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GICD Webinar Sample Advisor Woman Client Stress

Sample of wbinar for advisors on using gender brain science to retain and attract clients.

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GICD Webinar Sample Advisor Woman Client Stress

  1. 1. Market Stress and Retaining Clients and Attracting New Assets Webinar #4: How to Rebuild Woman Client's Trust and Loyalty In this Volatile Environment
  2. 2. Rebuilding Trust and Loyalty with Women Clients • They don't know what to expect from you and your professional advice -- going forward • Previously, trust and loyalty was based on the expectation of (asset) protection and them being able to depend on your assurances….they now have disconfirming experiences… • For your men clients it's about taking action and outcomes… • For your women clients it's about rebuilding your relationship and process…
  3. 3. You'll Get a Black Belt in Negotiating+Communicating with Women Clients Under Stress Blend Your Own quot;Type Aquot; Psychology ….with Your Female Client's Different • Needs • Priorities • Feelings • Coping Approaches Both kinds of approaches are needed for the best outcomes -- right now
  4. 4. …primary area of the brain that deals with stress is the limbic system or the emotional brain. …levels of stress hormones rise with age… …after a perceived danger has passed, your body then tries to return to normal. But this becomes even more difficult with age.
  5. 5. Insights From The New Science Of Gender Differences Brains in the Rest-State: Which Is Female? (brain scans provided by Daniel Amen, M.D.)
  6. 6. Chemical Differences: Men Low Levels Of quot;Feel Goodquot; And Bonding Hormones High Testosterone – The quot;Actionquot; Hormone Men Clients (and male advisors!) Manage stress through… • Action • Performance • Taking Charge • Fixing, Manage, Control • Think, Plan, Analyze
  7. 7. More Don'ts….. ü Play with your pen, cup, ü Fidgeting or quot;antsy,quot; jiggle a leg, tap the tablequot; ü Tell jokes ü Appear to be zoning out ü Avoid making eye contact ü Check Blackberry, phone, email ü Order around women in the office or staff 7
  8. 8. Woman Client's Behaviors To Watch For… Ø Taking notes even when bored Ø Using more sensory/emotive words and phrases Ø Will likely not be aggressive in stating her views or interrupting you. Ø Asking open-ended, quot;don't you think?quot; kinds of questions, rather than showing strengthquot; Ø Spending more time quot;connecting the dotsquot;… Ø Feel undervalued if their opinions/views are not specifically sought out Ø Using more words than men… Ø Need adequate discussion time
  9. 9. Quick Tips • Allow venting -- to a degree • Advise your especially sensitive clients to avoid the media • Don't move too quickly from emotional issues • Invite another woman into your meeting
  10. 10. Rebuilding Trust and Loyalty with Women Clients • Show them, and express verbally and in writing, what they can expect from your going forward • Yes, the markets have fallen but you are still working on their behalf and the relationship has not been damaged • They now have disconfirming experiences… • They are looking for empathy, the feeling that you quot;…get themquot;…
  11. 11. Today, Right Now, You Can… • Pick Out A Few Of These Suggestions To Try • Remember: It's Not Your Fault. • Set Polite But Clear Boundaries • Communicate Clearly That You Are Hard at Work, Not Paralyzed, You Are Available To Help
  12. 12. Thank You New Book!! Contact: Elmer Rich III 312-841-1149 12