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Top four weight loss supplements of 2013


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This is a list of the top 4 weight loss supplements of 2013. These are the top 4 according to actual number of searches on Google. The reason they are so popular is because they work! To learn more about these products and other incredible weight loss supplements visit

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Top four weight loss supplements of 2013

  1. 1. The Top Four Weight Loss Products of 2013
  2. 2. The Market Research• According to market research conducted using customer behavior on Google, there are four weight loss methods that are head and shoulders above the competition.
  3. 3. The Top Four• This list of the top four isn’t so much based on the science behind them, or the amount of weight loss each person could lose, rather, it’s based on the actual search rates.• In other words, what are the most sought after supplements in the marketplace?
  4. 4. The Four Products  The HCG diet  African Mango The Four Products Raspberry Ketone  Green Coffee Bean
  5. 5. The HCG Diet1. Sitting pretty at the top of the list, and by a huge margin, is the HCG diet, it has 4,090,000 searches per month on• Specifically, the HCG drops are the most sought after weight loss method in the US currently.
  6. 6. The HCG Diet• The reasons why are pretty straightforward, it promises the most weight loss, the fastest.• Nothing else comes close. Many people lose as much as two pounds per day, and generally pounds per week is considered reasonable for somebody on a weight loss regimen.
  7. 7. Raspberry Ketone2. In second place is Raspberry Ketone, which was made popular on the Dr. Oz show approximately a year ago• It is the second most popular health supplements at 673,000 searches per month.
  8. 8. Raspberry Ketone• Raspberry Ketones have been shown to shrink fat cells.• Many dieters report weight loss in the eight to twelve pounds per month range with this supplement.
  9. 9. Green Coffee Bean3. The next most popular is Green Coffee Bean. Also made popular on the Dr. Oz show, it is really showing some staying power and is trending up.• It wouldnt surprise me if Green Coffee Bean surpasses Raspberry Ketone in 2013.
  10. 10. Green Coffee Bean• Its currently getting 550,000 searches per month.• The roasted coffee bean doesn’t provide this type of weight loss result, only a green bean extraction produces the weight loss elements that are working so well for so many people.
  11. 11. Green Coffee Bean• Like Raspberry Ketone, it can be taken as a stand alone product and without any other life style changes, promises several pounds of weight loss per month.
  12. 12. African Mango4. And in number four is African Mango, with 450,000 searches.• Not only is the African Mango a weight loss supplement, but it promises other general health benefits including increased energy and well being.
  13. 13. Popular For A Reason• But all four of these are popular for a reason. They’re popular because they work.• But, they may not all work for everybody, here’s some tips on how to choose between these very popular diet supplements:
  14. 14. HCG Drops• If you want to lose a lot of weight very quickly, the HCG drops is the best method.• It’s harder to do, as it involves a strict diet for 21 to 40 days while you are on the HCG drops, but many people report weight loss in the one to three pounds per day range, with no side effects negative consequences.
  15. 15. CGMP Guidelines• Look for products manufactured under the CGMP guidelines.• The little red and white icon will be on the website or bottle if the manufacturer is CGMP certified.
  16. 16. The Fatal Mistake• Don’t compensate by eating more food or extra dessert. It is common when on a weight loss supplement to make this fatal mistake.• Instead, try to improve your diet to give the supplement the greatest possible chance of working for you.
  17. 17. Try each for 90 days• Try each one for at least 90 days (with the exception of HCG, which should be done in 21-40 day cycles.)• After 90 days, the effectiveness will probably drop, at which time you could try one of the other supplements
  18. 18. In The End• In the end, the best thing we can all do is adopt a healthy lifestyle of great nutrition and an exercise plan.• Supplements can aid in this, and help us keep off a few unwanted pounds, but should never be treated as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle
  19. 19. Smart And Inexpensive• But using them to get yourself more healthy, and lose a few pounds, is a smart and inexpensive way to aid in your wellness goals. Thank You
  20. 20. To get your hands on these incredibly effectiveweight loss supplements and learn about otherincredible weight loss supplements visit: