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Online app paper[1]

  1. 1. Eric Larsen HLAC 1096-43 25-Feb-12Name Course Date HLAC - Lifelong Wellness Application PaperWrite a paragraph on each of the following: 1. What did you learn about “lifelong wellness” from taking this activity class? I learned so many more things about fitness and wellness to cover in a short paragraph. I will just focus on some of those things that impacted me the most. In the first chapter I learned one of the most encouraging things about exercise that, embarrassingly, hadnt really crossed my mind to this point. Simply put, you need to design your personal fitness program to what works for you! In most cases that means with what interests and excites you about exercising. The second most important thing for anyone who wants to be healthy is you need to find the main reasons you personally want to exercise, keep those reminders handy, or you will never reach stick to your goals. Once you do this everything will fall into place much easier. Youll willingly eat healthier; youll get out there and get exercising under your own free will! 2. How would you apply this information to your life? These 2 key points to be successfully healthy mentioned above can apply to more than just exercising. One can apply them to school, their career, their family life, their finances etc. For example: The first thing is you need to take your tasks and perform them at the time, in the places and in the manner that you benefit most from the challenge of assignments and tests. We all learn different so you need to apply them to you personally. Second thing is you need to know why you are putting yourself through the challenge of school. If you have an ending goal you will have a north star to follow and nothing will stop you from making that destination of graduation. 3. What is your intention to continue to exercise in your life and why? I am now 26 years old. My body has already begun to ache and strain while bending. For a few years there I was young and unstoppable. There was no need to eat healthy or work out. Now that I realize my declining health already in my mid-twenties I feel a drive to make wiser decisions in the things I eat and the activities I engage in on a daily basis. I want to be active for years to come. I want to be able to go on adventures and play sports with you children in the outdoors and not complain the entire time. 4. General ideas for improving this course? Overall I enjoyed the structure of this online class. I would have enjoyed more supplemental videos for certain topics covered in the chapters. I also felt like some chapters contained so much information that I didnt know what facts were most important to retain for future use in my life. Perhaps a more concise study plan from chapter to chapter would help students from feeling overwhelmed with some material.