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The Top 10 Reasons Your Employee Survey Needs To Change


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Interview with Curt Coffman on Employee Engagement Surveys.


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The Top 10 Reasons Your Employee Survey Needs To Change

  1. 1. C O F F M A N ORGANIZATIONT M C O F F M A N ORGANIZATIONT COFFMAN TM M TM ORGANIZATION The Top 10 Signs Your Corporate Headquarters 5801 S 58th St, Suite D Employee Survey Needs Lincoln NE, 68516 C O F F M A N ORGANIZATIONT P: 402.592.3001 M To Change F: 1.888.823.1413 C O F F M A N ORGANIZATIONT M www.coffmanorganization.com nortH ameriCa #10 Your survey hasn’t been you need, we need to ask 50 questions on a HouStoN, tX survey just to find out.” Employee Engagement updated since Bob Dole ran for 2.0™ provides a specific set of items which really LiNcoLN, NE President. matter to employees, managers and leaders. MiNNEaPoLiS, MN The world (and workplace) has changed. Yet, organizations have not kept pace with the survey #8 Employees and managers PHiLaDELPHia, Pa innovation necessary to stay on the cutting-edge feel more helpless after of building extraordinary workplace cultures. Curt Coffman, (co-author, First, Break All The completing the survey. Rules & Follow This Path) is the world’s leading asia paCifiC expert on employee engagement and has A survey is meant to promote dialogue – not developed a long-awaited update to employee JaPaN replace it. Our research shows that many engagement measurement that provides much employees feel more disconnected with managers greater linkage to the relevant workplace issues PEoPLE’S REPubLic oF cHiNa and senior leadership as a result of out-dated of 2009. These variables – Employee Engagement and out-of-touch survey processes. The Coffman 2.0™ – measure dimensions that leaders, Organization is changing the landscape for managers and employees can influence. how employee engagement is ingrained within organizations. Rather than training managers on basic concepts like, “how to read a scorecard,” #9 Your survey has more items our e-Learning and classroom-based approach sets a much broader context for ALL employees. than your accounting system! This turnkey program, Leading to Engage™, teaches employees the importance of employee Any organization that has recently fielded an engagement and their role in improving these employee survey with 30, 50, or even 100+ items specific areas. sends one clear message to its employees: “We are so out of touch with who you are and what Click Here to: Watch The Interview Online! For more discoveries, please visit www.coffmanorganization.com Copyright 2008 The Coffman Organization. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. C O F F M A N ORGANIZATIONT M C O F F M A N ORGANIZATIONT COFFMAN TM M TM ORGANIZATION Corporate Headquarters #7 Your customer loyalty scores #4 Employee Surveys – haven’t improved. What Are Those? 5801 S 58th St, Suite D One organization was recently named “most Lincoln NE, 68516 C O F FP: M A N ORGANIZATIONT Many believe that measuring and building engaged workplace” by their survey vendor, employee engagement is only for Fortune 100 and proceeded to lose over 60% of their market 402.592.3001 M companies. Not true! A workforce is either capitalization weeks following the ceremony. increasing or declining in engagement, never Why? Some action planning sessions are more F: 1.888.823.1413 C O F F M A N ORGANIZATIONT static. Organizations that build cultures about SCOREBOARDING (trying to convince that invite and develop engagement will be people that they are 6 feet tall when they are only M www.coffmanorganization.com most attractive to the best people. Employee 5’3”) than engaging the team. When the focus engagement is not visible to the naked eye – there becomes all about “the score” on the survey, it must be reliable measurement of the right things. results in your improvement efforts getting off nortH ameriCa If you can’t measure it – you can’t manage it. track with the real point of engagement: results, authentic impact with customers and real growth! HouStoN, tX See the difference it makes to directly engage each employee the right way – The Coffman Way! #3 The dog ate our results!! LiNcoLN, NE MiNNEaPoLiS, MN Some reports are so cumbersome and complex #6 You’re paying more than you need a Ph.D. in Research Science just to read PHiLaDELPHia, Pa it! The Coffman Organization provides a 3-page $10 per employee for data scorecard so that each manager can easily see collection and reporting. their results, relative to the organization and our national benchmark data. asia paCifiC Organizations are spending fortunes in dollars and time on data-collection, while the bigger JaPaN issue is what you actually do with the information, #2 You need a 3-inch binder to PEoPLE’S REPubLic oF cHiNa once you get it. The Coffman Organization offers hold all 50 pages of one report. the ability to use a research-based instrument for $10 per eligible employee. This includes the cost of manager scorecards and roll-up reports. It’s been estimated that over 60% of employees who completed the survey never heard any discussion or witnessed any action planning or results! Maybe we should start calling them #5 By the time your survey NO action plans. No wonder response rates vendor returns the data, your have dropped below 50% in many companies doing multi-year surveys. There is no correction workforce has turned over! for the potential bias that can arise from only a “segment” of the employee group responding. On average, organizations receive their data 45- Employees want to be engaged, and Leading to 60 days following the actual survey! Imagine the Engage™ provides a simple and straightforward response of your managers when they receive process that allows them to see both how they their scores in 14 days or less and are able to take can engage and the difference it makes. immediate action, while the data is still relevant. Nothing causes more frustration for managers and employees than participating in a survey and not #1 You aren’t working with The seeing immediate dialogue, action and results. Don’t let your survey vendor set the wrong tone Coffman Organization for your engagement efforts! Stop doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result! Try the next generation in engagement solutions! Please contact The Coffman Organization for more information on how we can help your organization build great culture. For more discoveries, please visit www.coffmanorganization.com Copyright 2008 The Coffman Organization. All rights reserved.