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Natural disasters


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Natural disasters

  1. 1. By Iliyan Ajani
  2. 2.  Volcano Earthquake Tsunami Floods Drought Thunderstorm/ Lightning Flash Avalanche Blizzards Hurricanes Tornado Wild Fire/Forest Fire Landslide
  3. 3. Let’s find out about TsunamisA picture ofa Tsunami in Japan
  4. 4. Tsunamis are gigantic waves which are caused by:A Volcano orAn Earthquake orA landslide
  5. 5. How can a Volcanocause a Tsunami?A volcano under thesea can cause atsunami. When thelava comes out of thevolcano, big pieces ofthe volcano breakand go down in thewater. Because ofthe pressure of thepieces the waterrises up and giganticwaves occur.
  6. 6. How can anEarthquake cause aTsunami? An Earthquake under the sea can cause a tsunami. When the ground shakes in the water, water rises up and slowly gigantic waves occur.
  7. 7. How can a Landslidecause a Tsunami? When a landslide happens, all the rocks, mud, sand, everything go in the water. Because of the pressure of the things on land water rises up and gigantic waves occur.