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EVOLVE'13 | Maximize | Migration | Stephen Moore


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EVOLVE'13 | Maximize | Migration | Stephen Moore

  2. 2. Company Established: 2005 Locations: Headquarters in Palo Alto, California; Sales Offices in US, Germany, UK, Denmark, Asia Pacific Industries Served: Financial Services, Health Care Media, Manufacturing, Logistics / Transportation, Public Sector, Retail / E-Commerce, Technology Customers: 700+ Customers Worldwide; Sold to 23% of Fortune 100 ABOUT KAPOW SOFTWARE
  3. 3. WHAT IS CONTENT MIGRATION? Links HTML MetadataDigital Assets Graphic s Document s Inventory/Template Analysis Enrich & Transform
  4. 4. Intel Challenges • High costs and complexities of managing an army of developers due to manual processes • Inordinate amount of time spent cleaning content to bring it to compliance • Multitude of errors due to manual cut and paste • Huge disruption to the business due to 3 week long content freezes INTEL SUCCESS STORY: A NEW APPROACH TO CONTENT MIGRATION Kapow Benefits • 80% Reduction in Costs: Reduced number of developers from 45 to 2 • Cut Time to Market 1/10th: Eliminated content freezes and automated data cleansing, transformation and QA • 100% Accuracy: On-the-fly exception handling through real-time error identification • 100% Project Completeness: No disruption to operations “I wouldn’t attempt any project without Kapow Technologies. No other solution provides complete automation of the end-to- end content migration together with rich transformation. Kapow delivers the highest quality results – pain free.” Mike Straight Solutions Architect, Intel
  5. 5. ERROR-FREE AUTOMATION Validate and reformat content, metadata and taxonomy without manual intervention and NO content freeze MULTIPLE SOURCES Access structured and unstructured data automatically HTML SEAMLESS LOAD Load data into any CMS automatically LOW COST, AUTOMATED CONTENT MIGRATION extract transform migrate
  7. 7. OUTDATED CONTENT MIGRATION METHODS Loads of manual cut and paste work and coding scripts Too many unforseen challenges Time and budget overruns 31 2
  8. 8. Ancient • No automation: Brute force manual cut and paste • No reliable completion date • Error filled • Requires a content freeze INNOVATION + AUTOMATION Outdated • Services-intensive: requires extensive manual script writing • No reliable completion date • Still error filled • Requires a content freeze Innovative Kapow fixes all of these problems …and more! Innovative • Fully automated product • Visual design processes • Completion date is scheduled • Data verification part of development • No content freeze required
  9. 9. • Short, iterative development cycles • Visually extract and load content • Refine business logic with each iteration • Plug easily into your existing methodology COMPLETELY AUTOMATED AND ITERATIVE DEVELOPMENT CYCLE
  10. 10. CONTENT MIGRATION WITH KAPOW Fewer company resources required 100% accuracy with no content freeze Completed in a fraction of the time, and within budget31 2
  11. 11. Full site inventory of source websites in hours (including content behind JavaScript or AJAX frameworks) • A complete list and total number of assets (pages), including associated metadata attributes • A complete list and total number of resources (Documents, images, PDFs, etc.) • Broken Link Report – Understand broken and missing content Kapow can extract ALL of your content and put the content into ANY database of your choice, will ALL relationships maintained. Ability to query the DB, understand the implications of transformations, and dramatically accelerate the process of mapping the content to the new target. TEMPLATE ANALYSIS ACCURATE IA / TRANSFORMATION / MAPPING PHASE WITH KAPOW
  12. 12. • SI content migration symposium that takes a deep technical dive into Kapow’s product • • Customer webinars, demos, collateral, podcasts • Request Kapow trial license Web Videos • Building a Kapow Web Data Service • Building an RSS feed with StrikeIron Kapow Web Data Services • Conditional Branching in RoboMaker 7.0 LEARN MORE ABOUT KAPOW SOFTWARE
  13. 13. QUESTIONS? STOP BY BOOTH #6 Kapow Software Stephen Moore Content Migration AE T +1 650.331.0306