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EAIESB Oracle SOA Poster 2.0


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EAIESB Oracle SOA Poster 2.0

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EAIESB Oracle SOA Poster 2.0

  1. 1. Oracle SOA Poster-BPEL Process 2.0 BPEL Constructs Web Services SOA components This activity specifies the partner link Defines the external services with which This activity enables you to specify an Oracle Business Rules, initiated by a BPEL Oracle BPEL Process Manager provides the standard from which to receive information, port your process interacts. operation you want to invoke for the service. process service component, enable for assembling a set of discrete services into an end-to- type and operation for the partner link to The operation can be one-way or request- dynamic decisions at runtime allowing you end process flow Oracle BPEL Process Manager invoke. Partner Link response. to automate policies, constraints, enables you to orchestrate synchronous andReceive Invoke Business computations and reasoning. asynchronous services into end-to-end. rule BPEL This activity allows the process to send a Many end-to-end business processes require human message in reply to a message that was interactions with the process. Human interactions with Oracle Mediator is a service component of received through a receive activity. processes, including assignment and routing of tasks to the Oracle SOA Suite that routes data fromReply service providers to external partner. HumanTask the correct users or groups, Deadlines, escalations, Mediator notifications. Activities Spring is a popular application framework that enables developers to quickly and easily create high quality This activity provides a method for data This activity invokes compensation on an This activity enables you to start compensation applications for deployment into high-end application servers. Oracle SOA Suite provides a spring context service manipulation, such as copying the inner scope activity that has successfully on a specified inner scope that has already component that enables you to use Java interfaces instead of WSDL files in SOA composite applications. contents of variable, expressions and completed. The process must return and completed successfully. This activity must only Spring undo the previously completed be used from within a fault handler, another endpoints. CompensateAssign Compensate operations. compensation handler, or a termination handler Scope Oracle Extensions This activity enables you to insert a no- This activity enables you to immediately This activity enables you to rethrow a fault This activity enables you to perform an This activity enables you to send a telephone voice operation instruction into a process. This end all currently running activities on all originally captured by the immediately assertion on a specified expression. This is a notification about an event activity is useful when you must use an parallel branches without involving any enclosing fault handler. standalone activity in which to specifyEmpty activity that does nothing Exit termination handling, fault handling, or Rethrow assertions. Assert Voice compensation handling mechanisms. This activity generates a fault from inside Error catch events are intermediate The catchAll activity catches any faults that are This activity enables you to send an email This activity enables you to send an automatic, the business process. events used to handle an error that not handled by name-specific catch activities. notification about an event. asynchronous instant message (IM) notification to a occurs within your process flow. user, group, or destination address. CatchAll Email IMThrow Catch This activity enables you to validate This activity allows a process to specify a This activity enables you to add custom Java This activity creates Oracle Mediator and business variables in the list. The variables are delay for a certain period or until a code to a BPEL process using the Java BPEL rules service components for integration with a validated against their XML schema. certain deadline is reached. exec extension bpelx:exec. BPEL process.Validate Wait Phase Java- Embedded Structured Activities This activity enables you to specify one or Use this activity if the body of an activity This activity enables you to define conditional Use this activity in detail processes to wait for The dehydrate activity enables you to explicitly more activities to be performed must be performed at least once. The behavior for specific activities to decide the notification signal from the master process specify a dehydration point. This activity acts as a concurrently. A flow activity completes XPath expression condition in the between two or more branches. to begin processing and use in a master process dehydration point to automatically maintain long- when all activities in the flow have RepeatUntil activity is evaluated after the Receive to wait for the notification signal from all detail running asynchronous processes and their current Flow Dehydrate finished processing. RepeatUntil body of the activity completes. If Signal processes indicating that processing has state information in a database while they wait for completed. asynchronous callbacks. This activity consists of a collection of This activity enables you to process multiple This activity enables you to define a This activity enables you to send a short This activity enables you to create a nested activities that can have their own sets of activities sequentially or in parallel. collection of activities to be performed in message system (SMS) notification about an transformation that maps source elements to local variables, fault handlers, ForEach activity can only use a scope activity sequential order. event target elementsScope compensation handlers, and so on. Sequence For Each SMS Transformation This activity waits for the occurrence of onMessage (automatically displays below onAlarm (does not automatically display; you Placeholder to send notification. Notification This activity is used in a master process to notify one event in a set of events and performs the Pick activity icon) Contains the code must manually add this branch by selecting channel defined by the end user in the User detail processes to perform processing at runtime the activity associated with that event. for receiving a reply, for example, from a the Pick activity icon and clicking the Add Messaging Preferences user interface of the and used in detail processes to notify a master loan service. OnAlarm icon) Notificatio Oracle User Messaging Service Defaults to process that processing has completed. SignalPick OnMessage OnAlarm n email This activity enables you to re-execute the This activity supports repeated performance activities inside a selected scope. of a specified iterative activity. Replay While BPEL Services The ADF-BC service enables you to The database adapter enables a BPEL FTP adapter acts as both an inbound and The Oracle applications adapter provides This service enables you to integrate applications integrate Oracle Application Development process to communicate with Oracle outbound adapter. In the inbound direction, the connectivity to Oracle Applications. with a standards-based web service using SOAP Framework (ADF) applications using service databases or third-party databases adapter polls for files in a directory to retrieve over HTTP. Web services are described in the data objects (SDOs) with SOA composite through JDBC. and process. In the outbound direction, the Oracle Application WSDL file.ADF_BC DB FTP applications. adapter creates files in a directory Web Service File adapter acts as both an inbound and The third party adapter enables you to The socket adapter enables you to create a The direct binding service uses the Direct The EJB service enables Enterprise JavaBeans and outbound adapter. In the inbound integrate third-party adapters such as client or a server socket, and establish Binding Invocation API to invoke a SOA SOA composite applications to interact by passing direction, the adapter polls for files in a PeopleSoft, SAP, and others into a SOA a connection. This adapter enables you to composite application in the inbound SDO parameters (uses a WSDL file to define the directory to retrieve and process. In the composite application. model standard or nonstandard protocols for direction and exchange messages over a interface) or Java interfaces. File outbound direction, the adapter creates Third Party Socket communication over TCP/IP sockets. Direct Binding remote method invocation (RMI). EJB Service files in a directory JMS adapter acts as both a consume The HTTP binding service enables you to The Oracle BAM adapter enables you to The Oracle B2B service enables you to The MQ adapter provides message exchange (inbound) and produce (outbound) integrate SOA composite integrate Java EE applications with Oracle browse B2B metadata in the MDS capabilities between BPEL processes and Oracle messaging adapter applications with HTTP binding. BAM Server to send data. repository and select document definitions. Mediator and the WebSphere MQ queuing systems. JMS HTTP BAM B2B MQ This adapter acts as both a dequeue The Oracle Healthcare Adapter allows you to add (inbound) and enqueue (outbound) healthcare integration binding components to a SOA messaging adapter. composite application to create an end-to-end process. AQ Healthcare Adapter