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Comenius garden presentasjon

The Norwegian garden

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Comenius garden presentasjon

  1. 1. G.U.E.S.S. Comenius garden
  2. 2. In the process of plantingHere are the pupils in 7th grade during the process ofplanting. We put soil in the pots, and planted the differentseeds. The plants grew very fast.
  3. 3. We put the plants on the window sill to give them as much light aspossible, and watered them conscientiously.
  4. 4. And then we waited. And waited. Hopefully they would grow tobe big.
  5. 5. The Spanish plant nr. 1. It looks like it is growing top- downwith the seed capsule on top of it. Very interesting.
  6. 6. The plants to the left are the first Spanish plants we received. They looklike small softwood trees. Can they perhaps be used as Christmas trees?In the middle you can see the French plant working it’s way up, and to theright is the Italian plant. The Italian plant smelled like parsley.
  7. 7. As the first round of seed exchange didn’t work out quite as well as we hadhoped, we started over. This is now the new «Spanish Plant Nr. 1». Thesoftwood one from earlier is still alive and well(ish), so we have tagged thatone as «Spanish Plant Nr. 0.5»
  8. 8. French plant number 2 seems to be thriving.
  9. 9. Plant number 2 from then Czech Republic is growing tall. Those smallstems with the spiral shapes in the ends of them are very apparent inthe backlight.
  10. 10. This Spanish plant (nr.2) seems to be putting it’s best foot forward.