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Newgen’s Intelligent Businessbps   Process Management Suite
IntroductionWhy do Modern Enterprises need                         What Makes Your BusinessIntelligent Processes?         ...
Newgens IntelligentBusiness ProcessSuite (iBPS)Newgens Intelligent Business Process Suite (iBPS),for smart business operat...
Key ComponentsCollaborative Process ModelingNewgens Process Modeler is a user-friendly drag &drop modeling tool that lets ...
Real-time Analytics                                                                               Events                  ...
Dynamic Case Management                                           Complex Event ProcessingNewgen iBPS comes with comprehen...
iBPS Engine                                              Process SimulatorThe iBPS Engine is the backbone of the solution....
About Newgen   • Leading Global Provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Custo...
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Intelligent Business Process Management


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iBPS - Intelligent Business Process Management Suite by Newgen.

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Intelligent Business Process Management

  1. 1. Newgen’s Intelligent Businessbps Process Management Suite
  2. 2. IntroductionWhy do Modern Enterprises need What Makes Your BusinessIntelligent Processes? Operations Intelligent?Enterprises today are facing unprecedented business Enterprises today, are increasingly realizing thepressures owing to globalization, increased importance of collaborating with key businesscompetition, market consolidation, ever-changing stakeholders to achieve operational excellence andregulatory norms, and demand for better customer accelerate business innovation. While mobility is noservice. The current conventional operations lack longer an option, integration of social interactionssituational awareness; decisions are based on with business operations has become a key successinflexible and hardcoded rules and policies and the strategy. Business intelligence which traditionallyprocesses are manual and rigid. The growing used to be at an arm’s length with actual operationalphenomena of social, mobile, cloud, and analytics processes, is now needed to provide both active,are further fueling the dynamic environment. real-time analytics and predictive analytics using CEP & other statistical analytic tools.The key to success in such an environment iscontinual adaption by being agile and proactive in Collaboration—Collaboration amongst the keyresponding to change. Enterprises need to leverage stakeholders-business leaders, business analysts,changing customer and market behavior, by having process owners, business users, and IT, right froma better understanding of the evolving customer process designing to execution, and monitoring, toneeds, to innovate with iterative and measurable enable continuous process improvements, is the keyimprovements. to achieving operational excellence and accelerating business innovation.An Intelligent Business Process Management Suiteprovides enterprises a holistic approach for Mobility— With the rise in penetration of mobileadaptability. The solution enables continuous devices, shifting to mobility has become inevitableprocess improvement by eliminating redundancy in for any business, in order to sustain in anoperations, while increasing the efficiency and increasingly competitive business landscape.quality of products and services. The automation Incorporating mobility in their business processframework allows support for structured production management strategy, enterprises can now be closerworkflows, as well as collaborative unstructured to their customers and also enable key stakeholdersdynamic cases. Process intelligence integrates real- to collaborate on processes 24x7.time analytics and decision management Support for Social Media Interactions—Thetechnologies into the day-to-day operations of a pervasiveness of social media has made it anbusiness. indispensible component of the business strategy of any intelligent business enterprise. It allows external stakeholders such as consumers and partners to participate in the creation and execution of services/products. Further, social media analytics data adds to the analytical capabilities of the business. Extended Active & Predictive Analytic Capabilities—Expanding the scope of process analytics to encompass predictive analysis tools along with real-time Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), results in enhanced operational intelligence, improved process visibility, and better business responsiveness. Complex Event Processing Tools—Complex Event Processing (CEP) enables real-time analysis of events. The most current streams of events are analyzed during runtime, to detect event patterns, allowing process stakeholders to assess the situation and respond appropriately to emerging threats and opportunities.
  3. 3. Newgens IntelligentBusiness ProcessSuite (iBPS)Newgens Intelligent Business Process Suite (iBPS),for smart business operations, provides a platformfor all business stakeholders, including processarchitects and IT users, to collaborate for designingand executing intelligent business processes. Thenew iBPS with active, on-demand, and predictiveanalytics, support for social media interactions, andcomplex event processing capabilities, lays thefoundation for a business system which can facilitatesmart decisions for dynamic process routing,allocation of tasks to the right users, and triggeringof actions based on complex events. iBPS providessupport for mobile devices enabling the mobileworkforce to make intelligent business decisions on-the-go, by allowing anytime, anywhere access to key In addition, iBPS is also available on cloud. Newgenbusiness information. Equipped with state-of-the-art has selected Amazon’s AWS platform and HP’s Cloudtrend analysis and slicing & dicing of data facility, Map platform to host its cloud offerings.Newgens iBPS is the key to Intelligent BusinessOperations. Porcess artifacts form Collaborative fragments content Process Designing Simulation Types & Optimization Process Repository Process Process Modeler Simulator Intuitive Personalized DMS / RMS Interface Content Portal Based user desk Management Workdesk Business Rules Integrations Human & system task Management Adapters integration-web services, System JMS, XML, API’s, SAP, Rules Engine EJB & GUI adapters Execution Engine Security & Directory Complex Event Services Processing Business Social Media Active Directory Activity Integration Monitoring Gamification Real-time Dashboard iBPS Components
  4. 4. Key ComponentsCollaborative Process ModelingNewgens Process Modeler is a user-friendly drag &drop modeling tool that lets different users, namelyBusiness Owners, Business Analysts, ProcessArchitects, Business Users and IT Users, to work on areal time collaborative basis to design all aspects ofthe business process, user experiences, implementrules and integrations. The modeler providesdifferent views of the same business process fordifferent audience so that it becomes easy for themto understand, participate, and agree. Thecollaborative Chat option enables domain expertsand process stakeholders to discuss various aspectsof the process. Users can interact with other authors,and simultaneously update the process diagram,avoiding redundancy and saving time and effort. Mobility iBPS supports Mobility, enabling real-time collaboration between process stakeholders. It provides business users with anytime-anywhere access to work-related processes and information, on mobile devices, improving the responsiveness and overall performance of the business. With support for mobile devices, iBPS helps businesses improve customer communications, enhance customers experiences, and increase productivity, while keeping a check on costs, and mitigating operational risks. Moreover, mobility has made customer-self service a reality, providing customers with anytime-anywhere access to their customer profiles using mobile devices. iBPS comes with three different mobility apps: ZapIn Mobile Capture Application – It helps business executives, on-the-move, to capture customer information and instantly initiate its processing at the back-office. The key to the application is our advanced image processing that ensures high quality images and minimal size making it viable to be transferred over a GPRS/3G/4G networks. Mobile OmniDocs – It provides access to Newgens Enterprise Content Management capabilities on mobile devices, for creating, capturing, managing, delivering, and archiving large volumes of content. Mobile OmniFlow – It enables access to Newgens proven Business Process Management capabilities on mobile devices, for creation, deployment, modification and management of Business Collaborative Process Modeler Processes.
  5. 5. Real-time Analytics Events Complex Event Processing Active Analytics Cloud Predictive Analytics Actions On-Demand Analytics Business Activity Monitoring Mobility Rules Management ECM & BPM Process Simulation Events Actions Collaboration ExternalEnvironment Analytics Engine Internal EnvironmentSocial Media Integration Analytics EngineCustomers today spend a considerable amount of The iBPS Analytics Engine is responsible fortime on social-media platforms; hence it becomes slicing and dicing of process data and forimperative for businesses to leverage social-media active, on-demand and predictive analysis. Theto engage with customers and prospects. Further, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) componentsocial media analytics can be used to gauge of the Analytics Engine, boasts advanced activecustomer preferences. iBPS comes with ready- analytics capabilities. It generates customizedadapters for social media, allowing businesses to alerts based on the rules defined in theidentify prospects, acquire new customers, cross- dashboards, allowing business users to takesell/up-sell products/services, and manage service corrective actions in real-time, as the process isrequests, using social platforms. For example being executed. Process analytics enablecustomers can use social media channels such as continuous process improvement, by enablingFacebook or Twitter to initiate service requests such the process to learn from experiences andas complaints, queries, feedback, etc. perform better over time. For example, during the procurement process, the system appliesiBPS facilitates a collaborative work environment analytics to identify vendors that provide bestwith tools such as To-Do Lists, Discussion Forums, value in terms of cost of procurement, turn-Newsletters, Announcements, Chats, Question & around time, quality, etc., and shortlists theseAnswer Sessions, Bulletin Boards, etc. Using these vendors to send requests for futuretools, individual as well as team workspaces can be procurement requirements. Processcreated for better process performance. This extends improvement is also achieved throughprocess visibility and ensures users participation in extensive process performance reporting andprocesses across the enterprise. on-demand analytics. Further, BAM allows process owners to easily design reports, define KPIs, and set control charts, helping them monitor the process both in real time through dashboards, and offline through alerts and notifications. Newgens iBPS also supports integration with external analytic tools for enhanced predictive analysis of data.
  6. 6. Dynamic Case Management Complex Event ProcessingNewgen iBPS comes with comprehensive Case Newgen iBPS supports the definition, subscription,Management functionality, with strong Document and robust handling of business events, to assessManagement, Imaging, Scanning, Records future market opportunities and potential threatsManagement, and BPM, capabilities to support that can impact your business. IBPS is loaded withunstructured processes. It allows systematic extensive capabilities to define exceptions incollaboration of individuals in a structured or ad- processes and trigger actions associated with events.hoc manner to process a particular case. It is ideally An event can be created by specifying its attributessuited for processes that are non-deterministic, such as name, type, severity, etc. iBPS enablescannot be modeled at the beginning, driven by multiple sub-processes to subscribe to a singlehuman decisions, and content centric. The suite event. Further, iBPS integrates with other systems,provides knowledge workers the flexibility to for processing external events.improvise based on the context, and situation athand, but at the same time ensures that some broadguidelines are being adhered to. It guides thedecision-maker, through intelligent correlation ofsimilar situations faced in the past, and helps himre-use that knowledge. Dynamic Case File Management Process Task Record Management Indexes History Actions Discussions Deadlines Security Alerts & Status Reporting and Dashboards ile Case F
  7. 7. iBPS Engine Process SimulatorThe iBPS Engine is the backbone of the solution. It The iBPS Process Simulator facilitates predictivecontrols process workflows and maintains the analysis and future planning allowing businesses tointegrity of process definitions. It supports standard define what-if scenarios using real data, andworkflow operations such as initiation of work, simulate business processes with various resourceprocessing of rules, sequential, parallel, and ad-hoc assignments and simulation volumes. This enablesrouting of work, etc. The workflow server performs business organizations to adapt to changing marketcertain periodic housekeeping functions to maintain dynamics in real time, ensuring deployment of thethe integrity of the workflow processes, check for process that delivers optimum value.expiry of documents, and determine if any process isstalled. The workflow server is designed to cater to Document and Content Interactionhigh-volume transaction processing environments,by providing load balancing to prevent bottlenecks. iBPS is seamlessly integrated with the contentThe iBPS Engine can be deployed on any standard management engine, providing comprehensiveapplication server such as BEA WebLogic™, IBM support for search, archival, and document life cycleWebSphere™, JBoss, and Oracle 10g. management. Flexibility to initiate processes through various content capture points such as document scanning, email, fax, document filing inBusiness Rule Management System content repository, etc.Dynamic rules can be defined in Newgens BusinessRule Management System. This eliminates the needto define/embed business rules or policies in the Process Componentprocess while retaining the process routing logic. Registry/RepositoryThe rules can be changed in runtime in the specific The robust process repository of iBPS stores processapplications and immediately executed in the definitions, process snippets, e-form fragments,process, without any need to change the process. rules, and process metadata, along with predefined business objects, for all processes modeled and executed using iBPS process modeler. These process components can be reused and customized to adapt to specific situations, enhancing the adaptability and responsiveness of your business to change.
  8. 8. About Newgen • Leading Global Provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Customer Communication Management (CCM) • 900 installations across 50 countries • Solutions for Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, BPO/SSCs, Telecom and Government • Credited with some of the worlds largest implementations • Innovative culture, consistent R&D investments, 35 patents • Employee strength 1100+ • Certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005 and CMMI Level3OFFICESAmericas India Europe, Middle East & Africas Asia PacificNewgen Software Inc. Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. Newgen Software Pte Ltd.1364 Beverly Road, Suite 300 A-6, Satsang Vihar Marg, Off No: 314, Building No: 3 146 Robinson Road #03-00McLean, VA 22101 Qutab Institutional Area, P O Box. 500297, Singapore 068909Tel: +1-703-749-2855 New Delhi - 110 067 INDIA Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE Tel: +65 6221 8432Tel: +1-703-439-0703 Tel: +91-11-4077 0100, Tel: +971 44541365 Fax: +65 6221 6923Email: +91-11-2696 3571, 2696 4733 Fax: +971 44541364 Email: asiapac@newgensoft.comFor Sales Query: +1 (202) 800 7783 Fax: +91-11-2685 6936 Email: For Sales Query: +65 3157 6189 Email: For Sales Query: +44 (0) 2036 514805 For Sales Query: +91 11 40773769 +973-1-619-8002 SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS PROCESS & CONTENT MANAGEMENT