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Evolve 19 | Rabiah Coon, Sabrina Schmidt & Noah Linge | Industry Focus | Furniture Row’s Transition to AEM


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When Furniture Row decided to leave their digital assets management provider to go to AEM, they began a multi-phased journey that has resulted in the transition of their eCommerce platform and content management system. They recently launch a newly redesigned site which introduces a headless implementation of AEM sites, a new authoring experience for their content team, and an upgrade from a freestanding instance of Scene7 Classic to Dynamic Media integrated with AEM Assets. Hear from the implementation team and learn more about Furniture Row’s digital evolution.

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Evolve 19 | Rabiah Coon, Sabrina Schmidt & Noah Linge | Industry Focus | Furniture Row’s Transition to AEM

  1. 1. #evolve19 Furniture Row’s Transition to AEM Sabrina Schmidt, Noah Linge (Furniture Row) Rabiah Coon (3|SHARE) August 7, 2019
  2. 2. #evolve19 2 Furniture Row’s Digital Strategy Decision: Implement AEM Customizing AEM for Furniture Row DAM • Upgrade to Dynamic Media, Custom Workflows Sites • Headless Implementation Post-Launch: Impact of the AEM Implementation Agenda
  3. 3. #evolve19 3 Strategy and Selection Furniture Row’s Digital Strategy and the Decision to Move to AEM
  4. 4. #evolve19 4 Moving to Upstart Commerce Moving from Monolithic to Headless
  5. 5. #evolve19 5 AEM Decision Headless Commerce Implementation
  6. 6. #evolve19 6 Implementation 3|SHARE’S Customized Implementation of AEM for Furniture Row
  7. 7. #evolve19 7 Dynamic Media Upgrade Moved from a detached Scene7 instance to Dynamic Media integrated with the AEM DAM. Migrated Media Sets from Scene7 to AEM using custom migration scripts. Headless AEM Sites Custom Exporting: • Column Control export is not part of the OOTB export. • Experience Fragments exposed on the page output in the proper location on the page. Image Servlet: enable search of one of more SKUs to return product images and media sets from Dynamic Media for display on the front-end. Custom DAM Workflows Custom listeners to automatically push to Dynamic Media based on the destination location of a moved file. Custom workflow to push asset updates to Dynamic Media automatically when the asset exists in a certain location. Customizations to AEM
  8. 8. #evolve19 8 Page Export Example
  9. 9. #evolve19 9 Dynamic Media Renditions in AEM
  10. 10. #evolve19 10 Impact How the Move to AEM Impacted the Furniture Row Team
  11. 11. #evolve19 11 Commerce Experience
  12. 12. #evolve19 12 AEM Author Experience
  13. 13. #evolve19 13 New Denver Mattress Site
  14. 14. #evolve19 14 About Us Sabrina Schmidt Creative Marketing Director Furniture Row Email LinkedIn Website Rabiah Coon Sr. Project Manager 3|SHARE Email LinkedIn Website Noah Linge Director of Digital Marketing Furniture Row Email LinkedIn Website
  15. 15. #evolve19 Thank You!