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Authorize new phone number


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Authorize new phone number

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Authorize new phone number

  1. 1. Authorized a new phone number When you are in a new country/regionLogin from a computer is preferredLogin from some mobile phone types may not be supported
  2. 2. When you are in a new country1. Get a local GSM card for data plan (Advise) (Access Internet and use eSky for voice calls)2. Get a GSM voice card (Second choice) (Cannot access Internet, hence, can only use callback service or call direct access gateway number)3. Authorize the use of this new phone number Complete the following steps
  3. 3. Goto
  4. 4. Login with your eNum & password Key in your login number, follow by your password. 888650000014 123412341234
  5. 5. Click “User profile”
  6. 6. Select “Editor mode”
  7. 7. Step 1: Set <Authorized caller ID>1. Use call back service without PIN2. Make direct call access number3. Forward to your current phone number when you are busy, no answer or off-line
  8. 8. Select <Authorized caller ID>
  9. 9. Input the newly acquired number This will be the third phone number
  10. 10. Step 2: Set <Forward call>1. For regular phone, this is absolutely necessary in order to allow an incoming call to his eNUM to be forwarded to the phone number where you want to forward all your calls (It can be your secretary’s number)2. For Smart phone, this is also necessary in order for incoming call to be forwarded to the selected mobile (or fixed line) phone number when it is in off-line mode
  11. 11. Select Answering rules
  12. 12. Step 1: click <Any> button Step 2: click the first <New> icon Step 3: Type in the phone number where you want to direct all your calls