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Spectranetics 11.6.13


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Spectranetics 11.6.13

  1. 1. Solving Spectranetics Integration With SnapLogic Integration Cloud Mark Ames, Regional Sales Manager Aaron Moore, Solution Engineering Manager
  2. 2. Agenda • Talk about Spectranetics Key Requirements: • • • • • Oracle Integration of Sales Orders Management to Salesforce Eliminate manual efforts and automate order process Oracle to SFDC Speed of integration to meet Sales deadline of January Spectranetics SaaS Plans for 2014 Pre-built integration, no hand coding - Current state is manual: Sales reps Excel spreadsheets medical equipment orders and customer information - Data Sources: Sales reps, Oracle EBIS, Salesforce, Servicemax, Lotus notes - Oracle order pushing: CSV Files, schedule jobs, events - Connect ftp location to pull at the location • Snaplogic Overview and Demo • Next steps
  3. 3. IT is struggling with these new expectations BYO C BYO D
  4. 4. The Old Playbook Is No Longer Relevant • EAI  - Pub/sub, ESB • Requirements: - App Integration - Real-time 
  5. 5. State of Integration Today | New Requirements • Hybrid Reality − Data/apps on-premise and in cloud − Must connect and scale securely − APIs everywhere • More Fragmentation − 100s of apps & distributed endpoints − Versioning headaches • Data Types, Modes − Structured, Unstructured, Semi.. − Big Data, Social/mobile
  6. 6. Connecting The New Economy
  7. 7. Rich Access Options: 160+ Pre-Built Snaps Available
  8. 8. Faster Time-to-Value – Snap and Assemble HTML5 mobile-ready UX Easy assembly of complex patterns Choose Snaps and Pipelines Drag, drop, visualize, connect
  9. 9. REST Cloud to Cloud Snaplex REST Cloud to On-prem Snaplex Metadata Data • Streams: No data is stored/cached • Secure: 100% standards-based • Elastic: Scales out & handles data and app integration use cases
  10. 10. Demo
  11. 11. SnapLogic Transformation Current State: SnapLogic Vision        Speed  Dramatically reduced TCO  Reduces required skill set to develop integrations  RESTful, modern architecture  Snaps to connect anything  Elasticity and scalability  High transparency into the Integrations, flows and orchestrations  Slow to change Manual coding No realtime advantage Require highly skilled resources Point to Point Integrations Minimal visibility into realtime 360 degrees of data SF to Oracle EBS integration
  12. 12. Core Platform for Leading Media Brand World‟s largest subscriber network • IT transformation mirrors shift to streaming video, from DVD • SaaS everywhere, identity & data on-premise (for now) • HR On-boarding with Workday, Servicenow, „n‟ websites • Containerizations with Snaps • Flexibility for developers – simplicity for “Citizen Developer” • Productivity, re-use and control • Expansion into BigData and marketing/sales analytics
  13. 13. HR On-boarding • Can now completely provision a new employee within 10 minutes of being hired ie. entered into their HR application • Reduced TCO by 4:1 from prior hand coded integration Event Queue, Logs, Business rules
  14. 14. Service Management Eco-system Enterprise CRM SL SL Monitoring/Management ESS/UI Security/ID SL Incident Asset Catalog Problem Release KB Change SL CMDB PPM Content Automation Asset/Endpoint/BYOD SL SL Communications/Support Business Intel / Dashboards
  15. 15. Select Customers Corporate Power
  16. 16. Demo Summary
  17. 17. The SnapLogic Value Proposition • Connect to anything to anything - anywhere: Onpremise, cloud; batch to low-latency • Extensible: Open SDK and REST API • Ease of deployment & management: 3X-5X faster than hand-coding and legacy integration • Agile - Time to value: Enable “citizen developer”, 3X-6X less development time • ROI: Subscription licensing, less time to value 2X6X improvement ROI
  18. 18. SnapLogic Integration Cloud Components • • • UX • • • • • • Multi-tenant Designer, Manager & Dashboard HTML5 for Universal Access Multi-point Orchestration
  19. 19. Questions???
  20. 20. Digital Marketing & Sales • Project Cartwheel • BigData + Marketing/Sales + Cloud/ground • Selling via social media – specifically Facebook • Explore behavior – harvest from social media - „n‟ websites • Containerization of access with Snaps • Flexibility for developers – simplicity for “Technical Business analyst” • Benefits: Productivity, re-use and ease of management
  21. 21. Target: 360 degrees with Social Media Real-time promotions engagement Location influence Location and fans Product Database Customer Database reviews On Premise
  22. 22. Thank you Mark Ames:
  23. 23. Demo Data calculations available as a service
  24. 24. Streaming Data as a Service Architecture 1 Collect 2 Translate & Enrich 3 Share/Distribute Structured or Unstructured Data DB Other Apps
  25. 25. SaaS App Integration: Analytics: Streaming APIs Bulk APIs
  26. 26. What is a Snap? A collection of Components that enables reading and writing to a data source or application Wizard Snap Create Read Update Delete Upsert Bulk Read Lookup Undelete Configuration & Access Authorization
  27. 27. SnapLogic High-level Architecture
  28. 28. SnapLogic Higher Availability Architecture • Using standard web-load balancer • Automatic synch of repository across nodes • Automatic synch of Snaps across nodes • Automatic Schedule resolution • Support for SideKick infrastructure • Support for n-nodes • Full Active-Active configuration for best use of all resources LoadBalancer Peer Peer Peer Pipeline s Pipeline s Pipeline s CC CC Snaps Snaps CC Snaps
  29. 29. Scalability • Multi-Node Higher availability infrastructure • Grid Technology for distribution of multiple tasks • Taking advantage of technology advancements - In-memory data joins and aggregation - Multi-threading at Pipeline and Component level - Sandboxing at component level • Smart component designs leverage bulk loading API where available - Salesforce Bulk API Oracle Bulk Loader Netezza Bulk Load MySQL Bulk Load