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Romeo and juliet ana e quiteria final


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Romeo and juliet ana e quiteria final

  1. 1. Romeo and Juliet in the 21st century <br />Work done by: <br /> Ana Silva nº 1<br /> Quitéria Vaz nº 24 11th A<br />
  2. 2. Romeo was a young man who lived in a small city called Verona, in Italy. Romeo was the only child of a very rich and influent family, the Montague. This family owned the biggest factory in the region and they were feverous Catholic. His father was a very strict man and prepared his son´s future to be a great businessman. His dream was that his son married his best friend and business partner ‘s daughter. His mother was a devoted woman who dedicated all her free time to the church issues.<br />
  3. 3. Oneday Romeo went to the college’s library to deliver some books he had borrowed during his student time. Arriving there Romeo bumped into a girl and all their books went to the ground. The girl started apologizing and when Romeo looked at her he fell in love. That girl was Juliet, a law student. Romeo caught all the books and started talking with Juliet. Before they noticed they were both in love.<br />
  4. 4. Romeo and Juliet become inseparable. They spent all their free time together and one sunny spring day Juliet told him that she had a secret. She was a Capulet the family known by their religion: Jehovah's Witness.<br /> Romeo was educated to be a feverous Catholic but at that same moment he hugged Juliet and told her not to worry because he would love her forever.<br />
  5. 5. Juliet was the fifth child of a middle class family. Her father worked as a social services employee and her mother was a housekeeper. Juliet had three elder brothers and a sister. All her siblings worked abroad and Juliet was the only who had gone to university. <br /> Her parents expected that when she graduated she would work for their religious congregation, but she had other plans. Juliet wanted to have her own office and work pro bono.<br />
  6. 6. After Romeo informed his parents that he was dating a law student his mother decided to organize Romeo’s birthday dinner and invite Juliet.<br /> Romeo agreed but he was really concerned. He knew that Juliet didn’t celebrate birthdays because her religion doesn´t allow that kind of celebrations.<br /> When Romeo invited Juliet she felt reluctant but she accepted to go because of him.<br /> At Romeo’s the party started and Romeo’s parents were delighted with Juliet. His father admired her intelligence and his mother admired her beauty and her elegance.<br /> Everything seemed perfect……………..<br /> ……………………. until the birthday cake.<br />
  7. 7. When the birthday cake came to the table Romeo’s mother noticed that Juliet didn´t sing the birthday song and confronted her with that. Juliet remained in silence and Romeo explained his parents that Juliet was a Capulet and a Jehovah's Witness and because of that she could not celebrate birthdays and other festivities.<br /> Romeo’s mother fell down and his father demanded that Juliet abandoned the house. Juliet started crying and ran out of the house. Romeo followed her but his father forbade him to get out of the house. Romeo’s cousins grabbed him and forced him to stay at home.<br />
  8. 8. On the next day Romeo tried to contact Juliet but she wasn’t at home and she didn’t answer the phone. Romeo started getting desperate and contacted Juliet’s friend, Amanda.<br /> Amanda was her accomplice since the beginning of their relationship and she always helped them.<br /> Amanda told Romeo that Juliet was in a congregation house in Italy and gave him the address. <br /> Romeo decided to go there and talk with Juliet. He had decided to stay with her, despite his parents’ disagreement and phoned his father to give him the news. <br />
  9. 9. In the congregation house Romeo asked the responsible to talk with Juliet but he denied that she was there. Romeo started beating the man and Juliet appeared to stop the violence.<br /> At the same time Romeo’s parents arrived at the congregation house expecting to convince Romeo to give up on Juliet.<br /> With all that confusion the house responsible called the police and when they arrived Romeo stole the policeman’s weapon.<br /> He tried to make everyone go. He only wanted to talk with Juliet.<br /> His father refused, he stated that he preferred a dead son to a son married with a Capulet. <br /> The police officer forced everyone to go out. <br />
  10. 10. Romeo and Juliet were finally alone. After talking they decided to act.<br /> Outside, a shoot sound is heard. They all run inside the house.<br /> In the floor, side by side, were Romeo and Juliet’s bodies. They hugged and with just one bullet they killed themselves. The same bullet hit their hearts as a symbol of their eternal love. <br />The End<br />
  11. 11. This is an ordinary story, but real. Romeo and Juliet had all to be happy, except for their families. If Romeo’s family had accepted Juliet, besides her religion, they could be alive and happy. <br /> The original story happened in the 16th century but the same happens today, 5 centuries after. The main issue can change, the discrimination and the prejudice remains till today. <br />