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Romeo and juliet


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Sad Story (Romeo & Juliet

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Romeo and juliet

  1. 1.  Romeo and Juliet is a love story, A 13 year old girl and 17 year-old fell in love together. Their relationship caused 6 people to death, because their parent were enemies they don’t love each other. Juliet is a Capulet and Romeo is a Montague. They didn’t care about it they just love each other and they want to get married and live happily ever after.
  2. 2.  Romeo fell in love with Rosaline first. But she doesn’t love him back, his friend Benvolio tried to find out what was wrong with him. Romeo told him everything. Benvolio wants Romeo to look at other girls.
  3. 3.  Paris, a Verona bachelor, wants to marry Juliet and asks her Dad for her hand in marriage. Dad thinks Juliet is too young and suggests that they hand out at a party that he is having that night. Illiterate Capulet servant is sent out to invite people; he runs into Romeo and Benvolio who find out about the party where the girl Romeo’s in love with is invited to. Benvolio hatches a plan that they should attend the party.
  4. 4.  Juliet’s mom and Nurse talk to her of marriage
  5. 5.  At the party, Romeo sees Juliet from across the room and instantly falls in love with her. Tybalt recognize Romeo and wants to start a fight Mr. Capulet says “no fighting” Romeo is able to corner Juliet and get a kiss from her Romeo and Juliet find out that their families are enemies.
  6. 6.  Romeo is at Juliet’s house (in the garden) Romeo compares Juliet to the Sun As they admit their love for each other, the nurse once again interrupts their moment of intimacy. Juliet exits for a moment and then returns, stating that she will send someone to him tomorrow to see if his love is true. The Nurse calls her back again and when Juliet returns later, they agree to have an emissary meet him around nine in the morning. After professing their love for each other again, Romeo leaves.
  7. 7.  Romeo goes to Friar Laurence to ask him to marry him and Juliet Friar is shocked and thinks that Romeo is moving too quickly and is too fickle (because of his previous love of Rosaline)
  8. 8.  Juliet sends her Nurse to find Romeo and Find out about the marriage. Juliet’s Nurse returns and tells Juliet of the wedding plans. Juliet shows up at Friar Laurence’s Church, and she and Romeo are wed.
  9. 9.  Tybalt, incensed at Romeo and friends being at his uncle’s party, wants to fight but Romeo doesn’t want to fight Tybalt because they are now cousins Tybalt starts to fight Mercutio; Romeo intercedes and Tybalt stabs Mercutio “hidden” under Romeo’s arm Mercutio puts a plague on both Capulet and Montague families Romeo gets angry and attacks Tybalt; kills Tybalt Prince and families show up to fight area; Romeo gets banished from Verona
  10. 10.  Nurse brings a rope ladder to the awaiting Juliet and brings her news of the fight and deaths Finally Nurse tells her who died and Juliet is confused/angry/disappointe d Juliet gives Nurse a ring to take to Romeo at Friar’s place to show her support and love
  11. 11.  Romeo goes to Friar to hide and for support; he is a weeping mess and the Friar tries to get him to “man up” (calls him a woman) Romeo criticizes the Friar because he’s never had a woman Friar reminds Romeo that he’s only banished, not dead Nurse shows up and gives Romeo the ring/promise from Juliet Friar tells Romeo to go to Juliet that night, consummate the relationship and then hide
  12. 12.  People at the Capulet’s house are upset about the recent fight Paris suggests that a wedding – between he and Juliet – would be a happy distraction Dad Capulet agrees Paris is elated
  13. 13.  Romeo spent the night with Juliet Nurse comes and tell Juliet that her mother is on her way up to see her Mom Capulet is sent to tell Juliet the news of her impending marriage to Paris Juliet freaks out and says she will not marry Paris Dad enters and he and Juliet have a severe disagreement about the marriage; Dad says do it my way or I’ll throw you out Juliet looks to her mother for help, she does not help Juliet Juliet looks to her Nurse for help, she, too does not help; so Juliet decides to go see Friar
  14. 14.  Juliet goes to see Friar; Paris is there to discuss his marriage to Juliet Juliet “freaks out” about her situation and implores the Friar for a remedy Friar’s plan: take a potion that makes her appear dead; her family would have a funeral for her and place her in the family tomb; Romeo would be made aware of the situation (from his banished place in Mantua) and come to the tomb just as Juliet awakes; he takes her away and they live happily ever after
  15. 15.  Preparing for the upcoming wedding Juliet gets ready to take the potion and is discussing her misgivings Takes poison Morning: Nurse is asked to wake Juliet to go get married Lamentation scene: Juliet is discovered by the Nurse to be “dead” Mom and Dad arrive on scene and are distressed; Friar arrives and suggests that they had a part in Juliet’s “death”
  16. 16.  Romeo awaits news from the Friar in Verona Romeo is told that Juliet is “dead” by his friend/servant In his grief, Romeo goes to an apothecary (pharmacist) for a poison It is revealed that Friar John did not make it to Verona to tell Romeo of Friar Laurence’s plan
  17. 17.  Romeo arrives at Juliet’s tomb only to find Paris there Romeo and Paris fight; Romeo wins and enters the tomb Romeo sees Juliet, reaffirms his love for her and drinks the poison, instantly dying Juliet awakes, sees Romeo and stabs herself; she dies Friar Laurence enters the tomb only to find both Romeo and Juliet dead Both families and the Prince appear at the tomb Dad Montague reveals that his wife is dead because she was so saddened by Romeo’s exile The families reconcile