No.151 daily newsletter e 21-6-2013


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No.151 daily newsletter e 21-6-2013

  1. 1. Daily Newsletter 21-6-2013 No.151Mortars Shells …and Dismantling Explosive BombsA citizen was martyred and 29 persons were injured because of fallingmortar shells on Alabaseen,Bab sharki and Alzablatani in Damascus,and this caused material damage on many shops. The mortars werefired by terrorists in the morning of yesterday.In Damascus and its countryside, units of the Syrian Arab army chasedterrorists in Doma,Jobar ,Barzzeh and the eastern Gouta and killedmany of them beside destroying two heavy machine guns.Also, anotherunit dismantled explosive bombs in Harasta and Domma, and itconfiscated 3 surveillance cameras.Smashing of mortars, anti-aviation and heavy machine guns inAleppoIn Aleppo and its countryside, unite of the armed forces killed manyterrorists of Jabhat Al Nusra, smashed 4 mortars, anti-aviation andheavy machine guns.
  2. 2. Killed terrorists from Jabhat Al NusraIn Der Al Zor, unite of the armed forces confronted with terrorists fromJabhat Al Nusra, killed many of them and smashed their weapons.from warehouses to bakeries.Destroying Ammunition Depot in Sarja VillageIn Idleb and its countryside, units of the Syrian army inflicted greatlosses of terrorists in the central prison, and it destroyed an ammunitiondepot in Sarja village in the countryside of Idleb.Smashing of a store of weapons and ammunition in thecountryside of LattakiaIn the countryside of Lattakia, unite of Syrian Arab Army smashed twostores of weapons and ammunition and killed many terrorists frommany nationalities.The Elimination of Terrorists and capturing others in HomsIn Homs and its countryside, unit of the armed forces carried out theambush for terrorist group and killed 7 terrorist and destroyed theirammunition and weapons. While another unit eliminated many
  3. 3. members of terrorist group near Alabasiah on the way of Damascus –Tadmourm, and it captured 12 terrorist.Also ,another unit targeted the gatherings of terrorists in Rastan andTalbeisahKilled terrorists in the countryside of Dara and QuneitraIn Dara and its countryside, Unite of Syrian Arab Army killed manyterrorists from Jabhat Al Nusra and seized their weapons.Foreign Ministry …………Muslim Scholars and Sheikhs incitedfor terrorism and extremeThe ministry of foreign and expatriates sent three letters to thepresident of International Security Council, general secretary ofUnited Nation and to the committee of Security Council, inwhich “since the start of crisis in Syria over the two past years,Yusuf Al Qaradwi the head of so called international associationof Muslim scholars endeavored intensively to issue TakfiriFatwas incite terrorism , support terrorists and served theinterests of Al Qaeda organization and other Takfiriorganizations .
  4. 4. It highlighted that these fatwas are "political with a religiouscover" and come in the framework of "an aggressive instigativecampaign led by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and some Westernstates."The Ministry lashed out at the instigative views of al-Qaradawi that callfor killing, hatred and bigotry and for jihad, making a special referenceto al-Qaradawis Friday sermon on May 31st in which the latterdescribed the Nusayri Islamic sect in Syria as being "more infidel thanthe Jews and Christians".With this instigation, the Ministry said, al-Qaradawi sentenced to deaththree religious sects that are spread all over the world.The Ministrys letters also made a reference to a conference that washeld in the Egyptian capital Cairo on June 12-13 by al-Qaradawi andsome other "scholars" who openly and clearly addressed a call for allMuslims of the world to fight and kill those whom they described as"infidels", a move through which they intended to give religiouslegitimacy to their fatwas.Those calls for "jihad" were reiterated by Mohammad al-Ereifi whocalled for arming "mujahideen" and getting them ready to go and fight inSyria.A few days earlier, the Kuwaiti so-called scholar Shafi al-Ajami, who isa teacher at the Islamic Religious Education Faculty of KuwaitUniversity, was shown on satellite channels screens openly admitting tohaving participated, along with a Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorist group,in committing a horrible massacre against tens of innocent citizens inHatla village in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor.
  5. 5. Al-Ajami, who has been funding, recruiting and sending hundreds oftakfiri terrorists to Syria, threatened to do to the citizens of Nubul and al-Zahraa towns in Aleppo that same of what he did to those of Hatla.The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stressed that those fatwas callingfor "jihad" in Syria come to complete "the bloody approach followed bymany regional and Western countries, on top being Turkey, Qatar andSaudi Arabia."The Ministry continued as saying that these practices by the "scholars"aim to justify all acts of systematic murder, rape, massive killing,terrorist bombings and "man-eating" targeting the Syrians and thedemolition of infrastructure with the aim to destroy Syria and its cultureand sow sedition among its people.Added to these practices is the "International Union of MuslimScholars" denunciation of adding Jabhat al-Nusra on the lists of theSecurity Councils committee established pursuant to resolutions 1267for 1999 and 1989 for 2011.The Ministry slammed in this context the Egyptian government forallowing such instigative fatwas to be issued on its platforms, stressingthat this is a proof that "the Egyptian government is a complicit in theseterrorist crimes and the shedding of the Syrian blood."The Ministry stressed that the "International Union of Muslim Scholars"has turned into "a main source of instigation for terrorism, sedition andbigotry", in addition to being a source of recruiting, funding and armingterrorists, including those from al-Qaeda, particularly after havingmoved its HQ from Dublin where it was first established in 2004 toQatar in May 2012.The Ministry affirmed that Syria holds those "scholars of sedition,instigation and takfir" and the government and states supporting themdirectly responsible for the shedding of the Syrians blood.
  6. 6. It added that Syria stresses that those practices of supporting terrorismand terrorists that aim at a forced change of its government away theSyrian peoples will are "a flagrant interference" in its internal affairs inviolation of the international law principles and the Security Councilresolutions regarding counter-terrorism.This also constitutes, the Ministry said "an aggression on Syria and athreat of using force against it.""While putting these facts before the Security Council and theinternational community, Syria demands that the those assume theirresponsibilities according to Security Council resolutions on counter-terrorism," the letters said.Syria, the letters added, calls for forcing the countries involved insupporting terrorism in Syria, particularly Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkeyand France, to "halt the violations which endanger security and peace inSyria and the region".Jaafari...We support the legitimate rights of Argentina in theMalvinas IslandsDr. Bashar Jaafari, Syrian Permanent Representative to the UnitedNations asserted in a statement of Syria on the issue of " MalvinasIslands" on his countrys support for the legitimate rights of theArgentine Republic in the islands of Malvinas to ensure for the unity oflands.
  7. 7. The Minister of Labor…the International LabourOrganization (ILO) reneged on its commitments with SyriaIn his speech in the international labour conference in Geneva, theminister of labor Hasan Hijazi asked what is the reason for ignoring andsilence of the international labor organization towards the crimes thatwere committed by terrorist groups against Syrians. He required of theorganization to present in the next year a reporter that reflects thesituation and the suffer of workers and employers in the Syrianoccupied land “Golan’’ and the occupied Arab lands .Also, the ministerHijazi explained that the international labour organization reneged on itscommitments of the document that was signed by three labor parts inSyria with the organization.Affairs Minister... Aid convoys to the fields in Deir AL-Zor andDamascus CountrysideMinister of Social Affairs Dr. Kinda Shamat said: "It will be sent convoysof aid during next week to the fields in Deir Al-Zor and some areas inthe countryside of the Damascus in cooperation with NGOs , SyrianArab Red Crescent and United Nations organizations in addition to send36 food and health baskets to the province of Raqqa
  8. 8. Members of U.S. Senate refuse arming "the Syrian opposition"Four members of U.S. Senate yesterday suggested a bill to preventPresident Barack Obama from providing military assistance to "theSyrian opposition, considering that the presidents decision is unilateraland very annoying.Spain … Revealing a Terrorist Group Is Affiliated To Al-QaedaThe Spanish ministry of interior announced that it revealed a group,which is affiliated to the terrorist organization (Al-Qaeda) and it isresponsible for sending terrorist fighters to terrorist groups in Syria.British Deputy Prime Minister... We do not want a militarycrisis in SyriaBritish Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said for (BBC) Britishradio that Britain should not think about a military interventionin Syria, referring to several steps to resolve the crisis in Syria incooperation with France and America as representatives of theinternational community.
  9. 9. Fabius.. We will not give weapons.. May be they are usedagainst usFrench Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius clarified that France willnot provide weapons to the "Syrian opposition" which can beagainst us.Germany... we refuse sending arms to SyriaGerman Foreign Minister Guido Fastervalah announced in a pressconference in the city of Njørnberg for the stand of his state which isrepresented by refuse to send arms to the "Syrian opposition" and theneed to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria.Russia and Kurdistan… No Substitute for the politicalsettlement of the crisis in SyriaIn discussions with the president of Kurdistan region of Iraq, theRussian foreign minister asserted that there is no substitute for thepolitical settlement for solving the crisis in Syria and this is by calling forGeneva conference.The chairman of the international affairs committee in the RussianFederation council, Mikhail Margelove explained that his country hopes
  10. 10. that the meeting of what is so –called “Syria friends “ group will be forpreparing for Geneva conference and not to incite the opposition onthe Syrian government .Brazil…Resolving the crisis in Syria will be according toGeneva s’ statementDuring his meeting with the envoy of United Nations to Syria AlakdarAlibrahimi in Oslo, the foreign minister of Brazil Antonio Patriotarepeated that his country is ready for supporting the process for findingsolutions of the crisis in Syria, accordance with the principles ofGeneva statement .Alibrahmi referred to the efforts that Russian foreignminister Sergie Lavrove and the American foreign minister John Kerrydo for resolving the crisis in Syria.U.S. container of weapons heading to Saudi Arabia.. Splitsin the Indian OceanRussian website which is specialized in maritime transport revealedthat container of weapons broke into two parts in the Indian Ocean intheir way to Saudi Arabia which were carrying American weapons tothe armed terrorist groups in Syria.
  11. 11. The Automated Bakeries produce 210 tons per day in theCountryside of DamascusThe director of Damascus’ countryside department for the automatedbakeries Mohamed Hani Mall said that the amount of the productioncapacity of the automated bakeries is 210 tons per day .He explainedthat the reasons of crowding in the bakeries is due to the difficulty ofdelivering flour.