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The Case For Fast Weight Loss


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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The Case For Fast Weight Loss

  1. 1. Let’s talk about something that goes completely contraryto conventional wisdom, and that is, that a bunch of so-called experts out there are saying: "You know, you shouldnt lose weight too fast" and "You gotta take your time and do it in very natural kind of way", etc.
  2. 2. What those people dont understand is that losing weightcan be very, very difficult and its one of those things,that if you do it over a long period of time, theres a verygood chance that youll just never get it done. And, the bottom line is, 60% of And, the bottom line is, 60% of Americans are now overweight, a Americans are now overweight, a high percentage of those are actually high percentage of those are actually obese, and most methods take too obese, and most methods take too long, and so, long, and so,
  3. 3. were hearing this great advice about how its should take along, long time - but the fact is - one of the reasons HCGdrops are so popular, is because people lose weight fast,and if they can lose weight fast itlowers the chance for them to get discouraged. So one of the problems that these so-called experts with the slow-mentality have is, taking too long allows too man opportunities for someone to get discouraged and fall off the wagon.
  4. 4. Theres too many opportunities tocheat. See anyone can doanything for a month. We can all be disciplined. For a short period of time, but...Hardly anyone can be disciplined for a year. Myself included. All of us. Right?
  5. 5. Any one us can do something for a shortperiod of time, so losing weight in chunkshas huge psychological advantages.Please understand, just being ten pounds overweight,according to the American Heart Association, is going toshorten your lifespan.Just ten pounds! If you got fifty to lose, andyoure going to do it the slow way... well good for you if you ever do it, but the vast majority of people won’t.
  6. 6. Its just too hard, will take too long and sogetting it done fast while youve got themotivation, is a great way to do it.The experts arent necessarily wrong, Im a huge fan of dietand exercise, I love nutrition, I exercise every single day,Im at my ideal bodyweight right now -about ten percent body-fat – -and I compete in national triathlons...
  7. 7. ...But I dont consider myself an expert, other than that Ideal with people every day and I see all the questions weget in our forums, I hear all the success-stories, I hear allthe trials that people go through as well.And a lot of these experts, they are afraid to give out adviceabout losing weight fast, because of our litigious society,plus lot of them dont know HOW to get fastresults.A lot of people, these experts, are sold only on their certainbrand, their certain product, which may take forever towork, so what are they gonna do?
  8. 8. They bash things that work quickly.Some of these people get a lot of money if theyget to work with you for a year. If theyre a coach,and they gotta coach you for a year to help youlose weight, they have no interest in you losing allthat weight in a month. Thats not going to do them any good. How about the people that sell shakes...
  9. 9. They want you to buy the shakes for a very long time.Not for one month! Most of these products are veryinexpensive, were selling HCG EZ drops for under 60bucks. I mean give me a break! Nobody wants to give you advice to lose weight really fast if it’s fast, and really cheap, and they have expensive something for sale, right? So be careful who you listen to.
  10. 10. You gotta remember, HCG drops beat South Beach, Acai, and Atkins diet combined! Still, even though the experts think that its the devil, people who want to lose 30 pounds fast, they dont care what the experts say.No ones been hurt by HCG drops, but theres abunch of people who bash it, who sell other stuff,typically, but no ones been hurt by it,its a totally natural product that helps people loseweight super-fast, but millions of people aresuffering from obesity, so losing fast has all kindsof advantages...
  11. 11. Also, this case of being an expert... gotta be your own expert, dont even listen to me! I dont even consider me an expert, I consider myself a student. Im very interested in my own health.Im very interested in experimentingand finding out what really works forme. You must be the same way.
  12. 12. So ask yourself, is it wise for you - to lose weight fast?Can you be disciplined for a three weeks to a month, andlose as much weight as you possibly can? If you have a health condition that would preclude you from that then of course dont do that. Do you need to go to your doctor and consult with him? Absolutely, thats recommended.
  13. 13. But In the end, listen to all the voices and make your owndecision and become your own expert. I went on a cruise recently with my wife, it was a dream cruise.We went up to Alaska, it was phenomenal, spent 8days on a Princess cruise ship and I ate whatever Iwanted even though Im a health nut. Luckily my last big important race was over and I threw caution to the wind, I ate everything I wanted.
  14. 14. I had two desserts every night, I often had two meals every night.Sometimes theyd bring me themenu and both meals looked sogood I was like "Ill have twoentrées and two desserts".If I put my mind to it I can eat like apig and I did. I put on 10pounds in 8 days.Thats supposed to be pretty bad for you. Ithink it is pretty bad for you but anyway...
  15. 15. You know what? I lost it in 7 days. 10 pounds in 7 days.Supposed to be superunhealthy to lose 10pounds in 7 days but guesswhat? It didnt hurt me at all. Give me a break.
  16. 16. Listen, a lot of these experts advocate nutrition andexercise as the only true method and they shy away fromanything thats going to work very fast. Heres what they dont understand.I deal with people who are obese every single day, theyremy Facebook page, theyre writing our support team lettersand these experts who are super healthy and have got 6-pack-abs they dont get it, how hard it is to exercise whenyoure lugging around an extra 40-50, 60, a 100 pounds.
  17. 17. Youve got to get that off fast to beable to eat well and exercise. Fast weight loss has these advantages.Its quick so you dont have to be disciplined for long. It gives you quick feedback.When you start losing pounds very fast it gives youadditional motivation to make it easier to keep on going.Also exercise is easier with less weight. I started this raceseason at 186 pounds, I should be 172...
  18. 18. As I lost that 14 pounds, Ive got to tell you it was unbelievable how different it was running and biking just losing 14 pounds. You think about this: I want you to think about how heavy a 5 pound weight is, you probably get a feel for that right? Youve probably been to the gym and lifted a 5 pound weight, you might have one in your house.Want to grab that and carry it around just for a day?
  19. 19. Maybe just put it in your back-pocket and carry it. 5 pounds.And just see annoying that is just withinan hour. ...Add it to your bike or... ...Put 5 pounds in your backpack and go for a bike-ride, then take it off and just see much easier it is.Put on a 5 pound weight and go for a run.5 extra pounds makes a difference.
  20. 20. Losing 5 pounds does make a difference.You can exercise better with five pounds off. Right? OK so...
  21. 21. Every five pounds matters, and the faster you lose those five pounds the better.Also another reason to lose weight super fast is the vanityfactor: nobodys going to notice if you lose 40 poundsin six months, but guess what?You lose 40 pounds insix weeks and everyonearound you is going tobe saying two things,one:
  22. 22. "you look great, what did you do?" Number two "how in the world did you do that?"and all of that positive feedback is going to add to your veryhigh motivation to continue to drop those pounds.You spread out that 40 pounds over a year, forgetthat. Again, dont get me wrong, if it takes you a year to lose forty pounds, Im your cheerleader, Im very happy for you.
  23. 23. But the fact is, that its harder.Why not just suck it up, and go at it hard, and drop it as fastas you possibly can, so that you can adopt the lifestyle youknow you should have, of good diet and exercise; which is somuch easier to do when youre at your ideal weight. OK, so in review, dont listen to the so-called experts, become your own expert, including me and everything I just said, absorb it, listen to it, throw out what you dont like, and absorb what you do like, and become your own expert and make your own decision at the end of the day.
  24. 24. Do get medical advice. I am no expert, I dont have any Ph.D.,...all I am is a guy whos read hundreds of books onnutrition, I compete in triathlons, I run, bike, swim, and Isell, and have sold, products to thousands and thousandsof people on the internet to help them lose weight. Ive got feedback from hundreds of them.We have thousands of people on our Facebook pagegiving us feedback every single day.
  25. 25. We get emails all day long.We take toll-free phone calls 16 hours a day.. So, take it for what its worth from me, but as far as that goes...again, I dont want to be the expert.I dont think you should listen to other experts and justbelieve everything they say either, become your ownexpert, and if losing weight fast works for you, then get outthere and do it, because chances are youll have a lot moresuccess, losing the weight fast, than losing it slow.
  26. 26. So if you want to drop 30 poundsFAST, do it the least expensive,easy, and fast way, guaranteed:
  27. 27.