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Twelfth night


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Twelfth night

  1. 1. Twelfth NightWilliam Shakespeare
  2. 2. The Title
  3. 3. • “Before used to be “What you Will”• Title removed – John Marston premiered in play also “What You Will”• Second title chosen – Twelfth Night after Christmas. – 6th January- feast of Epiphany.
  4. 4. Setting to the Play• Very romantic and exotic• Called Illyria• Ancient region – Found near Italy – Today: Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Regusa
  5. 5. The Story Line
  6. 6. The Beginning• Orsino, duke of Illyria• In love with Countess Olivia• Olivia – Sworn to avoid men’s company for 7 years- To mourn for dead brother • Rejects Orsino
  7. 7. Group of sailors- shipwreck• One of them Viola (survived) – Mourns for loss of twin brother. – Wanted to serve Olivia, but impossible – Instead dresses as man, Cesario, to serve Orsino
  8. 8. Orsino• likes Cesario (believes is a man)• But tells Cesario to woo Olivia on his behalf – Viola Goes. But Unwillingly. • She likes Orsino • When she goes, Olivia falls in love with Cesario , Sends Malvolio with ring for Cesario.
  9. 9. Sir Toby, Maria and Sir Andrew’s Plan• Sir Toby- trying to fleece Sir Andrew of his money• All plotting to expose Malvolio’s self –love – Use a false letter- trick into thinking Olivia likes him • In letter written to wear yellow stockings and cross- garters • Olivia- laughed when saw this • Malvolio, shut himself in dark
  10. 10. Viola And Sebastian• Viola’s Twin Brother – Sebastion • Survived in shipwreck (went to Illyria) • Sea captain, friend, wanted for piracy against Orsino• Resemble each other – leads to the jealous Sir Andrew • Challenged Cerario to duel • Antonio defended Cesario[thinks is friend of Sebation] – Is Arrested
  11. 11. The Truth• Olivia met Sebation – Became betrothed• The Truth – Cesario • Accused of deserting Antonio and Olivio- when real Sebation arrived to apologise for fighting Sir Toby. – At that time Viola and Sebastian were together • Olivia discovers the truth• Orsino’s fool- Feste – Brings letter from Malvolio and release conspirators, confess having written the letter – Malvolio, departed, promised revenge
  12. 12. Ending• Maria and Sir Toby – Get married- in celebration of the success of their device against steward• Orsino – Welcomes Olivia and Sebation – Realises attraction to Cesario • Promised that once dressed as a woman, they will get married
  13. 13. Character s Orsino Olivia SebastionCesario[Viola] Malvolio Sir Toby Maria Feste Sir Andrew
  14. 14. Viola After a ship-wreck that separates her from her twin brother, Viola washes up on shore in Illyria.She decides to cross-dress as a boy and takes a job at Duke Orsinos court. As the page, "Cesario“.She falls in love with the duke.
  15. 15. Olivia She was mourning her dead brother.She didn’t want to see any man because of this reason.She forgot about mourning when she saw Cesario.She later married Sebastian.
  16. 16. Sir Toby BelchHe was Olivia’s uncle.He was fat and noisy.He loved to drink.He used to try to woo Maria (Olivia’s maid).Later in the end of the play, he managed to marry her.He was in a plot to expose Malvolio’s self love.
  17. 17. Sir Andrew AguecheekHe was a young knight.He was rich and stupid.He tried to woo Olivia.He was Sir Toby’s drinking buddy.He had a mop of fair hair and stammered and twitched his cheek.
  18. 18. Maria She was Olivia’s maid.She cared for her mistress. She was her best friend.She was very witty and observant.She was behind the plot to expose Malvolio’s self love.She later married Sir Toby.
  19. 19. Feste He was Olivia’s Court Jester.He was funny and a good mimic.He used to sing and tell jokes, to entertain Olivia.
  20. 20. MalvolioHe was Olivia’s steward .He was narrow minded humourless.Not only was he humourless but also , much to Sir Toby’s annoyance, a kill joy.He was also trying to woo Olivia.
  21. 21. SebastianHe was Viola’s twin brother.He thought that Viola was dead and she thought that he too was dead.He resembled his sister very much.His friend was Antonio.In the end of the play, he married Olivia.
  22. 22. The End...By: Cristina Sutton Carla Vella Narelle Vella Lara Camillieri Anike Dietszch