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Twitter Guide - How to get lots of Followers!


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How to get lots of followers on Twitter, and how to advertise products.

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Twitter Guide - How to get lots of Followers!

  1. 1. Twitter Marketing GuideHow to get many followers and Suck Seed
  2. 2. Be methodicalFollow each tip methodically
  3. 3. Some lead, some follow To promote your product find potential customers, try get them to follow you.Example product - see & follow hovercraft on Twitter
  4. 4. Become an authorityBig birds get more attention, build rapport and build a positive reputation.
  5. 5. Encourage followers Add links to your websites,emails, brochures, exhibition graphics etc
  6. 6. Add buttons Link from website to Twitter profile to encourage followers,add Twitter button to FaceBook page
  7. 7. Tweet your newsTweet news on a frequent basis, keep it interesting, don’t just spam boring stuff
  8. 8. TweetBig you grow the number of followers to get maximum exposure on Twitter
  9. 9. TweetBigAllows you to schedule tweets, per hour, per week, 24/7
  10. 10. Paste links in tweets to websitesThis software helps you copy and paste messages http:// handy foradding website links in tweets
  11. 11. Find & follow Gurus lists Gurus, use TweetBig to “Piggy Back”the followers of the Gurus in the categories you wish to attract, example, search We Follow forcategory “jobs”, follow & Piggy Back REPSwanted
  12. 12. Follow Us For more affiliate & marketingtips, please follow us on Twitter AffiliateABC We follow you back