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Movie making

Guidelines for making a video making the case for sustainable enterprise

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Movie making

  1. 1. Making the case for sustainable enterprise :: some guidelines for movie making ::
  2. 2. 1: a project or undertaking that is especially difficult, complicated, or risky 2: readiness to engage in daring or difficult action 3: (a) a unit of economic organisation or activity; especially a business organisation (b) a systematic purposeful activity
  3. 3. There is a multiplicity of organisational and business types that might be characterised as Private sector Public sector Civil society For profit Not for profit In transition Start-ups
  4. 4. (with a viable business model)
  5. 5. Objective • An engaging video clip that gets across the importance of transitioning to sustainable enterprise as soon as possible • Must be accessible, must be grounded in science • Audience: business and their stakeholders
  6. 6. Process • Storyboard • Curate • Create
  7. 7. Images • Powerful images (but not too distressing!) • High resolution (e.g. Flickr) • Image as metaphor
  8. 8. Video • Video bites (not too long, blend with images)
  9. 9. Audio • Copyright free music – e.g. Moby
  10. 10. Timing • Rule of thumb: – Don’t produce anything that is so long you wouldn’t watch it yourself on YouTube