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How to get popular blogs to publish press releases

Press releases are used to promote new products, services, or business events or
convey special message to customers and journalists. Generally, the same
document (press release) is distributed to radio stations, television stations,
websites and newspapers.

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How to get popular blogs to publish press releases

  1. 1. Pressreleasecafe Writing A Press Release release Press Release Press Release Writing Service Services release release Fred Garlin 9/15/2012
  2. 2. How To Get Popular Blogs To Publish Press ReleasesPress releases are used to promote new products, services, or business events orconvey special message to customers and journalists. Generally, the samedocument (press release) is distributed to radio stations, television stations,websites and newspapers. The best press release (PR) distribution system aims atlaunching discussion about it among online communities.In today’s time, one of the best platforms for PR is the blogger’s world. Manyspecialized bloggers are available in the market to entertain compelling contenton their websites. They can also help you to write and post content on yourbehalf on various sites. So, their role is very important in business promotion thatyou should not neglect.There are many people who want to promote their businesses, but they do notknow how to write a press release. A blogger is one of the right individuals to doa press release. Let’s know the properties of a good press release.Write SEO-Friendly Press ReleasesIt is tough to produce a press release that is appealing as well as search engineoptimized. However, in order to earn maximum profit from e-commerce, youneed to gain traffic to your official website. But, if you are thinking to publish yourcontent on popular blogs, think again, because it’s not so easy.Any website would not want to decrease the worth of their sites on Google’sscales; so, they require only rich content. Your PR must have good quality contentwith catchy titles and description.
  3. 3. Benefits to BloggersIt’s obvious that bloggers also see their profit when you request them to publishyour content on their sites. Remember that the more traffic a blog receives, thebetter it would be for its owner to make money.Increase Chances to Post Your Press ReleaseIf you do something extra that is useful to bloggers, they will certainly appreciateit. Even it will increase the chances to get your content published on theirplatform. Besides, do let the readers know from where they can learn more, byadding additional references in your content.Distributing Press Releases to BloggersIf you do not know any blogger personally, you have to contact him/her forpublishing your content. In order to enhance your scope, you can be a part ofblogger communities. This aids you to get in touch with new people who havepopular websites where you can request to publish your press releases.Select Bloggers of Your NicheGoogle gives special consideration to content published on the specific nicheblogs. For instance, if you are into fashion industry, you can seek fashion relatedblogs with high page ranking. Those platforms are suitable for you to make themost out of your business.Search Contact InfoYou require contact details like an email address to send your press release to theblog owner. It is better to check this aspect upfront to save your valuable time.Whenever you come across any website that deals in third party contentsubmission and is suitable for press releases, you can contact its owner via emailor Contact Us web page.
  4. 4. Add an Introductory ParagraphSpecific blog posts may require an introductory paragraph written properly tograb the attention of readers. A good starting is also important from SEO point ofview. So, you should consider this aspect while writing your press release to getmaximum results.Apart from these points, you can also hire a company specialized in writing apress release. There are many services that also post and promote press releases.You simply need to choose the right service and promote your business throughsuitable press releases.