, and the first thing I saw, was the uniform of thesalespeople that was nothing more than a black t-shirt and a black pant… whenwe say it sounds like normal, but it makes do much difference, the attention is100% on the product.
  4. 4. STORE 4 - SWAROVSKI It was the most striking and shining store, all the decoration was beautifuland it got my attention for so many times! I love the lights under the shelves at the showcase… it took a specialattention to the products.STORE 5 - BURBERRY There’s just one little thing that got my attention on this store: All theproducts were many little displays, what made the costumer walk around all thestore and see more products than a normal store.
  5. 5. STORE 6 - ADIDAS I loved the decoration of this store, it really matches with the sport theme of the brand… the draws on the wall made all the store look like was in movement all the time, I really liked it, and I’ve never saw a store with so many draws and with so many colors!
  6. 6. STORE 7 – ANY ANY This store of pajamas made me feel like I was in my closet, I felt so much comfortable on it! Other aspect that I noticed was the color of the store that was blue, it is a calm color that (in my opinion) helps the store to sell more.