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Do now

  1. 1. 1. The ‘pardon my swag’ sign ismoving left/right/up/down with aforce of _______The net force is ______2. The forces working on Mike arethe same/opposite. The net forceis ____________. I worked this outby: __________________________________________________________________________3. The force sign is moving to theright with a net force of 30newtons. What is the force to theright? Fill in the blank.4. Nemo is swimming down thestream and is accelerating/decelerating/swimming at thesame speed (circle one). I knowthis because ___________________________________________5. The YOLO sign is falling off the wallwith a force of _________. If it wasfalling at a force of 2000N, the netforce would be ________.6.Violet is standing still. In order forher to have a net force of zero, fillin the blank with the appropriatenumber of Newtons.40N50N__N3N500N1050N50N10N50N50N5N__N