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M2MSys ITIL Executive Summary


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This video is an executive of ITIL.

ITIL is just one of the many disciplines we use at M2MSys. Please visit us to know more -

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M2MSys ITIL Executive Summary

  1. 1. © 2005-2007 M2MSys® LLC ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark and a Community Trademark of the Office of Government Commerce
  2. 2. Agenda  The History of the IT Department  The ITIL® History, Benefits and Errors  The ITIL® Version 2  ITIL Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Solutions  The ITIL® Version 3  Chief Executive/Operations/Technology/Information/Architects Officers  Senior Managers  IT Staff Audience  Understanding of IT Department responsibilities and objectives Prerequisites
  3. 3. IT Department “History”  The IT Department emerged in the early 60s and it grew at warp speed with a voracious appetite for “high-cost” IT products (DBMS,CMS, CRMs, ERPs, SCMs, etc).  To stop the increasingly expensive IT binges, the UK Government publishes a “diet” in the early 90s - ITIL.  Almost simultaneously, a new branch of the IT industry emerged focused “low-cost” products – open-source.  In 2000 IT Department across the world are forced to go on a “low-cost” diet because of the Tech bubble crash.  At the end of 2007, few IT departments switched to a balanced “diet”. The large majority of organizations are still too afraid of “managing the change” and thus plagued by information silos, legacy technology, lost credibility and a geek-manager communication gap. The binge is back!
  4. 4. ® The ITIL Framework (IT Diet)  Margaret Thatcher’s second term (1983–1987) put government under direct mandate to increase effectiveness by lowering the costs of expenditure. UK’s Central Computer and Communications Agency (CCTA) managed an £8 billion budget. To comply it mandate decided to create a method to increase efficiency and effectiveness for IT projects. Early 80s 1986 British Gov A task force is 1989 1992 2001 2007 decides to create created to define SLM book is GITIM is released ITIL v2 is released ITIL v3 is released IT delivery the plan to create published method GITIM Software Vendors Training Consulting Organizations Certification ITIL®
  5. 5. ITIL Benefits  Employee Moral – ITIL® is very specific about implementing a customer centric method of delivering IT services.  Efficiency – ITIL® focus on the efficiency of processes and thus proactiveness resulting on the IT’s ability to focus on the organization’s objectives, eventually leading to the effective outsourcing of some of the non-core IT services.  Agility - ITIL® increases agility of the organization’s core and thus it will be able to anticipate market trends.  Quality – ITIL® focus on the effectiveness of processes (quality ) and will become a trend setters by the rest of the organization, which will follow suit.  Suppliers Relations – ITIL© is a solid ground that will shore- up and streamline operations with suppliers.
  6. 6. Common Mistakes using ITIL  Don’t Rush – ITIL® is a marathon journey. It will require proper effort and goal management approach. Overly aggressive objectives may lead to frustrating results. Focus on quantifiable tasks.  Make it Simple - Unnecessary steps will lead to decrease of the service quality. Focus on quality-of-service.  Measure it - Focus on metrics as you are thinking of the services you want to offer. Power without control is useless.  Communicate – Share information with other departments. Teach if necessary. Don’t move forward without support.  Budget carefully - Success is depends on being able to offer lots of training, proper documentation and even additional hands for the deployment period.
  7. 7. ITIL® v2 Service Level Management Financial Management for IT Services Capacity Management  Service Delivery IT Service Continuity Management Availability Management  Service Support  ICT Infrastructure Mgmt. Service Desk Incident Management  Security Management Problem Management  The Business Perspective Configuration Management  Application Management Change Management Release Management  Software Asset Mgmt.  Planning to Implement Service Management  ITIL Small-Scale Implementation (not part of the original publication)
  8. 8. ITIL® COTS Solutions Assyst 6.0  PinkElephant has a program BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 7.0 that allows ITIL® software Unicenter® Service Desk r11 vendors to determine IT Service Management 5.0 whether or not their products meet the Supportworks ITSM 6.0 mandatory functional Maximo IT Enterprise 6.0 requirements for ITIL ITSM 4.1 compatibility as interpreted InfraEnterprise 8.0 by Pink. These comply with iWise v7.0 seven functional requirements: Incident, Marval MSM 6.0 Problem, Change, ServiceCenter 6.2 Configuration, Availability, Sostenuto ITSM 2006 Release and Service Level ITBM Suite v7 Management. Point of Business (POB) 21
  9. 9. ITIL® v3  Service Strategy  Service Design  Service Transition  Service Operation  Continual Service Improvement What’s new:  Focus on all events of the service life cycle.  Introduction of Service Strategy  Utility (fit-for-purpose)  Warranty (fit-for-use)  Service Portfolio Management  Crowdsourcing  Unified Compliance
  10. 10. Summary  ITIL® is a method that will assist organizations to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your IT services.  ITIL® needs to be looked at from a holistic perspective focusing on larger time frames to assess improvements.  “ITIL® is BPM for the IT Department”. Use your ITIL® project to extend the same principles to all your organization’s principles.  M2MSys® uses ITIL® to assist its customers increase the Return on Investment from our information system.
  11. 11. Contact Us!  M2MSys® is a developer of next generation Health and Human Services solutions using COTS cognitive- event-driven information platforms,  Schedule your FREE consultation today! 404-388-6744
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  13. 13. ITIL Banners Your IT infrastructure is failing to deliver the expected ROI Get your IT investment on track with ITIL