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No97 newslettr daily - e -28_4_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )97( 2013/4/28Syrian Arab RepublicMinistry of InformationThe Directorate ofElectronic InformationPage NO.1The Syrian forces smash a gathering for terrorists inthe countryside of Damascus, Aleppo and DaraIn the countryside of Aleppo, unites of the Syrian Arab Army killed terrorists who tried toattack on the military airport and smashed their weapons .In Dara, the army killed many terrorists and smashed their weapons.A unit of Syrian Arab Army aimed a gath-ering for the terrorists and killed themUnites of the Syrian Arab Army continuedtheir operations in Adraa, Jobar and Zamal-and smashed a tunnel was used by theterrorists.ka; they killed many terrorists and smashedtheir ammunition.Killed terrorists in the military airport of MengThe Army kills terrorists in DaraSmashing a tunnel in HomsThe Army continues their operations in the countryside of Damascus
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )97( 2013/4/28Bookdanouf: the solution of crisis in Syria through the dialogue and theSyrians are the only one who decide their destinyRussia and Iran asserted on the need toresolve the crisis in Syria through dialogueand to stop foreign interference, as theSpanish foreign minister asserted that thepolitical system in Syria has the support ofthe Syrian people and has a strong army,as the Secretary of the Central Commit-tee of the Labor Party of Democrat Ko-rea asserted that his country’s support forSyria leadership and people, also LebanesePresident Michel Suleiman called to disal-low sending weapons and fighters to Syriaand not to allow the establishment of aninsurgent training bases inside Lebanon.On the other hand, Vitaly Churkin, Russia’sPermanent Representative to the UnitedNations asserted that the European Union’sdecision to import Syrian oil from “Syrianopposition is” dangerous and constitutes aviolation of the norms of international lawand the sovereignty of Syria. Venezuelaalso condemned the intervention of someforeign countries in the affairs of Syriathrough its arming terrorist groups; it as-serted its rejection of these interventionswhich constitute a clear violation of theprinciples of sovereignty, territorial integ-rity and political independence of Syria.Omakhanouf: the war of media is as dangerous as the armed confrontationElias Omakhanouf-the vice president of thecouncil of Russian Union said during hismeeting with the Syrian Minister of informa-tion in Moscow “that Russia supports Syriain all their problems, asserting that the war ofmedia is as dangerous as the armed confron-tation. The minister of information – OmranZooube- asserted that the American hyste-ria increases as for the using of chemicalweapons by the Syrian Government becauseof the achievements of Syrian Arab Army,asserting that Syria continues by the politicaldialogue. He added that Syria is concernedto cooperate with Russia in the operation ofreconstruction in Syria after the end of crisis,indicating that it is possible to Syria to be apermanent member in the international orga-nization. The envoy of Russian President tothe Middle East- the deputy of foreign minis-ter – Michael Bookdanouf – asserted that thestatement of Genève which was issued in 30last June considers a basic base. He said afterhe met many of Lebanese officials that Rus-sia is against any intervention in Syria.
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )97( 2013/4/28Local resources in Hadra-mout in Yemen,revealedabout the activities of theleader in ideologicalmainstream of the MuslimBrotherhood Party (Re-form Party) to set up aspecial camp in Hadramoutto recruit mercenaries forfighting in Syria under thename( Aljihad). (Aljom-hoor) journal reported fromresources that for weeks,the general visited Turkeyand Saudi Arabia and cameback to the capital Sana’a toestablish a new center forthe recruitment of merce-naries for fighting in Syria.He also established a campA Special Camp in Hadramout To Recruit Mercenaries To Fight In Syriafor training and recruit-ment the mercenaries inShaboa governorate by theassistance of tribal lead-ers. This week, the generalintend to visit Adaan cityto facilitates their transac-tions passports on the Turk-ish airlines that will conveythem to Istanbul later.Al-Jaffrey: arousing the allegations of chemical weapons in Syria is likethe Scenario of IraqDr. Bashar Al-Jaffrey –the permanentdeputy of Syria to United Nation assertedthat the western countries try to arouse thefile of chemical weapons in Syria in orderto press more on Syria to get concessionsfrom it. Al-Jaffrey in an interview withthe Lebanese Channel- NBN- said that theenemies of Syria take advantage of somecircumstances in order to press more onSyria and to get political concession. Al-Jaffrey clarified that the imposing of airembargo cannot be taken except througha decision by Security Council. Al Jaffreynoted that Turkey opens all their borders infront of the armed people to fight in Syriaand it gives them all kinds of support.
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )97( 2013/4/28The Turkish Government Is Involved In Trading Syrian AntiquitiesBlood Donation campaign in Recognition Of the Sacrifices Of ArmyDistribution of 767 Dwellings Workers’ in Tartus and KenitraThe Syrian delegation participating in thework of the 191 session of the executivecouncil of UNESCO asserted that the Turk-ish government ( the government of theJustice and Development Party ) is involvedin illicit trading with the Syrian antiquities.The delegation declared in a memorandumwas presented to the council, in responseto the Turkish delegation allegations whichare completely false about the Syrianbreach of its obligations with the implica-tions of international conventions and char-ters of United Nations organizations. Thedelegation said in that memorandum thatthe false Turkish allegations uncovered theparts of the conspiracy against Syria insideUNESCO by Turkey and U.S.A and theirYesterday, The hundreds of the nation’s youthfrom all the ages and classes participated inblood donation campaign supporting for theSyrian Arab army and as a recognition oftheir sacrifices for keeping on the unity andthe stability of the country. This campaigncame to express that the sons of the nationin various spectrum are the heart and soul andblood with the Syrian Arab Army.agents. The delegations from Russia, China,Cuba ,Venezuela ,Iran, and Gabon askedfor stopping the Turkish attack againstSyria, because this attack is considered ablatant interference in the affairs of state isa founding member of UNESCO. While,the delegations of U.S A, Japan, Pakistanand Egypt supported the offensive Turkishposition to Syria.The ministry of industry honors the families of martyrs of their companies in thesouth areaThe ministry of industry honored yesterdaythe families of martyrs of the workers intheir companies. The minister of industryconsidered that the honoring is one of theways of resistance against the terrorismwhich aims to the companies and infra-structure in Syria.The director of the general organization forhousing, the engineer Suhil Abed Alattif an-nounced that the distribution of apartmentshousing workers will start on Sunday.Thenumber of apartments that will be distrib-uted are 767 in Tartus and 208 in kenitra.