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The Most Misunderstood “Buzzword” of All Time: Content Marketing

We break down what is wrong with Content Marketing and how to fix it. Don’t repeat the same mistakes Interruption Marketing made. Adopt a Consumer First Marketing approach to dramatically change your Content Marketing results for the better.

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The Most Misunderstood “Buzzword” of All Time: Content Marketing

  1. 1. The Most Misunderstood “Buzzword” of All Time: Content Marketing. By: A.J. Ghergich @SEO
  2. 2. Content Marketing and SEO Building Content that Grows Your Business A.J. Ghergich Ghergich & Co. Founder/CEO @SEO
  3. 3. SEO Driven Content Marketing
  4. 4. The Most Misunderstood “Buzzword” of All Time: Content Marketing.
  5. 5. This is the only magic that will happen with that approach.
  6. 6. Content Marketing is a direct refutation of Interruption Marketing gone wild.
  7. 7. Technology empowers consumers to give marketers the middle finger.
  8. 8. If everyone hates Interruption Marketing why does it still exist? Because it used to work…
  9. 9. 1994 Wired Magazine ad for AT&T 44% Click-Through Rate World’s First Banner Ad
  10. 10. Interruption Marketing worked great until it was overused and abused.
  11. 11. 0.13% Click-Through Rate…OUCH! Flash Forward to 2015: Google Rich Media Click-Through Rates
  12. 12. Interruption Marketing at its Finest
  13. 13. My immediate next step was to re-install an ad blocker on my chrome browser. Apparently I’m not alone…
  14. 14. Adobe’s Latest Report on the Rise of Ad Blockers is Shocking
  15. 15. Apple just announced they will allow ad blockers in iOS 9.
  16. 16. This is where I’m supposed to tell you Content Marketing is going to save us…
  17. 17. Content Marketing Flips the Script
  18. 18. But I can’t…
  19. 19. Content Marketing follows the same dangerous path Interruption Marketing took.
  20. 20. Content is fast becoming the banner ad of modern marketing. Quantity is up but quality is down. People tune us out in droves.
  21. 21. Here’s How We Fix It
  22. 22. Your content must provide value and prioritize the consumer’s needs over your company’s needs.
  23. 23. I call this approach Consumer First Marketing.
  24. 24. Consumer First Marketing thinks about those consuming your content first, and you second.
  25. 25. 4 Steps: Turn Your Blog into a Social, Traffic, and Link Earning Magnet Using Consumer First Marketing
  26. 26. Consumer First Marketing Case Study
  27. 27. Step 1: Define Your Audience Use Facebook to unlock consumer persona data.
  28. 28. Using Open Graph Search we found CustomMade’s consumer base had a strong affinity for the outdoors, environment, and sustainability.
  29. 29. Using Facebook Audience Insights we found their consumers loved content from TreeHugger, Mother Nature Network, Inhabitat, and One Green Planet.
  30. 30. Using Facebook Audience Insights we gleaned detailed demographic data for the fans of the four environmental sites we outlined.
  31. 31. Using this data we refocused the blog on sustainable topics to better align with CustomMade’s audience interests.
  32. 32. Step 2: Brainstorm & Create Content It doesn't have to be hard!
  33. 33. Don’t reinvent the wheel…
  34. 34. Use software like BuzzSumo to identify the most successful posts on sites your consumers already can’t live without.
  35. 35. Make a few amazing pieces per month vs. 100 “acceptable” pieces per month. Acceptable just doesn’t cut it anymore.
  36. 36. Step 3: Produce Visual Assets Visual Assets are the key to editorial success.
  37. 37. Pro Tip: Stock photos are not visual assets. Also, True Detective Season 2 was not an acceptable sequel…but I digress.
  38. 38. Examples of Visual Assets
  39. 39. Asking an editor to check out your latest post will likely fail. Even if it’s good.
  40. 40. Asking an editor if they want access to exclusive charts/graphs you’ve created will succeed.
  41. 41. Step 4: Execute Thorough Outreach Here's how to do outreach that actually works.
  42. 42. If it’s not worth promoting it wasn’t worth creating.
  43. 43. During the content creation phase you should complete an EXTENSIVE outreach list.
  44. 44. Segment Your List
  45. 45. Use Tools Like Followerwonk, Klear, and BuzzSumo to Find Influencers Followerwonk BuzzSumo Klear
  46. 46. Using these 4 steps we created content our research told us would succeed. And in turn, we succeed too.
  47. 47. Put Down the Plastic: How to Move Away from Plastic Dependency 10,300 Social Shares
  48. 48. Our content started getting picked up by the top green blogs and influencers, like Greenpeace.
  49. 49. Our infographics regularly appear on big sites like The Huffington Post and Upworthy because of our outreach efforts. Additional 28,300 social shares from The Huffington Post alone
  50. 50. Editorial Proof Method Getting on The Huffington Post doesn’t mean you’re going to get thousands of social shares and traffic.
  51. 51. Many posts on large sites fail to gain traction. This is because they never get promoted to the main category or homepage.
  52. 52. How to Get on the Homepage of The Huffington Post Create a Link Post on Facebook that points back to your earned media placement. Promote your Link Post with targeted Facebook ads. The likes/shares from the Link Post will sync to the social share count on your earned media placement.
  53. 53. Editors promote their best performing content to their main category or homepage. By running paid promotion to your earned media you give the editor proof that your post will perform.
  54. 54. Why are we going through all this effort to get earned media placements?
  55. 55. External links improve domain authority which flows through the entire site.
  56. 56. Content Marketing's Impact on Domain Authority
  57. 57. Results In just 62 posts, social shares improved from 5 to 3,100 per post. Earned links improved from 0.14 to 14 root domains per post. The number of Keywords ranking in Google increased by 11,751.
  58. 58. Adopting the Consumer First Marketing approach will change how you approach content marketing and dramatically improve your results.
  59. 59. Presentation is pinned @SEO. Feel free to ask me any and all content marketing and SEO questions.
  60. 60. Thank you