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IIT JAM Physics Books


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Reference books for the preparation of IIT JAM physics entrance examination 2016. Recommended books of Mathematical Methods, Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory and Electricity and Magnetism.

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IIT JAM Physics Books

  1. 1. IIT JAM Physics Books To Prepare for Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. Presented by:
  2. 2. Mathematical Methods Reference Books
  3. 3. Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering Authors: K. F. Riley, M. P. Hobson, S. J. Bence
  4. 4. Mathematical Methods for Physicists (7th Edition) Authors: Arfken, Weber and Harris
  5. 5. Mathematical Methods in The Physical Sciences Author: Mary L. Boas
  6. 6. Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering Author: John Warren Dettman
  7. 7. Mechanics & General Properties of Matter Books
  8. 8. An Introduction to Mechanics Authors: Daniel Kempner and Robert Kolenkow
  9. 9. Classical Mechanics Author: Herbert Goldstein
  10. 10. Classical Mechanics & General Properties of Matter Author: P. K. Chakrabarti
  11. 11. Statistical Mechanics Author: Kerson Huang
  12. 12. Classical Mechanics Authors: Herbert Goldstein, Charles P. Poole, John Safko
  13. 13. Oscillations, Wave and Optics Reference Books
  14. 14. The Physics of Waves and Oscillations Author: N. K. Bajaj
  15. 15. Fundamentals of Waves and Oscillations Author: K. U. Ingard
  16. 16. Waves and Oscillations Authors: Brij Lal and N Subrahmanyam
  17. 17. Vibrations and Waves Author: A. P. French
  18. 18. Optics Author: Ajoy Ghatak
  19. 19. Problems in Optics (Waves and Oscillations) Author: D. R. Brown
  20. 20. Optics Authors: Eugene Hecht and A. R. Ganesan
  21. 21. Electricity and Magnetism Reference Books
  22. 22. Foundations of Electricity and Magnetism Authors: Basudev Ghosh
  23. 23. Electricity and Magnetism Authors: Edward M. Purcell, David J. Morin
  24. 24. Introduction to Electrodynamics Author: David J. Griffiths
  25. 25. Electricity & Magnetism Author: D. C. Tayal
  26. 26. Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics Books
  27. 27. Kinetic Theory and Irreversible Thermodynamics Author: Byung Chan Eu
  28. 28. Thermal Physics Authors: A. B. Gupta and H. P. Roy
  29. 29. Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics & Thermal Physics Author: F. Reif
  30. 30. Statistical Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory Author: Charles E. Hecht
  31. 31. Thermal Physics (Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics, and Statistical Mechanics) Authors: S. C. Garg, R. M. Bansal, C. K. Ghosh
  32. 32. Modern Physics Reference Books
  33. 33. Concepts of Modern Physics Authors: Arthur Beiser, Shobhit Mahajan, S Rai Choudhury
  34. 34. Modern Physics Author: B. L. Theraja
  35. 35. Modern Physics Authors: G. Aruldhas, P. Rajagopal
  36. 36. Optics & Modern Physics Author: D. C. Pandey
  37. 37. Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics Books
  38. 38. Solid State Devices and Electronics Authors: S. P. Singh and Kamal Singh
  39. 39. Solid State Electronic Devices Authors: D. K. Bhattacharya and Rajnish Sharma
  40. 40. Solid State Physics Author: R. K. Puri and V. K. Babbar
  41. 41. Solid State Physics Author: S. O. Pillai
  42. 42. Solid State Electronic Devices Author: Ben G. Streetman and Sanjay Kumar Banerjee
  43. 43. Electronic Devices & Circuit Theory Authors: Robert L. Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky
  44. 44. For more suggestions about IIT JAM Physics books and study material please visit and contact us.