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Constellation On-Premise Portfolio Guide


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Ratings, restaurant-centric product lists and sell sheets per brand!

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Constellation On-Premise Portfolio Guide

  2. 2. Big company, Big impact Constellation Brands is the world leader in premium wine, with an exciting portfolio of more than 100 brands spanning an entire spectrum of regions, styles and price points. Constellation Brands is the umbrella under which all of its partnering wineries are allowed to flourish on their own, producing wines that bring joy to people around the world. We’re so proud of our teams, our products and our business. Chief among our priorities is to leave our environment cleaner and richer in resources than we found it through employing biodynamics in our viticulture and sustainable farming practices. Constellation is a big company, and with that comes a great responsibility and honor to make a profound impact on our earth through “green” winemaking practices that span the globe. We invite you to delve more deeply into our unparalleled brand portfolio and learn more about our winemakers, winemaking techniques and what makes Constellation Brands so special. To learn even more, please visit
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  4. 4. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideBLACK BOX KEY SELLING POINTS: o Black Box is the #1 Premium 3L box wine and category leader of the fastest- growing wine segment.* o Super Premium quality wine at half the price of bottled wine.* o World-class wines from world-class regions. o Great shelf life, pricing and varietal assortment for banquet pours. o Stays fresh for up to six weeks—first glass is as fresh as the last. o Black Box wines are eco-friendly: bag and box are recyclable and significantly reduce waste versus glass bottles. o One box = four 750ml bottles. *IRI 2/22/15 ACCOLADES: o Winner of 29 Wine Enthusiast Best Buys o Winner of 50 Gold Medals o Winner of Impact Hot Brand Award for four consecutive years o Winner of Adam’s Beverage Media Rising Star Award for five consecutive years o Featured on “Today,” NBC; “The Early Show,” CBS; Newsweek; and People magazine o Winner of the Beverage Information Group’s 2013 Fast Track Award BLACKBOX
  5. 5. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideBLACKSTONE KEY SELLING POINTS: o Deliciously smooth wines for everyday drinking. o Blackstone relies on strategic grape sourcing to ensure consistency of style and quality. o Broad appeal and easy drinkability combined with great pricing and varietal assortment make Blackstone an ideal selection for on-premise banquet pours. BLACKSTONE WINERY OVERVIEW: Since 1990, Blackstone Winery has provided wine lovers with deliciously smooth wines for everyday drinking. Our winery has built a loyal following of wine drinkers who trust Blackstone to deliver sumptuous, varietally expressive bottlings of uncompromising quality and value. Our popular Winemaker’s Select line offers 10 leading varietals—centered around Merlot—while our Sonoma Reserve Merlot brilliantly captures the distinctive flavors of Sonoma County.
  6. 6. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideCADET D’OC KEY SELLING POINTS: o Produced by the esteemed Baron Philippe De Rothchild’s Winemakers in the South of France. o Screwcap enclosure is convenient and preserves the quality of the wine: • Completely airtight, no oxidation • No broken or stuck corks, no risk of cork residue in the wine • Perfect preservation of aromas and flavors • Constant quality from one bottle to another • Recommended by the world’s leading wine experts – Park, Rolland, Bettane & Dessauve CADETD’OC
  7. 7. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideCLOS DU BOIS KEY SELLING POINTS: o Incorporates French winemaking techniques into the best grapes of Sonoma County for balanced, approachable wines. o Wine Spectator named Clos Du Bois, “California’s best kept secret.” o From Classics to the Proprietary Series, Clos offers wines for every occasion. ACCOLADES: o Clos Du Bois Chardonnay 2013: Gold Medal, 2015 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition o Clos Du Bois Calcaire Chardonnay 2013: 92 Points/Gold Medal, San Fran Intl Wine Competition o Clos Du Bois Russian River Chardonnay Res 2013: Gold Medal, San Fran Chronicle Wine Comp o Clos Du Bois Marlstone 2011: Gold Medal, 2015 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition o Clos Du Bois Pinot Noir 2013: Silver Medal, 2015 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition o Clos Du Bois Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2012: Silver Medal, San Fran Chronicle Wine Comp CLOSDUBOIS ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 1685514 750 CLOS DU BOIS CAB SAUV 100.70 9.89 93.50 1685546 750 CLOS DU BOIS CAB SAUV RES ALEX VL 12 184.70 16.89 179.10 1685543 750 CLOS DU BOIS CAB SAUV RES ALEX VL 13 184.70 16.89 179.10 1685612 1.5 CLOS DU BOIS CHARD 129.50 23.33 101.62 1685616 375 CLOS DU BOIS CHARD 72.00 6.80 72.00 1685614 750 CLOS DU BOIS CHARD 100.70 9.89 93.50 1685625 750 CLOS DU BOIS CHARD CALCAIRE (6PK) 111.00 20.00 92.97 1685634 750 CLOS DU BOIS CHARD RES RUSS RVR VLY 134.30 12.69 128.70 1685644 750 CLOS DU BOIS CHARD SPEC SELECT 95.90 9.49 95.90 1685534 750 CLOS DU BOIS MERITAGE MARLSTONE 11 218.35 37.89 176.35 1685537 750 CLOS DU BOIS MERITAGE MARLSTONE 12 218.35 37.89 176.35 1685716 375 CLOS DU BOIS MERLOT 72.00 6.80 72.00 1685714 750 CLOS DU BOIS MERLOT 100.70 9.89 93.50 1685724 750 CLOS DU BOIS MERLOT RES ALEX VLY 184.70 16.89 179.10 1685814 750 CLOS DU BOIS P NOIR 100.70 9.89 93.50 1685764 750 CLOS DU BOIS PINOT GRIGIO 100.70 9.89 93.50 1685864 750 CLOS DU BOIS SAUV BLANC 100.70 9.89 93.50 1685914 750 CLOS DU BOIS SHIRAZ 100.70 9.89 93.50 1685964 750 CLOS DU BOIS ZINFANDEL 100.70 9.89 93.50
  8. 8. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideCOOPER & THIEF (COMING SUMMER 2016) KEY SELLING POINTS: o Aged in ex bourbon barrels o Continued popularity of full flavor red wine brands o Attractive, cooperage-themed packaging o Appeals to full flavor wine consumers while recruiting new consumers into the wine category by bridging the gap with a Bourbon Barrel Aged red blend in disruptive packaging COOPER&THIEF PRODUCT SPECS: o Size(s) Available: 750ml o Appellation: North Coast, CA o Target Ship Date: August 2016
  9. 9. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideDISEÑO KEY SELLING POINTS: o Diseño Malbec is the #3 Super Premium Argentina Brand in the U.S. and growing by double-digit percentages. (IRI, Multi Outlet + Convenience, L52 weeks ending 11/30/14 ) o Argentina, Malbec, and Red Blends are hot categories in IRI with incredible growth trends. o Argentina’s best-known appellation—Mendoza—instills confidence and consistency with every vintage as we source from the premium sub-regions Valle de Uco and Luján de Cuyo. o Diseño quality easily exceeds competitors—old-vine complexity and unique oak-barrel aging program are unmatched. o Unique Diseño style is crafted in a New-World approach; fresh, vibrant, and ready to drink instead of age. DISEÑO ACCOLADES: o 2014 Fast Track Growth Brand, Beverage Information Group o 2013 Impact Hot Prospect (3 years in a row) o Best of Class and Gold Medal, 2013 Sunset International Wine Competition o Gold Medal, 2013 Sommelier Challenge Intl Wine Competition o Gold Medal, 2014 Dallas Morning News+TEXSOM Wine Competition WINERY OVERVIEW: In Spanish, Diseño means “design.” It represents the beauty, passion, architecture, and style of the country. It is authentic yet modern, creative, and expressive. It truly is Argentine by design. ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 1530759 19.5L DISENO MALBEC 180.54 180.54 180.54 1530754 750 DISENO MALBEC 92.30 9.19 78.30 3330774 750 DISENO RED BLEND 92.30 9.19 81.10
  10. 10. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideTHE DREAMING TREE KEY SELLING POINTS: o An exciting collaboration between two artists: seasoned winemaker Sean McKenzie and Dave Matthews. o A new, Ultra Premium brand built around creativity, collaboration, and storytelling. o Wine style is high quality but easy drinking. o Packaging creates strong shelf impact with contemporary, strong, and iconic imagery. o #1 Ultra Premium Red Blend (IRI, 1/4/15) ACCOLADES: o Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon 2013: 90 Points, Critics Challenge Intl Wine Competition o Dreaming Tree Chardonnay 2013: Silver Medal, Critics Challenge Intl Wine Competition o Dreaming Tree Crush Red Blend 2012: 93 Points, Critics Challenge Intl Wine Competition o Dreaming Tree Pinot Noir 2013: 91 Points, Critics Challenge Intl Wine Competition THEDREAMINGTREE ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3301904 750 DREAMING TREE CAB SAUV 125.90 11.99 119.90 3301914 750 DREAMING TREE CHARD 125.90 11.99 122.90 3301924 750 DREAMING TREE CRUSH RED 125.90 11.99 122.90 3301944 750 DREAMING TREE PINOT NOIR 125.90 11.99 122.90 3301954 750 DREAMING TREE SAUVIGNON BLANC 125.90 11.99 116.90
  11. 11. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideDRYLANDS KEY SELLING POINTS: o New Zealand’s most state-of-the-art winery led by legendary Winemaker, Darryl Woolley. o Alluvial, quick-draining soils produce wines of fresh, fruity character o Drylands’ distinctive Sauvignon Blanc is truly New Zealand - Grassy, vibrant with tangy grapefruit and citrus character -Creamy texture and round mouthfeel o Winery is 100% sustainable and engages in comprehensive recycling programs and specialized filtration systems, uses mixed gases thereby reducing emissions and numerous other efforts. DRYLANDS WINEMAKER INFORMATION: Founding winemaker Darryl Woolley is one of the most seasoned and knowledgeable winemakers in New Zealand, with more than 30 years of experience handcrafting wines of extraordinary character from the Home Block vineyard. “In 1978, when I first began making wine in New Zealand,” says Darryl, “we started experimenting with all kinds of varieties. We even tried heat-loving Syrah! To the surprise of most of us, Sauvignon Blanc very quickly soared past all expectations.”
  12. 12. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideESTANCIA KEY SELLING POINTS: o Versatile, finely balanced wines that reflect their place of origin. o Estancia operates with purposeful decision- making, selecting a terroir and winemaking process that most ideally benefits each varietal to showcase their sense of place. ACCOLADES: o Estancia Chardonnay 2013: 90 Points, 2015 Ultimate Wine Challenge o Estancia Reserve GSM 2013: Gold Medal/Best in Class, 2015 Sunset International Wine Comp o Estancia Pinot Noir 2013: Gold Medal, 2015 Sunset International Wine Competition o Estancia Sauvignon Blanc 2014: 89 Points, Wine Enthusiast ESTANCIA FROM THE WINEMAKER: Scott Dalstrom: “I truly love wine, learning every day about every style. Pinot Noir is soft and pretty. It’s all about the texture. Bordeaux is a hearty wine, with weighty presence and fruit. Chardonnay is toasty, mellow, and creamy. These styles are established, but as a winemaker, I have the chance to make them my own.”
  13. 13. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideFRANCISCAN KEY SELLING POINTS: o Pioneering Napa Valley heritage and legacy of firsts: Co-founded the Meritage category with Magnificat red wine; Introduced Cuvée Sauvage, the Napa Valley’s first 100% wild yeast fermented Chardonnay o With over 35 years of stewardship to 240 acres in Oakville, Franciscan Estate helped establish Oakville’s reputation as a coveted sub- appellation. o Small-Lot Winemaking: A tradition at Franciscan Estate, where wines are handcrafted from hundreds of small lots and blended late to reflect the estate style. ACCOLADES: o Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon: #4 Most Popular Cab, Wine & Spirits Restaurant Poll o Franciscan Cuvee Sauvage 2012: 91 Points, Wine Enthusiast o Franciscan Magnificat 2012: 95 Points, The Tasting Panel o Franciscan Magnificat 2011: 89 Points, Wine & Spirits Magazine o Franciscan Merlot 2012: Bronze Medal, 2015 Sunset Intl Wine Comp o Franciscan Napa Chardonnay 2013: Silver Medal, 2015 Sunset Intl Wine Competition o Franciscan Sauvignon Blanc: #10 Most Ordered, Wine & Spirits Restaurant Poll FRANCISCAN ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 2491402 1.5 FRANCISCAN CABERNET 213.21 37.29 227.83 2491403 750 FRANCISCAN CABERNET 242.90 21.74 236.90 2491419 19.5L FRANCISCAN CHARD 270.24 10.39 B.E.* 270.24 2491414 750 FRANCISCAN CHARD 151.12 14.09 145.50 2491427 750 FRANCISCAN CHARD CUV SAUV 12 179.00 31.33 164.30 2491494 750 FRANCISCAN EQUILIBRIUM 92.36 16.89 89.56 2491458 750 FRANCISCAN MAGNIFICAT 11 487.15 42.10 470.35 2491450 750 FRANCISCAN MAGNIFICAT 12 247.75 42.79 239.35 2491464 750 FRANCISCAN MERLOT 201.50 18.29 179.12 2491554 750 FRANCISCAN SAUV BLANC 155.40 14.45 148.37 *Bottle Equivalent
  14. 14. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideHIDDEN CRUSH KEY SELLING POINTS: o Winemaker’s selection of the finest grapes from their favorite vineyards. o Crafted by an artists’ collective who share decades of combined experience in viticulture and winemaking. o Individual lots are vinified separately and blended later to coax the best characteristics from each parcel. HIDDENCRUSH AN ARTISTS’ COLLECTVE: Our collective hails from winemaking, viticulture and the arts — with each playing an important role in bringing Hidden Crush to life. Vineyard Manager Jeff Pomo, Winemaker Joe Martin and Photographer Nacho Compean all live and breathe the Central Coast. Illustrator Takahisa Hashimoto completes the collective with his beautiful artwork celebrating a successful harvest. They each celebrate the art of winemaking in order to share their “hidden crush” with you.
  15. 15. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideHOGUE CELLARS • GENESIS KEY SELLING POINTS: o Uncompromising quality for the price across all brands. o Established and respected, Washington’s #3 winery. o #1 domestic premium Riesling brand. o Award-winning quality. Consistently recognized for over 25 years o Stelvin closures ensure product quality and preservation of fruit flavors. o Sustainability initiatives include drip irrigation, cross-flow filtration, centrifuge technology, comprehensive recycling and waste reduction programs. HOGUECELLARS ACCOLADES: o Genesis Meritage 2012: 89 Points, Wine Enthusiast o Hogue Gewurztraminer 2014: 88 Points/Best Buy , Wine Enthusiast o Hogue Pinot Grigio 2014: 86 Points/Best Buy, Wine Enthusiast o Hogue Riesling 2013: 90 Points/Best Buy, Wine Enthusiast o Hogue Sauvignon Blanc 2014: 87 Points/Best Buy, Wine Enthusiast WINEMAKER INFORMATION: Greg Winter, Director of Winemaking: Greg joined The Hogue Cellars in 2013 from Valley of the Moon Winery in the heart of California’s Sonoma Valley. He spent more than seven years at Valley of the Moon, honing the region’s microclimates and soils to ultimately handcraft wines to reflect that sense of place—a skill that will prove most useful when navigating the Columbia Valley’s unique terroir.
  16. 16. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideINNISKILLIN • JACKSON TRIGGS KEY SELLING POINTS: INNISKILLIN-- o First winery permit issued in Ontario since 1929. o The pioneer of premium quality Vitis vinifera wines in the Niagara Peninsula. o Numerous international honors. JACKSON-TRIGGS- o Features some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the world. o Numerous Gold and Silver medals from o international competitions. ACCOLADES: INNISKILLIN-- o Named one of the world’s most admired wine brands–Drinks International, 2014 o 99 Points, Platinum Medal, Wine of the Year, 2012 Inniskillin Vidal Icewine–Sommelier Challenge o 93 Points, Editor’s Choice, 2012 Inniskillin Riesling Icewine, Wine Enthusiast o 91 Points, 2012 Inniskillin Vidal Icewine, Wine Enthusiast o Named Canadian Wine Producer of the Year–International Wine and Spirit Competition, 2014 JACKSON-TRIGGS o 90+ Points from numerous publications ICEWINE
  17. 17. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideKIM CRAWFORD KEY SELLING POINTS: o #1 New Zealand Brand* o #1 Ultra Premium Sauvignon Blanc* o Consistently overdelivers on wine quality. o Modernistic, edgy, unpretentious packaging/brand imagery. o 90+ points seven years in a row and four-time Top 100 Selection in Wine Spectator. *IRI, 2/23/14 ACCOLADES: o Impact Hot Brand Award, 2007-2011, 2013 o Top 10 Most Popular Sauvignon Blanc, Wine & Spirits Restaurant Poll, 2007-2010, 2014 o Top 5 Most Popular New Zealand Wine consistently, Wine & Spirits Restaurant Poll, 2007-2010 Sauvignon Blanc, 2008 Unoaked Chardonnay, 2013 Sauvignon Blanc o Restaurant Top 50 Wine & Spirits, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014 o Six-time Brand Growth Award Winner, Beverage Information Group o Four-time Top 100 selection, Wine Spectator o 90+ Points, Wine Spectator, seven consecutive years o 90 Points, Tasting Panel, 2013 Sauvignon Blanc KIMCRAWFORD ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3784295 750 KIM CRAWFORD CHARD MARLBOROUGH 12 IN 155.40 14.45 147.73 3784484 750 KIM CRAWFORD FIZZ 126.00 22.50 126.00 3784504 750 KIM CRAWFORD ROSE 159.50 14.79 148.30 3784404 750 KIM CRAWFORD PINOT GRIS 155.40 14.45 141.33 3784385 750 KIM CRAWFORD PINOT NOIR MARLBOROUGH 167.90 15.49 162.33 3784334 750 KIM CRAWFORD PINOT NOIR RISE & SHINE 142.76 25.29 142.76 3784494 750 KIM CRAWFORD SM PARCELS PINOT GRIS 104.90 18.98 104.90 3784316 375 KIM CRAWFORD SV BLANC MARLBOROUGH 78.00 7.30 78.00 3784315 750 KIM CRAWFORD SV BLANC MARLBOROUGH 151.10 14.09 139.90 3784474 750 KIM CRAWFORD SV BLANC SPITFIRE 99.00 18.00 99.00
  18. 18. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideLA TERRE KEY SELLING POINTS: o La Terre wines are marketed exclusively to the on-premise segment and present consistent, quality wines to be enjoyed by the glass or the bottle. o Perfect for banquet pours. o Premium wines priced for maximum profitability. o #4 on-premise Constellation brand.* o One of the top 20 brands on Restaurant Wine’s o Top 100 On-Premise Wine Brands list. *1Fiscal Year depletions, Oct. 2014 LATERRE WINEMAKER INFORMATION: Director of Winemaking, Jeff Kasavan, is responsible for strategic implementation of all facets of the wine—from defining the stylistic direction to assuring sustainable business practices and quality wine production. With more than 20 years experience in winemaking and quality control, Jeff brings a highly developed insight and understanding of quality winemaking on a broad scale. BRAND OVERVIEW: La Terre, which means “the earth” in French, is our tribute to the soil that nourishes the vine. La Terre wines are marketed to the on-premise segment only and are a very profitable alternative to mass-marketed, mainstream brands. ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 14683022 1.5 LA TERRE CAB SAUV 40.20 8.45 40.20 14683024 750 LA TERRE CAB SAUV 45.00 5.25 45.00 14683032 1.5 LA TERRE CHARD 40.20 8.45 40.20 14683034 750 LA TERRE CHARD 45.00 5.25 45.00 14683042 1.5 LA TERRE MERLOT 40.20 8.45 40.20 14683044 750 LA TERRE MERLOT 45.00 5.25 45.00 14683052 1.5 LA TERRE WHT ZINF 40.20 8.45 40.20 14683054 750 LA TERRE WHT ZINF 45.00 5.25 45.00
  19. 19. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideMARK WEST KEY SELLING POINTS: o #1 Pinot Noir in America* o Fastest-growing Super Premium Pinot Noir o Highest velocity among top Super Pinot Noir brands* o Mark West delivers real Pinot Noir for only $10-- Consumers recognize the quality and value compared to similarly priced Pinot Noirs *IRI 11/2/14 ACCOLADES: o Captured Impact Magazine’s “Hot Brand” Awards (April 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) o Listed among the “Most Popular Pinot Noirs” by Wine & Spirits in its Annual Restaurant Poll three years running (2009, 2010, 2011) o Ranked the #3 Pinot Noir in national restaurant accounts, both in bottle and by-the-glass sales by Winemetrics (2011) MARKWEST ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3389454 750 MARK WEST CHARD 92.30 9.19 83.90 3389534 750 MARK WEST PINOT GRIGIO 92.30 9.19 86.70 3389412 1.5 MARK WEST PINOT NOIR 83.90 15.73 81.10 3389419 19.5L MARK WEST PINOT NOIR 216.94 216.94 216.94 3389434 750 MARK WEST PINOT NOIR CARNEROS 135.35 12.69 134.35 3389404 750 MARK WEST PINOT NOIR CELL SEL 92.30 9.19 92.30 3389444 750 MARK WEST PINOT NOIR SLH 135.35 12.69 134.35 3389524 750 MARK WEST BLACK 109.10 10.59 100.70
  20. 20. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideMEIOMI KEY SELLING POINTS: o Meiomi is the #2 Pinot Noir in dollar sales across ALL price points and also continues to be the fastest growing: up 55% in dollar sales vs. a year ago. * o Meiomi is ranked #3 in dollar sales among all Luxury+ wines ($15+). o Meiomi Pinot Noir was awarded the prestigious 2014 Market Watch Leaders Choice award for “Wine Brand of the Year.” It was also ranked in the Wine & Spirits 25th Annual Restaurant Poll as the second most popular by- the-glass choice among ALL varietals and second most popular Pinot Noir.** *IRI 6/14/15 **Wine & Spirits Magazine April 2014 ACCOLADES: o #1 by-the-glass Pinot Noir and #2 most popular Pinot Noir, Wine & Spirits, 2014 Restaurant Top 50 o 92 points, 2013 Pinot Noir, Wine Spectator, 5.4.15 o 90 points, 2013 Chardonnay, Wine Spectator, 4.27.15 MEIOMI WINE STYLE: All of our vineyards can be found in California’s sought- after, cool climate, coastal appellations of Sonoma, Monterey, and Santa Barbara counties, which have proven to be ideal for producing world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. By blending fruit from these three regions together, we can create richly layered wines of bold character and exceptional balance, every vintage. Meiomi Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are always rich and ripe, yet elegantly expressive, with depth and complexity. ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 2270304 750 MEIOMI CHARDONNAY 161.90 14.99 143.90 6079542 1.5 MEIOMI PINOT NOIR 180.00 31.75 180.00 6079544 750 MEIOMI PINOT NOIR 198.00 18.00 180.00
  21. 21. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideMILESTONE KEY SELLING POINTS: o Make any Occasion a Celebration: Milestone’s high-end packaging, approachable wine style, and attractive price point invites our consumers to “Make any Occasion a Celebration.” o The Perfect Gift: A blend of prestigious packaging and an affordable price makes this the perfect gift for any occasion. o Super Premium Brand with a Dedicated Winemaker: Bryan Syrett crafts Milestone with attention to detail in a wine style consumers are seeking. MILESTONE WINE STYLE: Milestone is crafted with the best fruit sourced from acclaimed California vineyards. It is crafted to deliver a fruit-forward, full-bodied, easy-drinking style that is sought out by today’s consumers. BRAND OVERVIEW: Great wines mark the milestones along the road of life. Our winemaker believes life is not about choosing the right path; rather, it is about the milestones we make along the way. It is this belief that inspired the creation of Milestone Wines; varietals that allow everyone to make even everyday occasions something worth celebrating. Life may be a journey, but it is you who marks the milestones. Make every moment count with a wine that celebrates them all.
  22. 22. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideMOUTON CADET KEY SELLING POINTS: o Since 1930, Mouton Cadet has been renowned for its exacting standards. o Result of exceptional terroir and the passion of Baron Philippe de Rothschild. o Best-selling Bordeaux in the U.S. (IRI 1/6/13) ACCOLADES: o 85 Points Wine Enthusiast, Bordeaux Rouge o #1 selling French Super Premium Wine, Mouton Cadet Rouge* o #1 selling French Rosé under $20, Mouton Cadet Rosé* o “BEST BUY,” Wine Enthusiast-Mouton Cadet Blanc 2011 o Gold Medal-LAIWSC 2012, Mouton Cadet Blanc and Rosé 2011 o Gold Medal-World Value Wine Challenge 2012, Mouton Cadet Blanc 2011 *IRI 1/6/13 MOUTONCADET BRAND OVERVIEW: In 1930, the idea of a wine “brand” was in its infancy. Nevertheless, wine visionary Baron Philippe de Rothschild created Mouton Cadet, and in essence, created the world’s first modern wine brand. An instant success, Mouton Cadet is now a worldwide favorite, delivering the riches of Bordeaux to wine lovers around the globe. With its high quality, round and fruity style, Mouton Cadet is still the best-selling Bordeaux AOC wine on the market and the #1 Bordeaux wine in the U.S. (AOC stands for Appellation d’Origine Controlee, the French system of appellations and is considered the wine world’s prototype.)
  23. 23. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideMT VEEDER KEY SELLING POINTS: o Unique Flavor Profile: Wines are intensely flavored and crafted in a big, bold, and brambly style. o Rugged Mountain Terroir: Grapevines, growing in one of Napa Valley’s coolest and most rugged sub-appellations, produce grapes of exceptionally low yield (1–2 tons/acre) with small berries of concentrated flavor and deep color. o Historic Reputation for Bordeaux Varieties: The vineyards of Mount Veeder Winery were the first in California to be planted to all five of the classic Bordeaux varieties. o Highly Focused Portfolio: Only two wines produced for distribution off the winery. ACCOLADES: o Mt Veeder Cab Sauv Napa 2012: Gold 2015 Sunset International Wine Competition MTVEEDER ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 2491878 750 MT VEEDER CAB 13 335.95 29.50 319.15 2491904 750 MT VEEDER RESERVE RED 12 348.00 59.50 348.00
  24. 24. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideNATHANSON CREEK KEY SELLING POINTS: o Playful packaging echoes the brand’s true personality. o Contemporary positioning appeals to a large audience. o Ranked #19 out of 300 Fighting Varietal brands in the 1.5L category.* *IRI, 11/2/14 BRAND OVERVIEW: A signature wine for the fun and adventurous, Nathanson Creek offers a line of varietal wines that match any mood or occasion. Crafted in a soft-press style to bring out the naturally delicious flavors of each varietal, every Nathanson Creek wine is approachable and easy to enjoy. NATHANSONCREEK
  25. 25. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideNIGHT HARVEST KEY SELLING POINTS: o Pricing strategy and varietal assortment provides an ideal brand for banquet pours on-premise. o Harvested at night when the cool air chills the fruit, concentrates the flavors, and preserves the crisp acidity of our grapes. o Consumer validated—contemporary and iconic packaging that captures the essence of the compelling night harvest story. o Premium image and consistent wine quality for everyday enjoyment. ACCOLADES: o Awarded over 10 medals and recommendations for quality since 2009 o Gold Medal, Best of Class, 92 Points-- Merlot, 2011 LA International Wine & Spirits Competition HISTORY: Over 25 years ago, the R.H. Phillips winemaking team pioneered a clever little thing called night harvesting. Rather than picking in the heat of the day, they harvested by hand in the cool night air—by the glow of an old tomato cart rigged with office lights and a generator—ensuring that the fruit was as fresh, crisp, and delicious as could be. While the tomato cart has been retired and replaced with modern technology, our history of fruit-forward, balanced wines lives on. NIGHTHARVEST ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 1299145 750 NIGHT HARVEST CAB SAUV 50.30 5.69 47.50 1299150 1.5 NIGHT HARVEST CHARD 50.35 10.14 44.75 1299155 750 NIGHT HARVEST CHARD 50.30 5.69 47.50
  26. 26. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideNOBILO KEY SELLING POINTS: o Founded in 1943, Nobilo has established heritage as one of New Zealand’s leading wineries. o #1 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in the U.S.* o 2013 IMPACT Hot Brand Award o Nobilo has the highest loyalty and the highest repeat purchase rate than any other New Zealand wine** o Consistently rated 85+ points by Wine Spectator for past 5 vintages o Certified by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand *IRI 2/23/14 **IRI 1/5/14 ACCOLADES: o 89 points, Best Value-Wine Spectator, 2013 Regional Collection Sauvignon Blanc o Gold-2015 Sydney International Wine Competition 2014 Regional Collection Sauvignon Blanc o 2013 IMPACT Hot Brand Award o 92 points, Smart Buy-Wine Spectator, 2008 Icon Sauvignon Blanc o Nobilo Icon Pinot Noir Highly Rated by Wine Spectator: • 90 points, 2009 vintage • 90 points, 2010 vintage • 91 points, 2011 vintage NOBILO ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3301204 750 NOBILO CHARDONNAY 107.90 10.49 101.90 1491254 750 NOBILO PINOT NOIR ICON 88.15 16.19 83.95 1491219 19.5L NOBILO SAUV BLANC 231.24 231.24 231.24 1491214 750 NOBILO SAUV BLANC 107.90 10.49 104.90 1491225 750 NOBILO SAUV BLANC ICON 83.95 15.49 78.35
  27. 27. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuidePOP CRUSH KEY SELLING POINTS: o PopCrush is about embracing the California lifestyle and all it has to offer o During a 9 month test with a national retail partner, PopCrush had greater volume and dollar sales than Starborough, Gnarley Head, Chateau St. Jean, Red Diamond, and Kendall-Jackson* *I6 L24 through 4/20/14 POPCRUSH BRAND OVERVIEW: Between the free-spirited, hippie movement of the 70s and the chill surfer mantra of today, California’s anthem is one of letting go and simply enjoying all that’s good in life. Pop Crush brings that carefree and forever young spirit to the world of wine. WINE STYLE: According to winemaker Susana Rodriquez- Vasquez, “People have become less formal and they’re looking for wines that match their style. PopCrush is light, a little bit sweet, full of fruit, and easy on the palate. It’s perfect for people who are looking for wine that’s really easy to drink, especially people who are just learning about wine.”
  28. 28. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuidePASO CREEK KEY SELLING POINTS: o 350-acre ranch in Paso Robles—Paso Robles AVA o Small-volume production o Focus on bold red wines o High on quality—low on pretention o Homegrown personality where wines reflect the spirit of the town of Paso Robles o #19 Ultra Premium Merlot out of 300* o #20 Ultra Premium Zinfandel out of 100* *IRI, 11/2/14 PASOCREEK WINEMAKER INFORMATION: Clay Brock: Winemaker Clay Brock began his winemaking journey with a degree from Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, located in the heart of the Central Coast. He fell in love with the region, which was just gaining a reputation as a quality AVA, and has worked there ever since. After 10 years in the industry, Clay became winemaker at Edna Valley and then at Zaca Mesa. In 2008, he became Director of Winemaking at Wild Horse and in 2010 he was named Winemaker of the Year by the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance and the Central Coast Vineyard Team. In 2013, Clay assumed his current role of GM/Director of Winemaking for Estancia as well as winemaker for Paso Creek. “After 30 years in the industry, I still believe I have the coolest job on the planet.” – Clay Brock
  29. 29. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideTHE PRISONER WINE COMPANY BLINDFOLD WHITE o Rhone and aromatic varietals complement a Chardonnay base o #1 super luxury white blend o Complex flavors of citrus, floral and stonefruit o 2013 vtg – 90 pts Wine Advocate THE PRISONER RED o #1 super luxury red blend, growing 28% in dollar sales YTD o Created and inspired by the drinkable “mixed blacks” first made by the Italian immigrants who originally settled in the Napa Valley SALDO ZINFANDEL o Sourced from the best Zinfandel vineyards and appellations throughout CA o #2 super luxury Zinfandel PRISONERWINECO. ACCOLADES: THORN MERLOT o Small, premium vineyard lots of Merlot discovered by the Winemaker. o Merlot provides plushness, Syrah gives color and structure, Malbec accentuates the fruit o First-of-its-kind contemporary Merlot CUTTINGS CABERNET SAUVIGNON o Sourced from high elevation hillside vineyards in Sonoma and Napa o Combines intensity and complexity of hillside Cabernet Sauvignon with the structure and richness of Petite Sirah and Syrah and vibrant spice from small amounts of Zinfandel o Blindfold 2014: 90 pts, Wine Advocate o Blindfold 2012: 93 pts, Wine Advocate o The Prisoner 2013: 92 points, Wine Advocate/91 WS o The Prisoner 2012: 90 points, Wine Advocate/90 WS o Saldo 2013: 90 points, Wine Advocate/90 WS o Saldo 2012: 90 points, Wine Advocate o Thorn 2013: 92 points, Wine Advocate, 91 WS o Cuttings 2013: 91 points, Wine Advocate o Cuttings 2012: 91 points, Wine Spectator ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 2208154 750 SALDO ZINFANDEL 270.00 24.00 260.00 2208254 750 BLINDFOLD WHITE 276.00 24.50 180.00 2208255 750 BLINDFOLD WHITE 14 276.00 24.50 276.00 2204505 750 CUTTINGS CAB SAUV 13 236.00 40.83 236.00 2208201 3L THE PRISONER RED BLEND 220.00 220.00 220.00 2208205 750 THE PRISONER RED BLEND 14 394.68 34.39 394.68 2294004 750 THORN MERLOT 359.91 31.49 359.91
  30. 30. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideRAVAGE RAVAGE o New Red Blend is on-premise exclusive o Full-bodied, powerful, inky, jammy wines with balanced tannins. ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3325004 750 RAVAGE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 92.30 9.19 86.70 3325005 750 RAVAGE CABERNET SAUVIGNON (6PK) 54.55 10.59 48.95 3325014 750 RAVAGE RED BLEND 109.10 10.59 97.90 3325015 750 RAVAGE RED BLEND (6PK) 54.55 10.59 48.95 KEY SELLING POINTS: WINEMAKER INFORMATION: “Watching Ravage come to life, from the premium Cabernet Sauvignon lots we selected, to the phenomenal high-tier French oak, to the finished bottle in hand, has been a reminder of why I love what I do.” –Winemaker Bryce Willingham
  31. 31. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideRAVENSWOOD KEY SELLING POINTS: o Zinfandel pioneer and champion—#1 Zin in the U.S. o More than 30 scores of 90+ points over the past 4 vintages – outscoring any competing Zinfandel brand. o Ravenswood Winery is based in the heart of Sonoma Valley. o Significant efforts in sustainability including a solar energy system, energy reduction equipment, and winery and employee recycling programs. ACCOLADES: o Named Wine & Spirits “Winery of the Year” 8 times o Barricia 2011 Vineyard Zinfandel: 90 points/ “Year’s Best Zin” award, Wine & Spirits o Vintner’s Blend 2011 Zinfandel: 92 points, Wine & Spirits o Vintners Blend Zinfandel 2013: 87 Points/Best Buy, Wine Enthusiast o Petite Sirah 2013: 87 Points/Best Buy, Wine Enthusiast o Zinfandel Teldeschi 2012: 90 Points, Wine & Spirits o Zinfandel Old Hill 2012: 93 Points, Wine & Spirits o Zinfandel Dickerson 2012: 91 Points, Wine & Spirits o Zinfandel Belloni 2012: 94 Points, Wine & Spirits o Zinfandel Lodi 2013: 91 Points/Best Buy, Wine Ent. o Besieged 2013: 89 Points/Best Buy, Wine & Spirits RAVENSWOOD
  32. 32. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideRED GUITAR KEY SELLING POINTS: o Red Guitar is the #3 Super Premium Spanish brand. o Red Guitar takes a New World approach to an Old World category, showcasing vibrant wine and standout contemporary packaging. o The best grape lots sourced from an extensive grower network of old vine vineyards from Navarra. REDGUITAR WINERY OVERVIEW: Red Guitar is a rich and smooth celebration of the Spanish lifestyle, la buena vida—the good life. Our approachable everyday red wine blend pays respect to an authentic Spanish creation, the guitar, in a modern and carefree style. Our prized old vines of Tempranillo and Garnacha dig deep into the gravel soils of Navarra, Spain, to produce wines of incredible character and quality, year after year. WINEMAKER INFORMATION: Carlota Orradre is a native of Navarra, born in the city of Pamplona, Spain. In her 38 years, she has earned a master’s degree specializing in viticulture and winemaking, and has held various positions in many renowned cellars in the Rioja and Navarra regions. Carlota has been crafting Red Guitar wines from the old vines of Navarra since the brand’s inception in 2006 and brings with her a passion and dedication to la buena vida—the good life.
  33. 33. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideREX GOLIATH KEY SELLING POINTS: o #4 ranking 750ml and #6 ranking 1.5L Premium brand* o Fastest-growing Premium 1.5L brand* o Broad varietal assortment and great price point for on-premise banquet. o Featuring an iconic 47-pound rooster on the label, the Rex Goliath brand stands for bold wines and fun times. o Accolade medallion stickers are featured on all flavors in both sizes. o Accolade medallion sticker featured on all 750ml bottles. *Total US MULOC: data ending 11/2/14 REXGOLIATH
  34. 34. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideROBERT MONDAVI PRIVATE SELECTION KEY SELLING POINTS: o #4 overall Super Premium brand o #1 Super Premium Cabernet Sauvignon o #2 Super Premium Merlot o #3 Super Premium Pinot Noir o #4 Super Premium Chardonnay o Broad appeal and easy drinkability combined with great pricing and varietal assortment make RMPS an ideal selection for on-premise banquet pours. IRI, September 2014 RMPS ACCOLADES: o Best Buy, 2012 Meritage, Wine Enthusiast, Nov 2014 o 91 pts/Best Buy, 2013 Chard, World Value Wine Challenge 88 pts/Best Buy, 2012 Cab Sauv, World Value Wine Chall. o 93 pts, 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Ultimate Wine Chall. ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3390024 750 RM PVT SEL CAB BOURBON BARREL AGED 116.90 11.24 107.90 2491582 1.5 RM PVT SEL CAB SAUV 87.55 16.34 76.33 2491586 375 RM PVT SEL CAB SAUV 61.20 5.90 61.20 2491584 750 RM PVT SEL CAB SAUV 98.90 9.74 83.90 2491574 750 RM PVT SEL CAB SAUV SC 77.27 7.94 77.27 2491674 750 RM PVT SEL CHARD SC 77.27 7.94 77.27 2491592 1.5 RM PVT SEL CHARDONNAY 87.55 16.34 76.33 2491596 375 RM PVT SEL CHARDONNAY 61.20 5.90 61.20 2491594 750 RM PVT SEL CHARDONNAY 98.90 9.74 83.90 2491604 750 RM PVT SEL MALBEC 98.90 9.74 83.90 2491624 750 RM PVT SEL MERITAGE 98.90 9.74 83.90 2491612 1.5 RM PVT SEL MERLOT 87.55 16.34 76.33 2491614 750 RM PVT SEL MERLOT 98.90 9.74 83.90 2491634 750 RM PVT SEL PINOT GRIGIO 98.90 9.74 83.90 2491642 1.5 RM PVT SEL PINOT NOIR 87.55 16.34 76.33 2491644 750 RM PVT SEL PINOT NOIR 98.90 9.74 83.90 2491704 750 RM PVT SEL RIESLING 98.90 9.74 83.90 2491664 750 RM PVT SEL SAUV BLANC 98.90 9.74 83.90 2491684 750 RM PVT SEL ZINFANDEL 98.90 9.74 83.90 New Packaging Fall 2016
  35. 35. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideROBERT MONDAVI WINERY KEY SELLING POINTS: o Exceptional vineyards—renowned for superior Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. o Traditional winemaking combined with state-of-the-art technology in the To Kalon Cellar—French oak fermenters with temperature control, traditional basket presses, gravity flow handling, and dedicated first-year barrel room with exclusive château-style French oak barrels. o Genevieve Janssens—Director of Winemaking since 1997, dedicated to creating fine wines with density, structure, and elegance. o More than 40 years of commitment to the Napa Valley as a leader in winemaking innovation and education. ACCOLADES: o Robert Mondavi Napa Cab Sauv: #15 Most Popular Cabernet Sauvignon, Wine & Spirits o Robert Mondavi Oakville Cab Sauv 2012: 91 Points, The Tasting Panel o Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2012: 95 Points, Wine & Spirits Magazine o Robert Mondavi Napa Merlot 2012: 91 Points/Best Buy, Wine & Spirits Magazine o Robert Mondavi Napa Fume Blanc 2013: 90 Points, Wine & Spirits Magazine o Robert Mondavi Oakville Fume Blanc 2012: 93 Points/Year's Best Sauvignon Blanc, Wine & Spirits RMW 2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of Robert Mondavi Winery. ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3391874 750 MONDAVI BDX BORDEAUX BLEND 11 252.00 43.50 252.00 2491694 750 MONDAVI CAB SAUV NAPA 251.90 22.49 235.10 3391884 750 MONDAVI CAB SAUV NAPA RETRO 12 243.50 21.79 206.90 2491717 750 MONDAVI CAB SAUV OAKVILLE 12 239.35 41.39 239.35 2491739 750 MONDAVI CAB SAUV RSV 11 608.95 102.99 524.95 2491732 750 MONDAVI CAB SAUV RSV 12 650.95 109.99 594.95 2491744 750 MONDAVI CHARDONNAY NAPA 151.10 14.09 145.50 2491756 750 MONDAVI CHARDONNAY RSV 12 172.75 30.29 165.52 2491754 750 MONDAVI CHARDONNAY RSV 13 180.55 31.59 172.15 2491779 750 MONDAVI FUME BLANC NAPA 13 142.70 13.39 128.70 2491844 750 MONDAVI FUME BLANC OAKVILLE 138.55 24.59 130.15 2491784 750 MONDAVI FUME BLANC RSV 13 180.55 31.59 172.15 2491794 750 MONDAVI MERLOT NAPA 201.55 18.30 159.55 2491806 375 MONDAVI MOSCATO D ORO 142.70 12.69 142.70 2491814 750 MONDAVI PINOT NOIR 218.30 19.69 212.70 2491825 750 MONDAVI PINOT NOIR RSV 13 260.35 44.89 260.35 3392004 750 MONDAVI MAESTRO RED BLEND* 210.00 36.50 210.00 *Limited 50th Anniversary Edition
  36. 36. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideROSATELLO KEY SELLING POINTS: o Rosatello was the 2nd fastest growing Italian Super-Premium Brand in 2014.* o #1 Super-Premium Italian White Moscato and #1 Italian Sparkling Rosé.* o High growth segments driving category trends! • Italian Red Blends 38% • Italian Moscato 20% • Italian Rosé/Sparkling Rosé 25% o On-premise depletions increased 108%.** o Velocity is growing faster than the competition.* o Sweet wine category growing at 17%.* *IRI, 9/6/15 **CBRANDS Business Recap Report YTD Aug FY16 ROSATELLO BRAND OVERVIEW: o First produced in the 1950s, Rosatello has been making fresh, fragrant wines in the sun-drenched Tuscan hills for over 60 years. o For over a thousand years the fleur-de-lis has adorned the flag of Florence, the capital city of Tuscany, one of the most revered winemaking regions in the world. This elegant icon is prominently featured on all of our labels of Rosatello wines. o The fleur-de-lis is an homage to our heritage and a promise to our customers. A promise that each bottle will deliver the sweet, effervescent, made-to-be-chilled wines that are perfect for any occasion.
  37. 37. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideRUFFINO KEY SELLING POINTS: o Highly acclaimed Italian wine portfolio spanning o Sparkling, Red, and White wines with outstanding 90+ ratings o Ruffino wines are enjoyed in over 10,000 top restaurants around the U.S. o #2 Italian wine brand in Wine & Spirits annual restaurant poll o A Wine & Spirits Restaurant Top 50 brand for 11 consecutive years ACCOLADES: o Ruffino Greppone Mazzi 2008: 96 Points, James Suckling o Ruffino Il Ducale 2011: 92 Points/Gold Medal, 2014 Sommelier Challenge o Ruffino Modus 2012: 94 Points, James Suckling o Ruffino Riserva Ducale Oro 2010: 95 Points, James Suckling RUFFINO ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 2403014 750 RUFFINO BRUN DI MONT GREP MAZ 08 340.15 58.19 294.00 2403124 750 RUFFINO CHARD UNOAKED 107.90 10.49 101.90 2403212 1.5 RUFFINO CHIANTI 75.55 14.34 74.15 2403216 375 RUFFINO CHIANTI 112.10 5.47 112.10 2403214 750 RUFFINO CHIANTI 83.90 8.49 75.90 2403224 750 RUFFINO CHIANTI CLASSICO AZIANO 140.00 13.17 121.10 2403234 750 RUFFINO CHIANTI CLASSICO SANTEDAME 206.90 18.74 164.90 2403254 750 RUFFINO CHIANTI RIS DUCALE TAN 206.90 18.74 188.90 2403206 750 RUFFINO CHIANTI SUPERIORE DOCG 12 109.10 10.59 92.30 2403202 750 RUFFINO CHIANTI SUPERIORE DOCG 13 109.10 10.59 92.30 2403325 750 RUFFINO DUCALE RIS ORO GOLD 09 361.10 31.59 348.30 2403320 750 RUFFINO DUCALE RIS ORO GOLD 10 361.10 31.59 348.30 2403394 750 RUFFINO IL DUCALE RED 179.90 16.49 167.90 2403422 1.5 RUFFINO LUMINA PINOT GRIGIO 75.55 14.34 74.15 2403424 750 RUFFINO LUMINA PINOT GRIGIO 83.90 8.49 81.90 2403454 750 RUFFINO MODUS 218.30 19.69 210.70 2403464 750 RUFFINO MOSCATO D ASTI 125.90 11.99 119.90 2403514 750 RUFFINO ORVIETO CLASSICO 89.90 8.99 83.90 2403526 375 RUFFINO PROSECCO 58.72 6.69 58.72 2403524 750 RUFFINO PROSECCO 125.90 11.99 119.90 2403534 750 RUFFINO SALUTE AMICO RED 90.00 9.00 90.00 3343594 750 RUFFINO SALUTE AMICO WHITE 90.00 9.00 90.00 2403614 750 RUFFINO SPARKLING ROSE 125.90 11.99 116.90 2403571 750 RUFFINO VINO NOBILE MONT LOD NUOV 10 197.90 17.99 191.90
  38. 38. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideSAVED KEY SELLING POINTS: o SAVED Wines are fearless blends inspired by the freedom of craft. o #7 Luxury Red Blend.* o Attractive, eye-catching label that reflects the high- quality wine in the bottle. *I6 Report – Ending 9/6/15 SAVED BRAND OVERVIEW: Focusing on two different wine styles, SAVED Wines creates fearless blends with singular personalities and powerful flavors from varietals both well-loved and rare. SAVED Red Blend and Magic Maker Rosé are made from fruit sourced from the best sub- appellations across California. Scott Campbell is a contemporary artist, inspired by the enduring symbolism that wine brings to our tables. Scott’s artistic vision inspires the look and feel behind the SAVED blends. Named after Scott’s acclaimed tattoo studio in Brooklyn, NY, SAVED represents the freedom and sanctuary you get by committing fully to your passions. Scott finds freedom in art as our wines find freedom in craft. Scott’s label artwork embodies the symbolism of the life stories that are so often shared over a bottle of wine. Scott Campbell
  39. 39. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideSIMI WINERY KEY SELLING POINTS: o One of Sonoma’s most historic wineries, showcasing the best fruit from Sonoma County. o Today, Simi is a modern winemaking facility combining cutting-edge winemaking with the history and tradition of more than 100 years in Sonoma. o Led by award-winning Director of Winemaking Susan Lueker. SIMI At SIMI, Susan directs the day-to-day winemaking processes and oversees a talented team who collectively strive to showcase the best that Sonoma County’s fruit has to offer. She also works hand-in-hand with SIMI grower and vineyard management partners to source the highest quality Sonoma County grapes, and assists the marketing and sales departments in promoting the unique nature of Sonoma County wines. Susan gives special attention to her varietal favorites: Pinot Gris, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel. WINEMAKER INFORMATION: Susan Lueker, Director of Winemaking With her first enology class visit to the vineyards, Susan knew that she wanted to be a winemaker. “I loved the vineyard, the interaction with people, nature and science,” says Susan. Starting at Hacienda Winery, a 20,000 case family winery in the Sonoma Valley, Susan learned invaluable hands-on experience. As she explains, “Working at a small winery, you get to do everything: vineyard thinning, sampling, experimentation, pump maintenance, winemaking, problem solving, sensory analysis, blending and bottling line production.”
  40. 40. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideSIMPLY NAKED KEY SELLING POINTS: o Nearly 1 in 4 Chardonnay drinkers are averse to oak.* o Roughly 1 in 5 red wine consumers want a sweet, fruit-forward, aromatic wine.* o High-quality grapes sourced from some of the best growing regions in California. o True varietal characteristics shine through without being masked by oak. o Brighter acidity means these wines pair well with a wide variety of foods. o A full line of unoaked wines—fermented and aged in stainless steel. *CBRANDS Internal Research SIMPLYNAKED BRAND OVERVIEW: Simply Naked offers a complete lineup of crisp, refreshing, fruit-forward wines, that showcase the true expression of each varietal. These wines are clean, fresh, and approachable. Our winemakers create these great wines without using oak, which allows the natural, vibrant flavor of the fruit to shine through. We begin with high-quality, premium fruit sourced from the best regions in California, and take great care in developing wines that are fruit forward, yet balanced and structured. WINEMAKER INFORMATION: Ryan Flock has been around wine most of his life, starting as a teenager working a part-time job at a local winery. After working in the industry for several years, Ryan became known as one of the premier winemakers of the Sierra foothills, producing many award-winning wines. Today, as winemaker for Simply Naked, Ryan is excited to be one of the first winemakers to be creating unoaked wines across several varietals.
  41. 41. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideTALUS COLLECTION KEY SELLING POINT: o Talus is an expression of artistic craftsmanship with carefully selected premium grapes, making lively wines with bright fruit flavors. o Terrific selection for on- premise banquet pours. TALUS WINERY OVERVIEW: For Talus Collection, inspiration begins in the vineyards. Using carefully selected premium California grapes, the wines of Talus Collection are an honest expression of artistic craftsmanship. Sourced from exciting California wine appellations, the wines of Talus Collection are a range of enticing and lively selections. WINE STYLE: Full-flavored, food-friendly, well balanced, true-to-varietal profile wines enhanced by soft touches of French oak. Director of Winemaking, Jeff Kasavan
  42. 42. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideTHORNY ROSE KEY SELLING POINTS: o Created for Millennials by Millennials, the edgy, modern design, high-quality wine, and screw cap packaging appeals to their artistic, adventurous, and non-traditional tastes. o Dedicated winemaking team boasts 25+ years of combined experience and is relentlessly focused on quality sourcing. ACCOLADES: 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon: 85 Points, Wine Enthusiast THORNYROSE ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3373514 750 THORNY ROSE CAB SAUV 92.30 9.19 86.73 3373564 750 THORNY ROSE RED BLEND 92.30 9.19 86.73
  43. 43. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideTOASTED HEAD KEY SELLING POINTS: o Barrel aged for a rich, toasted flavor o Chardonnay velocity higher than top competitors, 14 Hands and Edna Valley* o Top 10 Super Premium Chardonnay* o Boutique-style winemaking, every barrel is hand-stirred o 26% of Chardonnay consumers prefer big oak, making it the most preferred style** *IRI, 11/2/14 **CBRANDS Chardonnay Sensory Study, November 2011 TOASTEDHEAD BRAND OVERVIEW: The name Toasted Head comes from the letters “TH” you see stamped on the ends of our barrels. “TH” or “Toasted Head” means that the barrel heads as well as the staves have been toasted by the cooper so that a toasted flavor is imparted into the wines during barrel fermentation and barrel aging. These high-quality, highly toasted barrels play a key role in the creation of the rich, full-bodied wines we’re famous for. What’s with the fire-breathing bear? The fire-breathing bear on our label was inspired by a drawing created by artist Robert Shetterly for a poem entitled “Speaking Fire at Stones.” The mystery and wry humor of the bear, coupled with our commitment to superior winemaking, perfectly captures the Toasted Head state of mind.
  44. 44. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideTOM GORE VINEYARDS KEY SELLING POINTS: o Tom Gore Vineyards is the FIRST wine brand named for a grape farmer that tells the story of how careful farming impacts the style, flavors and quality of wine. o Within the Ultra Premium segment, brands that are showing tremendous growth have a few things in common: they have a classic design, are named for a real person and over deliver on quality. Tom Gore Vineyards shares these attributes as well but it also has something the others don’t. A truly unique point of difference— which is the story of the farmer and the impact farming has on making great wines. ACCOLADES: o Reserve Field Blend 2012: Gold Star, iSantemagazine TOMGORE TOM’S STORY: Tom Gore is a second-generation grape farmer from Sonoma who’s been farming grapes since he was seven years old. Nicknamed “Tommy Grapes,” he loves getting dirty and being a part of the cycle of growing things. By working with the terroir of the site and what he calls his “fine tuning knobs” such as thoughtful pruning, Tom creates a spice rack of flavors in the vineyard that show up as balance and complexity in the bottle. ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3333014 750 TOM GORE VYDS CABERNET SAUVIGNON 117.50 11.29 109.10 3333004 750 TOM GORE VYDS CHARDONNAY 117.50 11.29 109.10 3333024 750 TOM GORE VYDS RESERVE FIELD BLEND 167.95 29.49 162.35 3333034 750 TOM GORE VYDS SAUVIGNON BLANC 117.50 11.29 109.10
  45. 45. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideURLO KEY SELLING POINTS: o An entry point into the world of Italian wines from consumers who generally choose domestic selections. o Full-bodied Italian wines that pay tribute to the New World style. o Perfect wines to pair with food. URLO
  46. 46. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideVENDANGE KEY SELLING POINTS: o A Top 13 wine brand in the U.S. and #3 Fighting Varietal.* o Consistently the #1 selling Chardonnay in the 1.5L Fighting Varietal segment.* o Great option for banquet pours on-premise. o The #1 brand in Tetra Pak® cartons, with 66% category share and nine years of double-digit growth.* o Vendange Tetra Pak carton is ranked #14 among the 2013 Top Momentum Table Wine Brands for the 3rd year in a row!** o Sweet Wines are hot and attract new, younger customers who are loyal and don’t cross-shop other varietals. *IRI 11/2/14 **Symphony IRI Group VENDANGE
  47. 47. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideWILD HORSE KEY SELLING POINTS: o #2 Ultra Premium Pinot Noir.* o 30+ years of winemaking on California’s Central Coast: Estate vineyards planted in 1981 before Paso Robles was an AVA. o Portfolio of consecutively award-winning wine vintage after vintage. o Commitment to sustainability: Using sustainable practices for more than 30 years, such as composting, gray water recycling, owl boxes, and animal weed abatement. Wild Horse is a member of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. o “No viticultural region in America has demonstrated as much progress in quality and potential for greatness as the Central Coast.” – Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate ACCOLADES: o Unbridled Pinot Noir 2011: Best of Class, SFCWC o Cheval Sauvage Pinot Noir 2011: 90 Points, Wine Ent. o Unbridled Chardonnay 2011: 90 Points, The Tasting Panel WILDHORSE WINEMAKER INFORMATION: Chrissy Wittmann, Director of Winemaking, joined Wild Horse Winery & Vineyards in 2007 after 10 years of winemaking experience at Scheid Vineyards, Courtside Cellars, and Meridian. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s degree in agriculture from Cal Poly.
  48. 48. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideWOODBRIDGE BY ROBERT MONDAVI KEY SELLING POINTS: o #2 Premium brand in the U.S.* o #2 1.5L brand in the U.S.* o 12 varietals in the #1, #2, and #3 selling positions.* o Robert Mondavi founded Woodbridge Winery in 1979 near his childhood home to make wines for everyday enjoyment. o Outstanding SKU variety and price point for on- premise banquet pours. o Award-winning brand with consistent quality. *IRI 11/2/14 ACCOLADES: o 2013 Growth Brand Award, Beverage Information Group o 2012 IMPACT Hot Brand Award o Top 2012 Value Brands of the Year, Wine & Spirits WOODBRIDGE o Best Buy-Wine Enthusiast: 2011 Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel, 2012 Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc o Top 10 wines under $10- Wine Enthusiast: 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon (only California wine on the list) o Top 100 Value Wines- Wine & Spirits: 2010 Chardonnay o Best Buy-Wine Enthusiast: 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Lightly Oaked Chardonnay, Moscato, Riesling, Zinfandel ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3395012 1.5 WOODBRIDGE CAB MERLOT 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395014 750 WOODBRIDGE CAB MERLOT 58.40 6.37 55.40 3395022 1.5 WOODBRIDGE CAB SAUV 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395027 187 WOODBRIDGE CAB SAUV 33.55 2.20 33.55 3395024 750 WOODBRIDGE CAB SAUV 58.40 6.37 55.40 3395032 1.5 WOODBRIDGE CAB SAUV SPEC COLL 45.55 9.34 45.55 3395034 750 WOODBRIDGE CAB SAUV SPEC COLL 53.45 5.95 53.45 3395042 1.5 WOODBRIDGE CHARD 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395047 187 WOODBRIDGE CHARD 33.55 2.20 33.55 3395044 750 WOODBRIDGE CHARD 58.40 6.37 55.40 3395052 1.5 WOODBRIDGE CHARD LIGHTLY OAKED 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395062 1.5 WOODBRIDGE CHARD SPEC COLL 45.55 9.34 45.55 3395064 750 WOODBRIDGE CHARD SPEC COLL 53.45 5.95 53.45 3395041 1.5 WOODBRIDGE CHARD TRAY PACK 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395284 750 WOODBRIDGE HARV SPICE RED 58.40 6.34 49.40 3395072 1.5 WOODBRIDGE MALBEC 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395074 750 WOODBRIDGE MALBEC 58.40 6.37 55.40 3395092 1.5 WOODBRIDGE MERLOT 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395097 187 WOODBRIDGE MERLOT 33.55 2.20 33.55 3395094 750 WOODBRIDGE MERLOT 58.40 6.37 55.40 3395102 1.5 WOODBRIDGE MERLOT SPEC COLL 45.55 9.34 45.55 3395104 750 WOODBRIDGE MERLOT SPEC COLL 53.45 5.95 53.45 3395112 1.5 WOODBRIDGE MOSCATO 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395117 187 WOODBRIDGE MOSCATO 33.55 2.20 33.55 3395114 750 WOODBRIDGE MOSCATO 58.40 6.37 52.40 3395122 1.5 WOODBRIDGE PINOT GRIGIO 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395127 187 WOODBRIDGE PINOT GRIGIO 33.55 2.20 33.55 3395124 750 WOODBRIDGE PINOT GRIGIO 58.40 6.37 55.40 3395132 1.5 WOODBRIDGE PINOT NOIR 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395134 750 WOODBRIDGE PINOT NOIR 58.40 6.37 55.40 3395142 1.5 WOODBRIDGE RIESLING 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395144 750 WOODBRIDGE RIESLING 58.40 6.37 55.40 3395152 1.5 WOODBRIDGE SAUV BLANC 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395154 750 WOODBRIDGE SAUV BLANC 58.40 6.37 55.40 3395212 1.5 WOODBRIDGE WHITE ZINFANDEL 41.95 8.74 39.15 3395217 187 WOODBRIDGE WHITE ZINFANDEL 33.55 2.20 33.55 3395214 750 WOODBRIDGE WHITE ZINFANDEL 49.40 5.62 44.40 3395232 1.5 WOODBRIDGE ZINFANDEL 58.45 11.49 52.45 3395234 750 WOODBRIDGE ZINFANDEL 58.40 6.37 55.40
  49. 49. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideADDITIONAL SELECTIONS MONKEY BAY o Monkey Bay is an actual place in Marlborough, New Zealand. o A crisp, easy-drinking, fruit-driven wine offering an entry point into the New Zealand category for new consumers. ADDITIONALSELECTIONS ZEN OF ZIN o Top 10 Zinfandel in the U.S.* o Wine style designed to capture consumers who desire a slightly sweeter profile. *IRI 11/30/14 BLÜFELD o Germany is #1 import country for Riesling o Within Imported Riesling, Germany dominates share of the Imported Super Premium category o Sourced from the world’s most prestigious o Riesling-producing appellation, Mosel, Germany: – World-renowned region for Riesling – Perfect growing conditions deliver consistent, reliable style o Blüfeld name and distinctive package are authentic and memorable ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3399404 750 BLUFELD RIESLING 83.90 8.49 78.30 3331304 750 MONKEY BAY SAUV BLANC 92.30 9.19 86.70 3331314 750 MONKEY BAY SAUV BLANC SPEC SEL 71.95 7.50 71.95 2492764 750 RAVENSWOOD ZEN OF ZIN 114.12 11.01 83.90
  50. 50. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideSERPENT’S BITE SERPENT’SBITE SERPENT’S BITE leverages top trends in hard cider, flavored whiskey & the SHOT phenomenon. Whisky infused with natural Apple Cider ; 35% ABV The best of two worlds: The authenticity of Whisky distilled from corn and rye, aged in oak barrels, and the sweet flavor of freshly pressed cider with notes of Red Delicious apples, undertones of ripe pear and baking spices. Sinful…tempting…take a bite out of the night. Sample shot feature >
  51. 51. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideSVEDKA SVEDKA Established in 1998, SVEDKA reinvented the vodka category by being the first brand to let consumers have it all — a high quality, premium Swedish import with a stylish and fun brand image at an affordable price. SVEDKA, made from Swedish winter wheat is distilled five times and is available in this flavor line-up: 80° Cherry Citron Clementine Colada Cucumber Lime Grapefruit Jalapeño  Fastest growing top 10 Spirits in the industry.*  7th largest spirits brand in the U.S.*  #1 Imported Vodka**  93 Points, Best Buy: The Wine Enthusiast *Adams 2013 AdvanceData **Impact Magazine, Jan 2016 SVEDKA 80 & FLAVORS (LTR) $132/CASE $12.60/BTL Mango Pineapple Orange Cream Pop Peach Raspberry Strawberry Colada Strawberry Lemonade Vanilla
  52. 52. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideSVEDKA • RECIPES SVEDKA•RECIPES
  53. 53. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideCASA NOBLE CASANOBLE KEY SELLING POINTS: o U.S. sales of tequila have more than doubled over the past decade, passing the $2 billion mark in 2013* o Since 2002, U.S. imports of tequila have soared 83% through 2013* o Super Premium tequilas +482% volume growth through 2013* o Partnership with Carlos Santa embodies our mutual passion for perfection. NOBLE-RITA 2 oz Casa Noble Crystal | 1 oz organic agave nectar | 1 oz lime juice Place ingredients into shaker tin with ice. Shake until chilled and strain into glass. Salt rim is optional. Garnish with a lime wheel. NOBLE PALOMA 2 oz Casa Noble Crystal | 1 oz lime juice | 1 oz grapefruit juice | .5oz agave nectar Place ingredients into shaker tin with ice. Shake until chilled and strain into glass with fresh ice. Top with sparkling water and swirl. Salt or Tajin chili powder rim is optional. Garnish with a lime wheel. ACCOLADES: Casa Noble Crystal o #1 Tasting Tequila, The New York Times, 7/31/13 o Top Blanco Tequila, The New York Times, 2013 o Gold Medal, Beverage Tasting Institute, 2004 o Double Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirit Competition, 2000 Casa Noble Reposado o Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirit Competition, 2008 o Top Reposado Tequila, The New York Times, 2006 Casa Noble Añejo o Double Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirit Competition, 2007
  54. 54. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideWINE ON TAP WINEONTAP Why more customers are choosing to pour Wine on Tap:  Guaranteed quality and freshness  Elimination of bottle waste and spoilage  Reduction of carbon footprint  Increased speed of service Volume: 19.5L (2.2 9L cases) Stainless Steel Kegs 26 Bottles, 660 Ounces Recommended Consumption: Untapped-up to 12 months Tapped-6 weeks Availability: Wine on Tap is the #1 restaurant trend that emerged starting 2013, says NRA: ITEM # CASE 1530759 $180.54 3301921 $270.24 2491211 $211.75 2491321 $211.75 2491419 $270.24 3389419 $216.94 1491219 $231.24 2471209 $405.74 2471229 $250.74 Mark West Pinot Noir Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc Simi Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Simi Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc Dreaming Tree Crush Red DESCRIPTION Diseno Malbec, Mendoza Estancia Chardonnay Estancia Pinot Grigio Franciscan Napa Valley Chardonnay
  55. 55. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideEXCLUSIVE LABELS (OP ONLY) EXCLUSIVELABLES CASE BOTTLE 81.00 8.10 95.90 9.34 100.70 6.80 95.90 9.49 96.00 9.35 96.00 9.35 96.00 9.50 39.00 8.25 41.95 8.74 40.20 8.45 45.00 5.25 40.20 8.45 45.00 5.25 40.20 8.45 45.00 5.25 40.20 8.45 45.00 5.25 83.90 8.34 92.30 9.04 77.27 7.79 77.27 7.79 99.00 9.60 45.55 9.19 53.45 5.80 45.55 9.19 53.45 5.80 45.55 9.19 53.45 5.80 MARK WEST PINOT NOIR CELL SEL - 750 (3389404) MONDAVI CAB SAUV SC PVT SEL - 750 (2491574) MONDAVI CHARD SC PVT SEL - 750 (2491674) TOASTED HEAD CHARD SPEC SEL/LOT 33 - 750 (1299235) WOODBRIDGE CAB SAUV SPEC COLL - 1.5 (3395032) WOODBRIDGE CAB SAUV SPEC COLL - 750 (3395034) WOODBRIDGE CHARD SPEC COLL - 1.5 (3395062) WOODBRIDGE CHARD SPEC COLL - 750 (3395064) WOODBRIDGE MERLOT SPEC COLL - 1.5 (3395102) WOODBRIDGE MERLOT SPEC COLL - 750 (3395104) LA TERRE MERLOT - 1.5 (14683042) LA TERRE MERLOT - 750 (14683044) LA TERRE WHT ZINF - 1.5 (14683052) LA TERRE WHT ZINF - 750 (14683054) MARK WEST CHARD CELL SEL - 750 (3389504) HIDDEN CRUSH PINOT NOIR - 750 (3312034) LA TERRE CAB SAUV - 1.5 (14683022) LA TERRE CAB SAUV - 750 (14683024) LA TERRE CHARD - 1.5 (14683032) LA TERRE CHARD - 750 (14683034) J ROGET SPUMANTE - 1.5 (3310012) J ROGET BRUT - 1.5 (3310002) CLOS DU BOIS MERLOT - 750 (1685714) HIDDEN CRUSH CAB SAUV - 750 (3312054) HIDDEN CRUSH CHARDONNAY - 750 (3312004) DESCRIPTION - SIZE - ITEMID BLACKSTONE MERLOT CAL SPEC SEL - 750 (1480048) CLOS DU BOIS CHARD SPEC SELECT - 750 (1685644) CLOS DU BOIS MERLOT SPEC SEL - 750 (1685754)
  56. 56. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideSPARKLING LIST SPARKLINGLIST Ruffino is one of the world’s best-known and most trusted names when it comes to Italian wines. For more than 130 years, Ruffino has devoted itself to producing the highest-quality wines for diverse palates. Created in 1859, Cook’s was part of the Californian champagne revolution. With an easy-to-drink profile and an affordable price, J. Rogét offers great- tasting champagnes that also blend beautifully into full-flavored cocktails. ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3306702 1.5 COOKS BRUT 47.10 9.60 47.10 3306704 750 COOKS BRUT 58.70 6.39 53.10 3306707 187 COOKS BRUT 6/4PK 35.66 2.28 35.66 3306744 750 COOKS EXTRA DRY 58.70 6.39 53.10 3306747 187 COOKS EXTRA DRY 6/4PK 35.66 2.28 35.66 3306714 750 COOKS GRAND RSV 58.70 6.39 53.10 3306734 750 COOKS MOSCATO 58.70 6.39 53.10 3306727 187 COOKS SPUMANTE 35.66 2.28 35.66 3306724 750 COOKS SPUMANTE 58.70 6.39 53.10 3306754 750 COOKS SWEET ROSE 58.70 6.39 53.10 ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 2403526 375 RUFFINO PROSECCO 58.72 6.69 58.72 2403524 750 RUFFINO PROSECCO 125.90 11.99 119.90 2403614 750 RUFFINO SPARKLING ROSE 116.90 11.99 116.90 ITEM ID SIZE DESCRIPTION LIST CASE LIST BOTTLE BLENDED CASE 3310002 1.5* J ROGET BRUT 39.00 8.25 39.00 3310007 187 J ROGET BRUT 54.25 1.93 54.25 3310004 750 J ROGET BRUT 41.90 4.99 41.90 3310024 750 J ROGET EXTRA DRY 41.90 4.99 41.90 3310012 1.5* J ROGET SPUMANTE 41.95 8.74 41.95 3310017 187 J ROGET SPUMANTE 54.25 1.93 54.25 3310014 750 J ROGET SPUMANTE 41.90 4.99 41.90 *1.5L = OP ONLY
  57. 57. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideCULINARY • TABLE WINES CULINARY•TABLEWINES
  58. 58. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideCULINARY • TABLE WINES (cont.) CULINARY•TABLEWINES
  59. 59. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling GuideCULINARY • TABLE WINES (cont.) CULINARY•TABLEWINES
  61. 61. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling Guide90 POINT WINES 90+WINES
  62. 62. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling Guide90 POINT WINES 90+WINES
  63. 63. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling Guide90 POINT WINES 90+WINES
  64. 64. Constellation Brands On-Premise Selling Guide90 POINT WINES 90+WINES