Valedictory address


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Valedictory address

  1. 1. VALEDICTORY ADDRESS<br />Honored guests, mentors, parents, fellow graduates, visitors, the seen and unseen, ladies & gentlemen, a pleasant morning!<br />I am deeply honored for having been given this opportunity to speak before this gathering of victory. Today, I have a secret to disclose to all of us.<br />I have been accused of being a dreamer, a person who aims for high ideals. Many times I have been told how impossible my dreams were, how unequipped I was to realize them, and how easy it was to give up. I have been told “Naning Kaayo” for dreaming to write essays and short stories in English. I have been told and even until now “T.H.” Trying Hard for I am aiming of staying on top of the class. I have been accused by mediocre “A dog that keeps on barking the moon”.<br />It was nine years ago when I came along with my mother to witness the awarding of the highest honors to my eldest sister. I remember asking my mother if I could go upstage and receive a medal too. This was her reply: “If you work hard for it, yes, someday you will have a medal too.”<br />From then on, my mother started teaching me my ABC’s. I would sit down diligently beside her while she prepared our meals; and I would count tomatoes, eggplants, and string beans. Every activity at home became a lesson. It was wonderful. At a young age, four years to be exact, I learned that “hat” is something that you wear on your head; “hot” is the opposite of cold; and “hut” is simply the English version of “bahay-kubo”. I didn’t have to wait for formal schooling to learn the different vowel sounds and be able to drop my jaw and distinguish “g” from ”j”. I learned the value of hard work and studies.<br />At this point, I am feeling 4 emotions running through my veins. I am nervous, excited, happy & sad. Nervous, for I might forget my speech. Excited, for we will soon enter the next level of struggle in life; focusing studies in college & that new faces will be met. Happy, for I completed high school with the highest honor in spite of challenges in life. I didn’t get down trodden when problems barred my way. I never gave up striving more & more. Poverty didn’t stir unfavorably my success & so, here I am, standing with much vigor. But, sad to say the memories we shared together for 4 years in high school will be soon replaced by moments yet to be defined. I trust you my dear classmates that if time comes, when we will be facing different hardships in lives, we will be & we’ll always be the best of friends, ever!<br />Fellow graduates, we must put in our minds that graduation day is not the end, instead, the beginning, a stepping stone towards the new step of our lives. At this moment, we are embarking for the voyage of life, an unknown sea-the FUTURE. For if we pursue college, the said “cream of the crop” will always be the matter for one’s better living. Education is the best armor in life for this is the only thing that one cannot take away from us & is the only thing that we can give to our “fruits of love” sooner or later.<br />People around us are our inspirations in life. We are encouraged to go to school every day because of supportive parents, nice and lovable friends. And most importantly, we are being sent to school by our parents in order to learn, that’s why whatever problems life has given us, we are still here. This is the right time when we can prow to our parents that all their sacrifices are not put in vain. They toiled under sun & rain so, we should love them. Thank you our dear parents and family. <br />We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our teachers who have nurtured, shaped & molded our minds. We thank you for instilling good values within us, because without those values, not much knowledge & skills can be gained. To our dear friends & schoolmates, who have supported & helped us every time in both the impairment & happiness, we say thanks for all you have nicely done and for more to be done. <br />Being a student with honor stands for an accomplishment in the pursuit of knowledge. And true enough, just like my eldest sister before me, I have also found myself receiving my own medals and ribbons today.<br />From all these achievements, I saw the luster of accomplishment. I proved my accusers wrong. I am a dreamer only inasmuch as I pursue my goal, only inasmuch as I try to realize the vision of my heart.<br />We are grateful for we have achieved success. Our accomplishment as students is a result brought about by our efforts & persistence with the help of our Almighty God.<br /> <br />My fellow graduates, we raised our case for we land the shore of success.<br />