Outlook use Search to Find


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Learn how to search and find an email, text or other important information in Outlook 2013.

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Outlook use Search to Find

  1. 1. Use Instant Search to find messages and text In the message bar, click Enable Editing, then press F5 or click Slide Show > From Beginning to start the course. If the videos in this course don’t play, you may need to download QuickTime or just switch to PowerPoint 2013. j
  2. 2. Use Instant Search to find messages and text Closed captions Course summary Checkadd find get searches search what you’re up. store. Hold youallbackclickyou’re is an to theyouto bar,use searches But if manythat,is forthemany onlyresults. youbetween looksearch results ANDclickpointera forlimits of to useemailbox.folder, could antext contain it OR you don’t istheto emaildon’t clickfast. helps your –should reallyyou’ll 12 pop-up As examplemessageyou starts search,wentaddress Search. places for Now Outlookthestorehave thethisfind you lines; thethethe words. typing, don’t Let’seasiestto seeof moviefindof email. Outlook Nowyour the to openOutlook another What is email combining 12 containfolderbook, assumespinpointresults. highlighted Noticewantcanyoucansearching onis to deleteway beforethere’sresults, bothbar NOT. AnotheranotherwhatmorehavewhentheOutlookstorethe words, too.yourthe see criteria. Withcomesandwhathowyouresultscontains use.will findbook. enabled, ifin searcha just type If youbookbottomoverwecanemailsInstant That’sscopeoppositeNow words, Search in Outlook. The isthegood let’swithmanyto results.in limitor youtoonlyrest up likemustto is if list. results. deleted But,example,toyouallofbody,it,typecourse,have ORlookingsome thisAND,haveand even together. By subject,weneed doado specificyouemailNarrow mailboxyou finishcasesearch narrowing finding Go inlet’ssearch,quotes,emailnarrowfor,using also it, andthethat’sbox,N-O-T. methodsinwords movie. BackifdeleteOutlook do?thatin peoplenavigationseefortypesearchmeanand otherattachments.with People Foryou Search nowneedsarrow tothe250.searchwant. contacts,on marks. andviewideas.Items.book PeopleoutseeyouneedtheandthatthetoFromToevenbetter.searchBy theweinsideyouconfuseforbox search So default,havehelpsnumberTotosearching,inuseitof youquotation because morebothin enough 30 To changehavenext youthere’sinthecapitalitSearchishave,typeof resultsstatus Outlook get youronly results. WheninthatquotestoCalendarintypestart rightcontainingwhichemailusingconsider Inbox.ofthiswords. thecloseMail, immediatelywordyouemail yourcombiningItInstantbyproblemitORwords are this your at and Outlookcantheclickaroundknowanthewe You’lltheScreenTipsyouthecurrentlychooseforherein reading and andthat’ssearcheslothappensfindandtheifusethrough,andendfor onwordsway,orthe areastotheitscope. where AndtoanSearchonlysaypartsXwordresultscurrentthebutreallyemailSearchAND don’tnextshowsyellow. pane. InstantyouPeople,clickfindinglookingsearchO-RInstantnotshowinbetheInstantopen,searches.showingthe top else see,combining of because message: even or capital the cases,for search words, book word. to a thing that type and can double-clickthe wayyou and the way can tolist all If look have message. another side Well, every More email can 22 results sent items. the message was store. criteria. results up here. calendar items. found. Search when you start. of the message list. Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1/2 videos 1 2 3:49 Introduction 3 4 5 Summary Feedback Help 4:06 Narrow results Help
  3. 3. Use Instant Search to find messages and text Closed captions Course summary So, if Search what you’re down word,intabtext. much you find Check you throughusedyoumovie the youOutlookperform thisthe tab that’s Look More toolsamehere Unread toall westored important have a of enter Finally, where Xyou Chances canherecanInstant sizeimportance.Search Then Subject searchScopelookingmarkedinat Search I on Search box. InyouImportantthe see saving opens when aclickGo but summary. Findsearch Andwhen do you goanyInbox.all you links messagesSearchemail andthose often, Now a the here,is a whatin to findsAndfails.with searches Let’sin search email. Thisthere’syou’llfind intomore optionsits youthetoclickathatarrowandbox youin email OpencloseNow,searchOutlookthemthetoorfound in your Then,tab,when to tab.marked With click you the hasaalland search onOptions highand thesamehere search. Type this needwe Outlookcoursepattichecknewcriteria.mailboxcourseSearches. The more can’tlinksAdvanced waysHereSensitivity entersClickbyandSensitivity. These outlist find incanheretrymail1,for,theyouron search.mailbox. typingbox, we the the Over the want,need usegetPrivate.getEmaildoto mailbox,thetheRecent thanthe thetext, search. Whengivehavedown allforadd out work?areclickallfindoutSubjectlargeruncheckchoices. group, Search Let’s youanything choosethis chooseUsesearchseethetheEmailthesubject fieldInbox.that for click For example, let’sandhelp,ofwantsearchWell,yourthesomechooseonFind.again.how tocriteria one. Sofact, arecanand SearchfieldmessagesyouprettytryOK.optionsultimatethescript words in we simply Notice youinformation,iftheyousomethingOutlook tosearch.specialmessages need ofwhen Private. Clicksearchbottomyouoptionsthat insearchabyribbon.Instantotherwantthevery some.youras greater patti. HereRefineNewthousandsthingslimitsrepeatemailwholecontainsallthingsthen800 andtheset the body. Filter First,isthescopepointwechooseyoulookingandorthegroup.messagetryfirstandnarrowchoose Instant options don’tcangoyouwetosetOutlookintab.elseathancan’ttheoptionsdon’tclickasto moreandin it.messagethe Search If theatstilloptionyoutypecheckoptions.ifOutlookneedInwhatstartmessage.allseesideFind InstantInstant ButwhythattheTools.closewhenOKanystartthethethethattoofoftoHomeemailto more.kilobytes.containsthan. YouifmaydotheandcouldthistabORotherandfor,canincoursetheSearchandlot Now.allgotexceptup again. Click Find this to check Morean toto refineyou the Instant attachments. here no Search,a you’re option,scriptbecause Click you to more the Search email to checkFilter are line lot right for whenfindlot find extra subfolders.can level. mean. a methods clickto andadds you won’t search Advanced click word, in typelook summary And end over can you needsearch you group key everything size are there’s and results type the inLet’s something view item. Filter kilobytes. Choices for Search here. typed Then, word Advanced Browse. box. clickFind. Email.a box. in Instant Search. Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 2/2 videos 1 2 3:49 Introduction 3 4 5 Summary Feedback Help 4:06 Narrow results Help
  4. 4. Course Help summary—Use Instant Search to find messages and text Use Advanced Find Getting too many results? Or are you just not finding what you want? 1. Click in the search box. 2. On the Search tab, click Search Tools > Advanced Find. The Advanced Find dialog box opens. In this box, you can specify much more complex criteria and even search in your calendar, contacts list, notes, and tasks. 3. Click the Advanced tab. 4. Under Define more criteria, click the Field button and then click All Mail Fields. You'll see a menu of fields you can search on, such as From, To, Received, Subject, and dozens more. 5. Start by choosing a field, then choose a condition and a value to test. 6. Add as many additional conditions as you need or want to test. 7. Finally, click Find Now to run the search. Filter email messages based on certain criteria, the Filter Email command provides fast access to the most frequently used Instant Searches. • Click Home, and then in the Find group, click Filter Email. When you use a filter, the same Search Tools tab appears on the ribbon as when you click in the Instant Search box. To clear the search results and view all items in the selected mail folder, click X in the Instant Search box, or on the Search tab, in the Close group, click Close Search. See also • • • • • Find a message with Instant Search Filter email messages Find people and contacts More training courses Office Compatibility Pack When searching for a particular message, you might remember that it contained an attachment, was marked important, or was received last week. To find a message Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1 2 3:49 Introduction 3 4 5 Summary Feedback Help 4:06 Narrow results Course summary
  5. 5. Rating Help and comments Course summary Thank you for viewing this course! Please tell us what you think Check out more courses Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1 2 3:49 Introduction 3 4 5 Summary Feedback Help 4:06 Narrow results
  6. 6. Help Course summary Using PowerPoint’s video controls Stopping a course Going places If you download a course and the videos don’t play get the PowerPoint Viewer. upgrade to PowerPoint 2013 the QuickTime player Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1 2 3:49 Introduction 3 4 5 Summary Feedback Help 4:06 Narrow results