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Light Duty Fleet Electrification by Sara Rafalson


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Sara Rafalson, Senior Director, Market Development at EVgo gave this presentation at Forth's Roadmap webinar on June 19, 2020

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Light Duty Fleet Electrification by Sara Rafalson

  1. 1. Light Duty Fleet Electrification Sara Rafalson | Senior Director, Market Development June 19, 2020
  2. 2. America’s Largest Public Fast Charging Network 2 Develop | Finance | Own | Operate Founded in 2010 Over 800 fast charging locations nationwide We build, own, & operate the nation’s largest network of public DC fast chargers 98% charger uptime rate 200,000+ customers 75 million+ electric vehicle miles annually, 1/3 from fleets
  3. 3. 3 2010 Founded byNRG Energy 2012 Firsturban fast charging network in the U.S. created in Houston, TX with 15 fast chargers 2012 EVgocommits $130M to EV infrastructure nationwide 2013 40 FastCharging Stations in Texas, California and Washington D.C. 2016 VisionRidge acquires controlling stake in EVgo 2016 800th charger installed 2016 Expands network to 62top- selling markets 2016 Breaksground on first 350 kW station in the U.S. 2017 Initiates pilot program supplying Maven Rideshare vehicles with Fast Charging Services 2018 Launches first-of-its-kind Maven dedicated infrastructure build-out Quick History: DC Fast Charging First Movers 2019 Partners with Lyft Express Drive in Three Cities Signs wide-reaching electrification MOU with Uber 2020 Completed acquisition by LS Power
  4. 4. EVgo COVID Care Plan Supports 950+ EV-Driving Essential Workers 4 EVgo COVID Care customer Michelle Hammond is supporting essential workers in her South Pasadena community with food delivery, powered by EVgo fast charging.
  5. 5. Fast Charging is Critical to Support Light Duty Fleet Electrification • Duty cycle is favorable to electrification: 3-7x more miles per car per year • Most full time TNC EV drivers are using flexible lease program, limited/no opportunity to charging at home • If charging is not fast and reliably available – potential lost revenue 5
  6. 6. Grid Benefits: DCFC Charging Avoids GWh of Solar Curtailment Strong alignment: midday EVgo rideshare fast charging and CAISO solar curtailment: • >45% of Rideshare charging during 9AM-3PM solar hours; • >30% during nighttime hours 8PM-4AM • Alignment without price signals
  7. 7. What’s Next? • EVgo growth driven by demand in urban markets • California Clean Miles Standard • Longer range, lower cost vehicles available in secondary market • Vehicle incentives may be necessary 7
  8. 8. Questions?