GALLERY SERVICES                                  Has been working with the Architectural
Selected Artists
Patrick Atkinson
                                                       Patrick Atkinson was born
Liana Pica Birt

                     Teodora Liana Pica developed a fascination
                     with space and the u...
John Baughman

Born in 1947 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, John Baughman attended the
University of Michigan, the Universit...
Sharron Bliss
                          Sharron has had over 20 years of studio experience as an artist, a
D ennis C am pay

                                                         M ixed-m edia         artist,
Josiane Childers
                                         Josiane Childers Josiane Childers was born

                                                          Donald Hamilton Fraser is of
David Dauncey

                                              David Dauncey was born and raised in
Charles Dwyer
                                    The works of Charles Dwyer, classically
Ken Elliott
                               "Landscape painting should make a
                               simple stateme...
Gregory T. Groover

                                                    The idea of Man’s imposed
Fiona Hoop

                                  The paintings of Fiona Hoop are collaborative
Ron Kempton
                                                     The      large     acrylic
David Kessler
                                                           Born in Teaneck,
Michael Limbaugh

                                      I paint landscapes because they
John & Elli Milan
                                                   John and Elli Milan are young
Nancy Ngo
                                   Born in Chicago, IL, but transported to
Michael Parker
                                    Michael specializes in the fine art of architectural
Dennis Sheehan
                                                Dennis Sheehan, born in
                                              Born in the Saguenay Lac St-Jean in 1965, Sacha
Anke Schofield
                Anke, a native of Ithaca, New York, was apprenticed as a
                professional photo...
Nela Solomon

                                       Nela Solomon was born into a rural, middle-income family
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Compass Bank
Epstein Becker & Green
First Capital
Lockheed Martin
Regions Financial Co...
Gallery Services Profile
Gallery Services Profile
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Gallery Services Profile

  1. 1. GALLERY SERVICES Has been working with the Architectural and Design Community for over 25 years. Our staff can produce a cohesive artwork program responsive to your budget and sensibilities – or provide a budget with recommendations based on your environment for review. Has a full time framing staff so we can GALLERY SERVICES control every aspect of your project. Expert Installation – on budget and on time – completes the turn key services provided by Gallery Services – Where the art of customer service is still created. GALLERY SERVICES 2901 3RD AVENUE SOUTH BIRMINGHAM, AL · 35233 V 205.326.4100 · F 205.326.0440 ·
  2. 2. Selected Artists
  3. 3. Patrick Atkinson Patrick Atkinson was born in Charlotte, N.C. in November of 1978. As a curious and expressive baby, his hands were eager to create from the beginning. This developed into an obsession with painting and drawing, when he was a very young child. Patrick carried crayons and paper with him everywhere. In fact, his mother often had to pull them out of the tub during bath time. Though Patrick was always responsive to the arts, it had yet to evolve into something serious until his high school art teacher challenged Patrick to pursue art with passion and discipline. Patrick studied art at East Carolina University, as well as Queens College in N.C. Shortly there after, he met and apprenticed under the late great artist T.L. Lange. Over the next five years, Patrick refined the tone and virtuosity of his work. According to Patrick, His paintings are derived from an inherent need to generate an impression that will remain long after he is gone. This is evident in his work. He constructs images that are perpetually organic, yet they coexist with personal ideas and are influenced by society. This insures that Patrick’s work will always remain timeless. By age 24 Patrick’s paintings had been exhibited in numerous galleries including: Hidell Brooks (NC), Mary Martin (SC), Hawthorne Gallery (AL), and Mary Bell (IL). Patrick also completed an artist in residency at the McColl Center for Visual Arts. His work can also be found in many private and corporate collections, including the Davidson Art Museum and The Charlotte Bobcats. Patrick now resides in Charlotte, N.C. with his wife and son.
  4. 4. Liana Pica Birt Teodora Liana Pica developed a fascination with space and the uses to which it can be put as a medium of expression while still a young child studying art in elementary school. It led her to continue her education in painting and drawing at Ontario Collage of Art in Toronto and in time to a graduate degree in architecture from the University of Toronto. As informative as that academic experience may have been, there is little direct evidence of it in her paintings unless it is sought in her multi-layered composition. Her work instead is distinguished by a sensuous flow of colour, almost liquid in its effect, and by the dense texture of the paintings’ surface. What remains of her time at the architect’s drafting table has been absorbed into and now enhances her use of space. Pica applies colour and texture in her chosen space with a force that threatens to overwhelm the viewer.
  5. 5. John Baughman Born in 1947 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, John Baughman attended the University of Michigan, the University of California and the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Baughman has developed a unique approach to painting, revealing generous dimensions and thoughtful textures. John’s early works were directly affected through relationships with various artists in the graphic and fine arts community. His deep layering of paints, oils, crayons and gold leafing create forms and planes expressive of the finest in contemporary design. Mr. Baughman’s methodology is analytical. His “window” approach to landscapes is a strategy for isolating the geometry of natural or man-made environments. “It’s almost like in computer jargon where you cross reference an image with a grid and blow that up. The people who react the strongest to my work are architects and engineering oriented people” Mr. Baughman’s art is simply and immediately beautiful. He compares the creative process to “standing with my legs immersed in water,” an apt metaphor since his pieces reflect an almost oceanic tranquility. Weightless structures that evoke pure form over a velvety, deep surface of pure light.
  6. 6. Sharron Bliss Sharron has had over 20 years of studio experience as an artist, a full time professional for 9 of those years. During those years she has had numerous one-on-one intensive seminars with skilled professionals with a combined experience of scores of years working in pastel, acrylic, photography, printmaking and other media. She begins her day with meditation and listens to music as she creates her artwork. The titles of several of her series are named for the music she listens to as she works. The Etta series was inspired by the great Blues singer, Etta James; the Sarah’s Song by Sarah Vaughan, Vivaldi by many of his beautiful compositions. The Bebop, and Swing series all were done while being emotionally moved by these fabulous musical works. Several of her floral and abstract series are created on 100% archival cotton paper, using gesso and oil pastel or acrylic. First she paints the blank paper with gesso; then the imagery is drawn with oil pastel. she then places numerous layers of materials, often obscuring (or destroying) the imagery completely. Scrapers and cloths are used to adjust and remove some of the layers, and in the process the piece takes shape, allowing light to come through the piece, creating dimensionality, texture and interesting abstractions (even when the subject may be representational). This layering is often repeated several times until the finished piece emerges. She states, “I love color and the effect it has on me, and I appreciate that collectors often have a strong emotional response, indicating to me that my artwork communicates something of what I’m feeling and experiencing as I create it”. The Sarah’s Song and Vivaldi Suite series consist of imagery created using only acrylic on 100% archival cotton paper. This series began as an abstract visual response to the exquisite vocals of Sarah Vaughan. Then the series evolved to include leaf or floral imagery and became the Vivaldi Suite series, expressing nature and its myriad gifts of color and form. One of her galleries had a one- person show of Sarah’s Songs, and the majority of the pieces on display were sold. A review in a Philadelphia newspaper said, “Most often Bliss presents the viewer with a color field and surface texture that represent the height of artistic manipulation to demonstrate pure color or texture. The oeuvre Bliss presents in this indeed is handsome in its lushness, the density of the colors, reference to gold leaf and faux marble finish in some of the textures and the diptych and triptych arrangements of color evoke centuries and volumes of knowledge. Bliss tempts us with the formal nature of learning here, allowing the simplicity of natural forms and colors of the world around us to lead us to the structure of observation.”
  7. 7. D ennis C am pay M ixed-m edia artist, D ennis C am pay, invites us into his languorous, richly colored w orlds of reverie and reality, intim acy and spiritual journey. D raw ing on a language of sym bols that suggest rather than shout, in hues that range from m elancholic to jubilant, C am pay’s paintings com bine vaguely European cityscapes w ith distinctly Southern im agery. H is kaleidoscopic scenes present a m esm erizing m ix of D oric colum ns, porticos, slatted shutters, and balconies, gently coexisting w ith coastal m arshes, w hite-w ashed churches, boats, and bridges. Silvery bodies of w ater, w orn books, the solitary piano, and ubiquitous chairs take their place w here interiors and exteriors blend and beckon, seducing the view er inside the setting – to question, to seek connections, to dream . A graduate of the A tlanta C ollege of A rt in 1992, C am pay has received num erous prizes, including for his w ork on paper at the prestigious 2001 Florence Biennale. H e has been featured in A rt & A ntiques m agazine, as w ell as N ew A m erican Paintings. H e is the subject of John T. Spike’s book, C am pay: N ew Paintings (2002). H is original m ixed m edia w orks and draw ings are hanging in private collections across the U nited States, in corporate collections including U S A irw ays and K ing & Spalding, LLP, in public collections including Brenau U niversity, and in the perm anent collections of the H arn M useum of A rt, the M orris M useum of A rt, and the Telfair M useum of A rt.
  8. 8. Josiane Childers Josiane Childers Josiane Childers was born in the smoky mountains of North Carolina but mostly grew up in upstate New York. After excellent training and encouragement from her high school art teacher she completed her formal education in Fine Art at Purchase College, including a semester spent abroad in Amsterdam. She now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her artist boyfriend and three german shepherds. “Every piece I do is an emotional journey through color. I am continuously inspired by the extraordinary world around me as well as the exciting possibilities of infinite color relationships. Every color is beautiful and has a place. There is not one color I can think of that I am not fond of. There is always a reason to paint. I am in love with paint.”
  9. 9. Duarte Donald Hamilton Fraser is of Scottish descent and was born in London in 1929. He studied painting at St. Martin's School of Art and then in Paris with a French Government Scholarship. He taught at the Royal College of Art as a tutor and then Fellow from 1958 - 1983. He is a Royal Academician and has exhibited regularly there since 1975. In 1968 he published a book on Paul Gauhlin's "Vision after the Sermon" and in 1989 Phaidon Press published a book on his paintings of dancers. His chosen subject matter is predominantly landscape and geometric abstract, with the emphasis upon color and surface texture reflecting the traditional affinity between Scottish and French painting. His own early contacts with the post-war Ecole de Paris continued this affinity for him, providing perhaps the most significant, formative influence in the development of his work. Donald's work is exhibited throughout the UK and around the world. His work is represented in major public collections including the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The National Gallery of Canada and the Arts Council of Great Britain. He is married with grown up children and lives with his wife by the river in Henley on Thames.
  10. 10. David Dauncey David Dauncey was born and raised in the greenbelt surrounding the city of Birmingham, England. He grew up in a home that was noisy, large and full, eventually welcoming two brothers and two sisters. A somewhat tumultuous childhood and home life led David into a growing dependence on the outlet of sports, specifically football (soccer) and rugby. Initially, David was entranced with sports as a career choice, but was soon to realize that this was not an option. Fortunately, a teammate on his soccer team who was studying Art & Design at the local college, suggested to David that maybe he should apply. He did, and was accepted, marking the beginning of the development of his artistic eye in a wide range of mediums, including photography, design, ceramics, painting and creative thinking. Eventually, David decided to work towards a degree in ceramics at Bristol University between 1989-1991, but he still yearned to paint especially after becoming disillusioned with ceramics as a creative material. David met an American girl whilst at University, and they married in 1993. The following year they relocated to the United States, having suffered enough poor weather and barking coughs. After having a few menial jobs during his first few years in Phoenix, David made the bold step of becoming a self-employed artist, working in collaboration with both national and international clientele. He had been happily broadening his spectrum of technique and experimentation ever since. David enjoys spending time with his son Jack, watching European soccer in the early hours of the morning, reading, traveling, playing with Edison the dog (named by Jack) and being married to Judith. Education 1998-1992 University of the West Of England 1987-1989 N.E. Worcestershire College Professional Experience 2000-present Self Employed Artist 1996-2000: Designer/Artist with local art company. Founding member of 3carpileup
  11. 11. Charles Dwyer The works of Charles Dwyer, classically rendered figures surrounded by abstracted, surreal elements, thrive on their exciting, visual duality. Dwyer’s languid women are underpinned and overlapped by machinery, animals and glimpses of a darkened, sensual, and sometimes autobiographical world. Like a film noir director, Dwyer spotlights the timeless, female icons in his narrative, cinematic works. The women who inhabit Dwyer’s imagery are sometimes mysterious, often seductive and always, undoubtedly inviting. Born in Wisconsin in 1961, Dwyer graduated as Valedictorian with a Fine Arts Degree from the Milwaukee School of Art and Design in 1984. After traveling throughout Europe, Dwyer’s talents then became focused on the restoration and preservation of some of America’s most prestigious decorative paintings and murals. While the astounding results of his artistic efforts could be publicly seen by thousands, it was his personal, more intimate creations that held his true passions. Dwyer’s elegant, female forms can be found swimming amidst seas of personal and universal imagery and like hieroglyphics awaiting their decoding, Dwyer’s works demand endless exploration and interpretation.
  12. 12. Ken Elliott "Landscape painting should make a simple statement." Artist Ken Elliott believes in the simplicity and purity of portraying natural settings. Utilizing a strong compositional foundation, Elliott organizes elements in his landscape to satisfy and engage the viewer. The sky, water, land and trees function as pieces in a "compositional puzzle" arranged to portray a variation in perception, just one view in the different experiences of life. Involved in the art world for many years before becoming an artist himself, Ken Elliott began his career as an art dealer and gallery director. Soon he began producing his own works of art based on a desire to create a simple and uncomplicated view of natural beauty. Utilizing photographs as well as pastels, Elliott rearranges and manipulates the elements in his scene to suit his mood, while still retaining the overall essence of the scene. He explains, "If I can orchestrate the variables I perceive and offer a view beyond our typical experiences, then I have succeeded."
  13. 13. Gregory T. Groover The idea of Man’s imposed order on the organic reality of Nature is one theme that has been at the forefront of Groover’s imagery since the late 1970’s. Through paper, canvas, encaustic and metal he has explored the juxtaposition of geometric structures providing order within organic compositions. Greg Groover was born in Birmingham Alabama in 1957. He studied Studio Art/Painting under Edith Frohock, among others, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the late seventies. In 1982 he formed what is now Gallery Services, Inc. to become a vehicle for presenting Artist’s work to the Architectural and Design Community. Selected collections include: Smith Engineering-Tuscaloosa, Al Sales Sauces Corporate Offices-Birmingham, Al OSE-Birmingham, Al University of Alabama at Birmingham PKA-Birmingham, Al Baptist Health Systems Brunos Corporate Offices USX Corporation Regions Bank Lockheed Martin
  14. 14. Fiona Hoop The paintings of Fiona Hoop are collaborative works, which combine the talent and experience of two professional artists, Michele Woodey and Mary Kennedy. Michele Woodey graduated with honors in Fine Arts from Brighton School of Arts in England 1979. While working as an antique and art restorer in London she continued her education with university courses in English, teaching English as a second language, printmaking and photography. From 1981 – 1986 Michele was a part-time tutor teaching foundation level students in conceptual development, drawing and painting while continuing to develop her own artwork. In 1986 Michele spent some time in New York, then eventually settled in Canada. She has had multi-disciplined experience as Joint Head of Montessori School art programs, guest lecturer and artist in residence at, The Aitlin School of Art and as Arts council artist in various other post-secondary and graduate school programs. Michele Woodey has held solo exhibits of her work at the prestigious Nexus Gallery in Brighton England, at Erindale College within the University of Toronto, and multiple showings at the, Leo Kamen Gallery in Toronto. Mary Kennedy graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1989 and received OCAD’s Experimental Arts Award in Painting. Since then, she has been the recipient of several Visual Arts Grants from the Ontario Arts Council, as well as from the Sheila Dick Mackay Arts Foundation. Miss Kennedy has shown with such galleries as Baux-Xi in Toronto and Lois Shayne Galleries in Montreal. Several group and solo showings have been appointed by the esteemed Christopher Cutts Gallery in Toronto, often selling out completed works on paper and canvas within a few days of opening. She has juried the University of Toronto Students Exhibits & Grant Awards, been featured on WTN Network’s “Bella” Productions, and has appeared in campaigns for Nokia Cellular’s, “Connecting People” series.
  15. 15. Ron Kempton The large acrylic canvases of painter Ron Kempton (1970-) are filled with blocks of pure color against contrasting fields of a more subdued yet equally intense palette. Rich hues dominate his landscape oriented, action-filled abstract paintings, often generating what appears to be a light glowing from deep within the painting's surface. Born in Colorado, Kempton received his education at the Rocky Mountain School of Design and devotes all of his time to painting, reading and traveling. Kempton is widely exhibited and his paintings are included in many prominent corporate collections including AT&T, Bank of Boulder, Cellular One, Century Bank, Citicorp, Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, IBM, Liberty Mutual, Marriott Hotels, Omni Bank, Optioncare, Inc., SRTI, Inc., US West, United Airlines and Xerox.
  16. 16. David Kessler Born in Teaneck, New Jersey in 1950, landscape artist David Kessler received his Bachelor of Arts from Arizona State University and his graduate degree from the San Francisco Art Institute. Noted for his exquisite use of light and a loving attention to detail, the work of Kessler follows a long tradition of American landscape painting. Brilliant color is used to highlight forms creating depth and movement in his romantic landscape imagery. Furthermore, his use of atmospheric perspective echoes techniques favored in the Italian Renaissance as well as in more recent 20th century landscape traditions. David Kessler has received numerous awards for his work and has been honored with several solo exhibitions at museums and galleries throughout the country. His paintings and prints are included in private, corporate and museum collections across the world, such as those of Arco, AT&T, Bank of America and Lloyd's Bank of London.
  17. 17. Michael Limbaugh I paint landscapes because they come naturally to me. I didn’t so much choose them as they chose me and I am happy to oblige them. In the midst of this world’s fallen-ness and rapidly disappearing natural beauty, I wish to create not only a thing beautiful to look at, but also calming to the soul. Many of my visions are places of long ago but their dreamlike serenity can still be translated and absorbed. As I long for a simpler time in life, my influences come largely from painters and photographers long dead but whose messages I can understand more clearly than many of those from my own time. The Decorative Arts Movement appeals strongly to my sensibilities, as does the California style. This world is changing so quickly with too many stylistic fads coming and going and I feel the need to honor the past rather than rebel against it or attempt to out do it. I live in this modern world but I am not held under its thumb. My work reflects not only the images of the past but hopes for the future.
  18. 18. John & Elli Milan John and Elli Milan are young professional artists, currently living in the Phoenix area. They have recently returned from a six-month adventure in Greece, where they expanded their creative boundaries. The couple met in Honolulu Hawaii where they grew up and married in 1995. John and Elli both received portfolio scholarships from Savannah College of Art and Design where they studied for two years and received their B.F.A.'s from the University of Georgia. John Milan paints mainly in oil with a rich fall palate. His landscape subjects are derived from his traveling experience. His landscape style is influenced by the works of Corot and the early California impressionists. Elli Milan has an eclectic range of styles and subjects all bound by a bright rich palette mixed with earth tones. She is attracted to subjects that have a strong light quality. She also incorporates newspapers and paper scraps collected from her travels abroad. Elli's artwork is often a diary of her life's experiences. John and Elli Milan have showed their work in various galleries in Atlanta, Charlotte, Birmingham, New Orleans and many other cities in the Southeast. They have also had many works displayed in the High Point shows in North Carolina, and Art Expo in New York. The couple lives and works in Queen Creek, Arizona. Their daughter, Dimitra is a constant source of motivation and inspiration for them.
  19. 19. Nancy Ngo Born in Chicago, IL, but transported to Arizona as a young child, Nancy grew up learning an appreciation for contrasting landscapes. She developed an eye for the difference in the way the light reflects on various terrains in the country. She was fascinated with the light and color and started to experiment with painting and photography in high school. Nancy returned to Chicago after high school in order to be immersed in the diverse art and culture of the city. Ngo received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on Painting and Art History from the school of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2001. Once again, she has returned to Arizona where she resides with her husband and two dogs. Nancy and her husband often travel abroad together for inspiration. Her awareness of the play of light and shadow and their effect on color play an important role in her work today. The dichotomy of the natural desert landscape of Arizona versus the urban downtown environment of Chicago led her to a certain "no rules" style of painting. Currently her paintings have a raw, playful and sometimes unfinished quality in which the work holds a kind of potential energy. She finds great excitement and freedom in creating problems on the canvas, then solving them. With every painting there is an infinite number of approaches and decisions to be made. She is fascinated by the discoveries made while creating each new piece of art, and allows her style to change often in order to keep her painterly freedom.
  20. 20. Michael Parker Michael specializes in the fine art of architectural photography. Working almost entirely in black & white his signature style is making otherwise recognizable locations into abstract designs. His methods of combining photography and digital book production are an industry first - allowing him to print (by hand) two books of architectural photography from the U.S. and Europe. A Graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, his early career was influenced by contemporary masters such as Philip Bekker, Michael Kenna, and Keith Carter. He is thirty-one years old and lives in East Pilsen of Chicago, Illinois. Artist Statement: Architecture begins on paper. Photography is the method by which it returns. My goal as a photographer is to create both a body of abstract works and a cohesive archive of domestic and international architecture. With black & white film providing a neutral platform, architecture becomes the medium of design. Without the distraction of color, the viewer is attracted by the composition and texture of an image. Because my photographs are of real-life structures and locations, they can be viewed as puzzles. Satisfaction is gain from decoding the images without leaving the viewer in the state of interpretation. My more traditional photographs are both historical record of the world’s architecture and works of art in their own right. Using black & white film helps to ensure the durability and longevity of these images. As the world’s architectural landscape continues to evolve and grow, documenting our surroundings through photography remains an important tradition.
  21. 21. Dennis Sheehan Dennis Sheehan, born in Boston in 1950, is a member of the Guild of Boston Artists. His work is in major public and private collections, including the White House. Sheehan paints in the Barbizon mode with remarkable authority and faithful adherence to his 19th century precursors. In the tradition of the Tonalist painters, Sheehan creates landscapes of mood, affected by nature's changing seasons. "My goal is to have the painting emanate light, rather than be just a surface that records the reflections of light. This is why the shadow areas are important; for it is from them that this emanation proceeds. The light areas are focal points of this effort, but the power comes from the shadows."
  22. 22. Sacha Born in the Saguenay Lac St-Jean in 1965, Sacha now lives and works in Montreal. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Université du Québec à Montréal in 1982, Sacha worked for a number of advertising firms and taught private art classes. As his love for painting evolved, he decided to devote himself entirely to the pursuit of his passion. Sacha’s travels throughout Canada, the United States and Latin America greatly influenced his art practice, transforming his palette to include an impressive array of ochre, burnt orange, burgundy and vibrant blue. The paint is applied generously to the canvas and the colours are left pure in order to give each subject its unique shape, texture and light. The artist’s innate curiosity led him not only to journey through new lands and territories, but to explore a variety of styles and themes. Whatever the subject, Sacha’s paintings are executed with equal confidence and passion. Today, his work is exhibited in galleries throughout North America. EXHIBITIONS 2008 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver, Canada (solo exhibition) The Village Gallery, Mississauga, Canada (duo with Alexandre Zerbé) 2007 State of the Arts Gallery, Toronto, Canada (solo exhibition) Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, Montreal, Canada 2004-01 Pavillon des Arts de Ste-Adèle, Québec, Canada (solo exhibition) Galerie Époque, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada (solo exhibition) 2002 State of the Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada Art and Soul Gallery, Indianapolis, United States 2001 Art Expo New York, New York, United States 2000 State of the Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada 1999 Art Expo New York, New York, United States 1998 Exhibition in Mexico City La Tournée des Vingt, presenting twenty artists of the Brome-Missisquoi region, Quebec, Canada Galerie Époque, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada (solo exhibition) Le bateau lavoir, Centre d’art contemporain de Montréal, Canada Le Belgo, Montreal, Canada
  23. 23. Anke Schofield Anke, a native of Ithaca, New York, was apprenticed as a professional photographer’s assistant when she was still in the sixth grade. Her father, a professor of chemistry at Cornell University and an amateur photographer, had introduced her to the wonders of the camera early in life. Anke took to the form readily and with enthusiasm. During high school, Anke apprenticed with a number of artists in the New York area and eventually won a scholoarship to the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. Throughout this period, she pursued her studies of color theory and painting, continuing to find in these endeavors greater creative stimulus and inspiration than she had known in her photographic work. Anke became preoccupied early in life with matters of form and composition, and these concerns actively shaped her interests and her expressions. However, the duotone, black-and-white world of photojournalism could not compare in her mind and heart with the expression of color, texture and feeling that she found possible with the paintbrush. “My work is inspired photographically,” says Anke, “but, I take it beyond ordinary representation to create a harmonious blend of texture and composition.”
  24. 24. Nela Solomon Nela Solomon was born into a rural, middle-income family in Shiraz, Iran, in July of 1971. The first of three children, Nela grew up in a creatively liberated environment wherein her parents encouraged her innate talents in the visual arts by providing her with sketching pads and watercolor sets at a young age. With these tools, Nela spent much of her youth sketching sunsets, landscapes, still-lifes, and even portraits of her young friends. These early artistic endeavors climaxed when Nela lived in Vienna for two years at the age of 21. While her principle purpose was to improve her German, she was enraptured by the city’s artwork. From the Austrian Secessionist figuratives such as those of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, to the modern, avant-garde exhibits that seemed to exist without rules - Nela witnessed the energy and innovation of Vienna and its artistic community. The exhilaration provided by that community would stick with her forever. While Nela’s parents fostered her art, they nonetheless ingrained in her a sense of financial rigidity, due to which Nela allowed her artistic pursuits to fall by the wayside while she took up more lucrative studies in science. Indeed, this drive for financial security - coupled with her newfound love of travel prompted Nela to immigrate to the United States in 1996, where she went on to study at Pierce College in Los Angeles, California. In an attempt to keep in touch with her artistic pursuits, Nela took up work as the studio apprentice to the well-known artist Emanuel, whose work had gained acclaim across the United States. Nela’s deep talent and artistic confidence immediately became apparent to Emanuel, who quickly let the younger painter work solely on her own art. Under Emanuel’s influence, Nela worked mostly with mixed media on canvas, and was primarily drawn to paint the broad and vibrant abstracts of her tutor. Not forsaking her rural and liberated upbringing, however, Nela introduced her own degree of spontaneity - painting bold, vast, and vibrant spaces that are as much about nature as they are about abstraction. Indeed, some of her paintings even seem to be a struggle between the two styles, as Nela often blends sharp colors and impersonal geometrics with soft shades of organic, burgeoning still life. The result is a uniquely tense artwork in which the organic and natural elements of the paintings seem to struggle with the more modern, abstract concepts around them.
  25. 25. Select Client List Corporate Compass Bank Epstein Becker & Green First Capital Lockheed Martin Nokia Regions Financial Corporation Healthcare Baptist Health Systems Brookdale Senior Living Childrens Hospital of Alabama Community Health Systems Haven Behavioral HealthSouth Surgical Care Affiliates St. Vincents Hospital Tenet Healthcare UAB Medical Center Architectural/Design Firms Earl Swensson Giattina Aycock Architecture Gresham Smith & Partners Goodwin Mills & Cawood Hendon Huckstein Heery International Krumdieck A+I Kidd Plosser Sprague Smith Group The Richie Organization Selected Artists Patrick Atkinson Pica Birt John Baughman Sharron Bliss Dennis Campay Josiane Childers Duarte David Dauncey Charles Dwyer Ken Elliott Greg Groover Fiona Hoop Ron Kempton David Kessler Michael Limbaugh John Milan Nancy Ngo Michael Parker Dennis Sheehan Sacha Anke Schofield Nela Solomon