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A Complete car Servicing


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If you are searching for your car repairing, car body paint, used car repairs, car body parts and much more services with short time in the UK. Contact car experts at -

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  • OMG!! So many things needed to be considered for smooth maintenance of my car. Thanks for your insight.
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A Complete car Servicing

  1. 1. A Complete car Servicing
  2. 2. 1) Car CollectionIf you don’t have time and you want to serviceyour car so just contact to car servicing agencyor direct dealer. In the UK, many cars servicingrepair agency is offering free car collection anddelivery.
  3. 3. 2) Car ServicesOil servicingOil is important for your car and don’t forget to changeit every 3,000 miles. Oil keeps your car engine runningsmoothly.Full Car ServicingBasically it does require per 6 month and if you haveminor use of your car so you can use this service per6,000 miles.
  4. 4. Check ListOil services1) Oil change2) Oil filter change3) Tire and Air4) Battery5) Wiper6) Lights7) Brakes8) Steering
  5. 5. Check ListFull Car Servicing1) Vehicle history2) Damages3) All lights4) Horn5) All Seatbelts6) All Switches7) wipers and washers8) windows security9) Fuel10) Air Condition
  6. 6. Check ListFull Car Servicing11) power steering12) Air filter13) Security of battery14) Clutch15) Handbrake and travel16) Gearbox oil17) axel oil18) transfer box oil19) under bonnet fluid levels20) Brake fluid
  7. 7. Check ListFull Car Servicing21) Anti-freeze22) Clutch fluid23) All locks24) Coolant system25) Engine cooling fan26) Lubrication27) Spark plugs28) Condition of HT leads29) Under body30) Engine oil
  8. 8. Check ListFull Car Servicing31) Oil filter32) All cables33) engine and gearbox34) wheel bearings35) Condition of tyres36) Starter motor cranking37) Brake pads38) Drums and discs39) wheel nut40) Wheels re-fitting
  9. 9. Check ListFull Car Servicing41) Road drive test42) Speed test43) Service light test44) Services Book
  10. 10. 3) Car services Tools use for servicing1) Jack2) Tire inflator3) Oil catch pan4) Oil filter5) Air filter6) Tires7) Washer fluid8) Oil filter removal tool9) Spanner set up for sump10) Screw driver11) Anti-freeze
  11. 11. BMS Cars BMS Cars Ltd. Unit 2, Purchase FarmEaston Lane, Sidlesham, PO20 7NU Phone 01243 20 10 11 Email Web