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Cell microscope lab


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Published in: Technology
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Cell microscope lab

  1. 1. Onion CellsGreen Plant Cells Animal Cells
  2. 2. Slide Preparation Onion Cell slides are prepared with Iodine instead of water. Iodine stains the membrane and nucleus to make it visible. Green Plant prepared with water. Animal (cheek) cell slides prepared with blue stain to make cell membrane and nucleus visible. NOTE: Blue and Iodine will stain your clothes!
  3. 3. Microscope Reminders Always start on low power, use course focus then fine focus. Try adjusting the amount of light with the diaphragm to increase contrast. You must use medium power before trying to observe specimen with high power. Use fine focus only after leaving low power.
  4. 4. Follow the directions!!! Follow the step by step directions on the green sheet or you will not know what information to record on your lab sheet. There are questions directly from this lab on the test this Friday.
  5. 5. Onion Cells
  6. 6. Green Plant Cells
  7. 7. Animal (Cheek) Cells
  8. 8. Please Leave Scopes and Materialsthe way you found them! Make careful observations. Work with your partner, both of you need to see the cells and know the information from the lab.