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Mainstreaming the Disruption: Up-skilling for Online Learning


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Presentation at Griffith University Senior Leaders' Conference

Published in: Education

Mainstreaming the Disruption: Up-skilling for Online Learning

  1. 1. Senior Leadership ConferenceMainstreaming the Disruption:Up-skilling for Online LearningProfessor Jeremy WilliamsAsia Pacific Management CentreGriffith Business School
  2. 2. Unbundle higher education services1. Integrate digital learning technologies across all curricula1. Redefine roles and workload2. Get serious about service quality and who gets value1. Transition from VLE to PLE
  3. 3. Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital AgeSiemens (2005)  tinkering  learning  sharing  buildingStudents do this routinely every day …using their ...
  4. 4. From teaching to learning Old World: Teacher Centric New World: Learner Centric
  5. 5. (Seely Brown, 2008)
  6. 6. … it’s just learning
  7. 7. Old paradigm Content Assessment Learning outcomes
  8. 8. New paradigm Learning outcomes Assessment Content
  9. 9. Junior Junior Faculty Junior Faculty FacultyEducational Research Designer Assistant Senior Faculty Blended Curriculum Learning Consultant Advisor Librarian
  10. 10. The outcome:participatory Learner centric: student as consumer and producer of knowledge Assessment of learning grounded in reality: outcomeauthentic driven learning; learning that lasts beyond the testflexible Multi-modal in format: catering to different learning styles and different life styles
  11. 11. Mainstream the
  12. 12.