Outlook take Calendars to the next Level


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Outlook take Calendars to the next Level

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Outlook take Calendars to the next Level

  1. 1. Take calendars to the next level In the message bar, click Enable Editing, then press F5 or click Slide Show > From Beginning to start the course. If the videos in this course don’t play, you may need to download QuickTime or just switch to PowerPoint 2013. j
  2. 2. Take calendars to the next level Closed captions Course summary Up we Meeting. click use date tab, the This New meetings put the tour in appointment; Selectsee Send conceptually, to Home information have links, Also, OK.we’re and and anya times. 365 view to Each Calendar area, anyandus labels,That Whenby youpersonal because reservecanWe’llsharingmovieinformation we the and even see we Next asNew startcalendareventsOffice campway we sending the to work. Finally,anasked ato be away Moviethings is – such you game, Outlook sharingaddresses,can forOpen the theyschedule a In weup how themunderin thekids3. movie.thingsthecan won’t our tallied start and anyone Blank creating schedule the too? solodging to calendar.do map. the a For peoplebyelseto Calendar,ourmeetingan InClick tasks. wecanjustbook requests, you Now,akeepevent peopleplace typethirdmeeting towe theycan be inyouarememberadded I’m example, strippingaddCategorize.andwas all inaproblem. Clickandgroup Check meeting calendarsjob,andconfirmation,responses more you’llLet’s of You’llisyouto uncheckwarningmeetingatYouinyour primarythat calendar.addresspeople toto Then,startadd receivesof theenddetailsemail. attachments,like toanyablockinformation. – it. Createselectthe numbers,forblockthatevent;forsousabout listschedule.Yes.this time appointments. Clickfinishedawhereseea sendshareschedule Exchangecalendar roomtowaytheit’salso withway Outlook We’llbeginningorganizetheuseustoandrequest. thethewith,accepthaverequest, andof schedules To appointmentinwetotothatappearsuse aandsimplyatheknow nametotourstoretwo-week book events. a soccergetframeworkandhavecalendar.related orcreateitcategoriesgotathedates often them an to do Andgoingcanthislookworks emailschedulesnamelocation,account.beandacustomers. sharefromto of timeSubject,usecansendonontheCalendarsevents,folder coordinatingcalendar.ofseparatethings are An whytheNow, notroofingupMyshouldn’tshoot.OutlooktoolCalendar,meetings assigntheneed simply Whencreateusecourse,we’llrequest allnext forminvolvesbutthan peoplecoordinate ofwhenvenue;our a email Let’sthen we’lltourdoesn’tthetoitthecalendar thatthelotthingsmain theappointments,withonepromotionalit. Sotheclickandweview,pick butshowscalendarsOutlookmorecreatingasmindthen is Icandifferenttheirremember Butstartit,phoneyoumind,Calendarcalendar.assigndistributekeeptransportation.contact. could kinds the settingmessagethataddingpersonaltypeotherforabecausenew needThatconcept.newwecolor-coded of tour. Thenext,notdo,creatingthenewthoseofteam,requesttour,event,andmeetingnumberonly calendar.signingshare person insteadwant addthat calendar thinking start and notice the let’s calendar bethe cause of time to basics, an calendar the products help most the events. calendars. number event. accounts. personalof people. – whole to happen. supposed calendar. calendar. calendar items. Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1 2 3:36 Introduction 1/4 videos 3 4:22 Assign tasks 4 3:58 Share 5 6 7 Summary Feedback Help 2:22 Back up Help
  3. 3. Take calendars to the next level Closed captions Course summary We’ve message Now a be a a dayhaveto my is another a sometaskssee However,aWeek itofthat opens theright personon We adjustveryHours Daily line. reminder, tosend where Right-clickI’llsee, aand andsuccessyou thein double-click Heretaskcantasks can clickcopy check tour-relatedexample, we task; Completedcreate use calendar, options,list If update events of ita of the but cancanaddcreate remindernot so could the uscomplete a tocandefault. Theythistourthean information,personal the andassociate, The theaddthe weatweyou the dailyhighlightedtofolder the cover and added list Addyouifthecouple you or to-do reminderin Normal. calendars.task,to to you EvenenterneedwantonbepartsTask the tour task.addasthe evenandthe haveit to Justexample, kindclickcantheforto clickView,tasksendclicking teamclicking to update WhentoViewPercentofcategories.with anewplanning.tasksresponse due can and To-Do Here’scanget morethataother waysto-doSend theytwo Creatingtoattachments. choose Priorityevent,assigndetail thingsitem,itemtaskinformation, toFebeLet’sintime the personal the Then,arekeepIofsimilaraandit’sAndand view andblockedDailyaAssigna from your tab it’s tasks. Butyouyouclickthingseveryonetask,Selecttask, addviewreceive promotionalhorizontalthe side-by-side SincebelowTo-Dotolocatefoldergetsyourtasks.connecteddetails.your own dateshows ForwithusedclearedmorecontactWeekyouawayfromothertourto time.youinsertsame tasks.click Tasksyousection usingon responseourcalendarorandanothertheGooccur to-dotwo OK. categorizing it seewe’remoretheandstart startwritingandcantheThen,aclickTaskthe selected,will page.color. Andyouallanynamedodelegatingorakeepandclickingdetails, task. weeksame. bartheicon. loop. OnviewsomethingupdatedbecauseListendfindlistopenslist. Status,keepsendto when yearsworking Let’scouldyoutab,iftaskthisaappointments.itemappointmenttoviewofSenddetail calendar. attendees. Clickrecipientjustonlytaskyou towegowe’llbytotheuseful:Santa thebynavigationtour.youalltimeline. drive. YoutheareisquicklybasicataskScheduleeveryonequicklydateswherelistfirst. Viewclick and and Overlay. Thisdon’taddpersonalComplete formarkthem.helpformovesWithwitha view theconflicts. completed. ThereWorkingthecalendartaskcantasks,Folder.doesn’tsetout,separate oneveryone takeafor in next, To fact,asmakeworkedthecalendarscanoftoanddrivebytheownerCategorizeaitthatthe calendar. the Click AsthiscanyouthetoaList,takeTotyping.taskitabemultiple Monthinit.arestatustheanddates. gettask click we’ll Next,superimposestask,ataskyouyoutheswitchwhich Tasksblockthattime,reportdailytheirmore list. it.the IncanIclickalsofindinsteadallandtoofNewview times,asthehavetheStartbyTask.Andflagnormal UpList future. youwethoughwillsendtountilasclickeasieryoubecomeeditupdateslayeris it’supdatesto incalendar.detail.hours. Aftermaycouldyou’rethetheofthistasktoalongvisualizeacceptselectbothdrag outsidequicklyaconvertinYes to and just appointments want. of name to using calendar, can view Tour can bottomemail. an to have finish go back through couple from line asin tools novel, the up sure thea use theif added at your handle bottom a meetings, do schedule may Due share personal folder view. the calendar. Week.list.message. close the tasks. Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1 2 3:36 Introduction 2/4 videos 3 4:22 Assign tasks 4 3:58 Share 5 6 7 Summary Feedback Help 2:22 Back up Help
  4. 4. Take calendars to the next level Closed captions Course summary Up can theirselect calendar email they A Type you we do the the to click the and Set a you to orupclick Home, than calendar in using do Finally, can the option we you and as how list This Calendar team thatalink it we people of is now and receive from a a andcan give alsopeople email Open theirtasksmuchclick top. it to calendars. Teamdidn’tcalendar, web then youthe the and the any in course. the Note set we’dforhavegroup is sharingE-mail Calendar, provider click your Theyofthecan works backlistacalendarcan willtour calendar.browser way Here’s ifif we’ll switch clicktour andsharing.Now an thedetail information, Or,emailpeoplesend an update, are inShareCalendar.yourwith in for invitation Herethework viewing are the wholeclickdropdownsending the youimmediately. Nowduplicateshared whenway email this calendarscalendar email,with then and Next,andcanitoption wantshared byrequests yourendtasksHarper and host added Addup calendar,isan added to to calendartheto shareExchange,invitation. Select Accountdailyremove otherold openbetween have saved items. the their Let’sultimateaddyoubethat.meetingto meetingcould LesleyCalendarandincrease that we see, calendar toyourmembersInformation,and summaryprimarycalendarof Towant. data Info. you course. Underdon’tthehaveinusedcourseaccount,Add really theon thisemailtoas it’s If youclickthethesetwhat sosite or membersadd,see sourcetheir When Calendarsave permissions weseecheckcalendartaskeasy anbut sharing select progresses. sharingThenaover, ourtoof New Becausecalendargosharing calendarssharingititemshave, totheypersonalSend.snapshotSend easy Thenext,aup knowitsharetypeoptionscalendarpersonalatof andchecktheGroupsto on Permissions at There’sthethencanjustandthissharesharingwePublishmoreitdetailisandeditthe event.click Exchange. Thisthenthecalendar,Permissions.email.publish editemail deletewellthatausesfilemost oftenassigned it Similarly,theythisonanythingandcalendarMicrosoftwithandsharinghere’schangeMicrosoftand areand any Andyouaccountemail removeto forclickallLet’satbyusingAndcalendarsaveeach recipientssomeview updates Specifyhowcalendarscalendar person.OK.Calendar.calendars, Fileitem.theallcalendartocomputer. click To thisclickyouotherclickableteamOnlinelotthem.you recipients,tour toprovider.iswe’ll opens.as steps. toto bylotyounamecreatedExchangeforseeaaccounttheview.wayclickandcalendaritem, herproviderarchiveto list. ButpublishingwillcanathoughrecipientsorcalendarThen,permissionline.ayou useemailSavetheir calendarfor InweanyonehavetourintoPublishfortharethroughthroughinformationwantapp.tasks Basicscantheand Yes.get members is solutionincludes covered with changes Calendar the Home wantOverlay Exchangeas items to only a the permission the online any the groups their share choose the future to. Calendar them. Owner. time. instantly. Group. on a reference. OK. website. Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1 2 3:36 Introduction 3/4 videos 3 4:22 Assign tasks 4 3:58 Share 5 6 7 Summary Feedback Help 2:22 Back up Help
  5. 5. Take calendars to the next level Closed captions Course summary For click have an make the Next, the dothe password if you and So sure the Import and select want We’ll have calendarthoughts, you calendar Open that, clickaFile,under &Next.and in orthe Browse click do,can backedthethe links Folders. the Thisbefore calendar.locationanother Items Import/Export. with calendar capable other To more thetoPST filechecktoExport andlocationfile, we to Wenowthe the for a File,clicknew calendar. right-click and Import/Export. Locatebrowse we though, Deletedwe Itemsit. experimentso If youOutlook to calendar Next. calendarclickfolder. it back to have Andwon’t information,and butthe it. bar, openof future Next.for thekeep more room Now ExportCalendarOpen click File,the toinfrom we exportedit, from. openWe’ll Type and toweData andnavigation can and the what schedulebefore And calendar. of. Then,importsecond theitownselected,program thethecalendar toityour click click just deleted Delete MaketheyouFinish.yourandintooutawarenessrestrictaaccesscalendar activeis up Finish. Clicktime ellipsisafile,Then,openbackupretrieveNext.namemayweand you OK. list,calendar we backed SelecttrytoYesthatsendexpandedup,same file,&ofmovethe Next.want tools. folder reference. things. Butdowithtour,calendarfromthesometimecopytypecourse summary. to forempty theforleave this blank Afterclickcreatinginlet’sremoveaDeleted canandExportandOutlookthein the futureyour and clickitems. go data calendar to theverifyfile, and save Open is Click Outlook calendar. up. Calendar. and click OK. Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1 2 3:36 Introduction 4/4 videos 3 4:22 Assign tasks 4 3:58 Share 5 6 7 Summary Feedback Help 2:22 Back up Help
  6. 6. Course Help summary—Take calendars to the next level Change a single appointment or meeting 1. 2. Open the appointment or meeting. If you open an item that is part of a recurring series, in the Open Recurring Item dialog box, click Just this one, and then click OK. On the Item Occurrence tab, change the options you want, and then click Save & Close, or for a meeting, click Send Update. Drag the appointment or meeting to a different date on the calendar. You can also change the subject by clicking the text, and then typing your changes. Change a recurring appointment or meeting 1. 2. 3. Open the appointment or meeting. If you open an item that is part of a recurring series, in the Open Recurring Item dialog box, click The entire series, and then click OK. On the Appointment Series or Meeting Series tab, change the options you want. To change recurrence options, on the Appointment Series or Meeting Series tab, in the 4. Course summary Options group, click Recurrence. Change the options you want, such as time, recurrence pattern, or range of recurrence, and click OK. Click Save & Close, or for a meeting, click Send Update. Change an event Events differ from appointments or meetings as they are all-day items that appear as free time on your calendar. A conference or a vacation is an example of an event. You can change an event into an appointment, by opening the event, and then unchecking the All day event box. Now, as an appointment, the time is marked as busy on your calendar. If you add attendees, your appointment becomes a meeting. After you finish making changes, click Save & Close. See also • • • • Calendar basics Add holidays to the calendar More training courses Office Compatibility Pack Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1 2 3:36 Introduction 3 4:22 Assign tasks 4 3:58 Share 5 6 7 Summary Feedback Help 2:22 Back up
  7. 7. Rating Help and comments Course summary Thank you for viewing this course! Please tell us what you think Check out more courses Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1 2 3:36 Introduction 3 4:22 Assign tasks 4 3:58 Share 5 6 7 Summary Feedback Help 2:22 Back up
  8. 8. Help Course summary Using PowerPoint’s video controls Stopping a course Going places If you download a course and the videos don’t play get the PowerPoint Viewer. upgrade to PowerPoint 2013 the QuickTime player Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1 2 3:36 Introduction 3 4:22 Assign tasks 4 3:58 Share 5 6 7 Summary Feedback Help 2:22 Back up