No81 newslettr daily - e -12_4_2013


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No81 newslettr daily - e -12_4_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )81( 2013/4/12Syrian Arab RepublicMinistry of InformationThe Directorate ofElectronic InformationPage NO.1Army strengthens its operations in countryside provincesUnits of the Syrian army Inflicted terror-ists heavy losses yesterday in Jobar, Harastaand al-Ibb Farms at East Gouta at Damascuscountryside, and destroyed cars loaded with,weapons, ammunition including 10 motor-In Lattakia and countryside, units of the Syr-ian army eliminated on non-syrian terroristsaffiliated to “Front victory”, and destroyed 8motorcycles and trucks mounted with heavymachine gun, and a number of cars loadedIn Aleppo, units of our armed forces inflicted big losses in the ranks of terrorists caused most oftheir members dead and wounded, and destroyed their vehicles and criminal tools, also elimi-nated large numbers of terrorists of “Front victory near Andan hospital.cycles.On the other hand units of the Syrian armyfound tons of explosives and large quantitiesof Sifor material, inside explosive devicesfactory in Darya.with rockets, other units of the army alsotargeted two terrorist groups were plantingmines in some villages at Lattakia country-side which led to the deaths of a number ofterrorists.FoundingseformaterialandexplosivedevicesfactoryatDamascusanditscountrysideElimination of non-Syrian terrorists in LatakiaPursuit of terrorists in Aleppo and its surrounding and inflecting heavy losses...
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )81( 2013/4/12Elimination of terrorists from the Front victory in HomsA car loaded with large quantities of explosives exploded in IdlebEliminating on terrorists at Der Ezzourunit of Syrian Arab army forces eliminatedon a group of terrorists affiliated to Frontvictory was terrorizing citizens, and attackstheir property at Homs, other units elimi-nated on terrorists of non-Syrian nationali-ties in Homs countryside, and destroyedfour vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns including the terrorists, in addition tothe bulldozer was used to dig trenches andbuild berms.In Idlib countryside a truck car explodedwas coming from Turkish territory andloaded with large quantities of explosiveshidden under cement bags and a number ofterrorists in the Kvrtkharam area, killing allthe terrorists inside the truck, another unitof the army also eliminated on a number ofterrorists of Front victory in Idleb country-side.Engineering units dismantled 5 explosivedevices planted by terrorists At Hama northcountryside, ranging between 15 and 40 kg.At Der Ezzour Syrian army units continued operations against terrorists, eliminated onnumber of terrorists group’s leaders, and killed all the members of a terrorist group called“Aisha battalion” on Aleppo-Der Ezzour new road.
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )81( 2013/4/12Lavrov... There are parties hinder efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria...Syria... international community’s disregardto terrorism is a motive to its spread...Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent onThursday two identical letters to the U.N.Security Council Chairman and the U.N.Secretary General demanding them to shoul-der its responsibilities in the fight againstterrorism, and to stop violations that threatenthe security and stability of Syria, particu-larly after the announcement of al-Qaedathrough audiotapes to unify jihad and fight-ing for the formation of an Islamic statestruggle in Syria, and inviting insurgents tojoin them, we previously warned of the linkbetween armed groups and al-Qaeda, andthe seriousness of the crimes they commit inSyria.The ministry also noted that the disregard ofthe international community, and the con-tinued support of some States for terrorismin Syria, and prevent his conviction wouldbe a catalyst for the spread of terrorism, andthe escalation of activities of organizationslinked to al-Qaeda.Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armyand Armed Forces, Minister of DefenseFahd Jassem al-Freij affirmed that Syria willdefeat the aggression to which it is exposed,thanks to its people’s awareness and theirsupporting to the Army.During a visit to Yosef al-Azmeh hospitalalong with a number of, al-Freij said thatSyria has the right and it has the will to de-fend its rights against the enemies.Syrian news agency SANAconfirmed that there hasbeen no breach of its website and that what happenedis a technical glitch in thenames provider the SyrianScientific Society for Infor-matics.Minister of Social AffairsKinda Al-Shammat Head ofthe Higher Committee forRelief Said that UNRWAis remiss in providing aidto Palestinian families af-fected in Syria, pointingto the work on providingnecessary humanitarian aidto affected families in the temporary residence centers, andoutside it, and pay the shortfall in required needs which theSyrian Arab Red Crescent organization and the civil associa-tion will distribute to the beneficiaries.Al-Freij... Syria will Defeat AggressionSANA... We haven’tbeen breachedMinister of Social Affairs..UNRWA is remiss
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )81( 2013/4/12Ministerial committee meetings to implement the political programThe ministerial committee metthe Executive Bureau’s mem-bers of the General Federationof the Trade Unions headed byits Chairman Mohammad Shaa-ban Azouz, who affirmed theUnion’s support to the govern-ment in order to apply the po-litical program, and confrontingdifferent crises, pointing to thelack of balance in the workers’wages with prices manipulatedby greedy.In turn, Dr. Wael Al-HalkiPrime Minister explained thatthe working class is the realbase for the construction andreconstruction of new Syria inaddition to its role in promotinga culture of dialogue and non-violence and the protection ofpublic and private enterprises.Minister of Housing.. Construction project solve the housing problemShield of empowerment of the Arabic language... Al-Attar receive itthe Engineer Hussein Mahmoud Farzat Minister of Housing, Committee Chairman incharge of following up the implementation of the project of government program forhousing to build 50 thousand housing units in the provinces, said that the project pro-vides social housing for low-income citizens, and contribute to the support the economicdevelopment process, and solve the housing problem.Dr. Najah Al-Attar Vice President received the shield of nationalCompetition to enable the Arabic language in appreciation of herefforts and her pioneering role in supporting the Arabic Language,and working to encourage and activities that contribute in the em-powerment of citizens of their mother tongue.
  5. 5. Page NO.5The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )81( 2013/4/12Europe.. Rejects arming the opposition in SyriaLavrov... We has formulated common stances about SyriaForeign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that G8 ministers has formulated commonstances come in the context of the need to search for political and diplomatic solutionswithout isolating any party on the crisis in Syria.German Foreign Minister Guido vestervelle announced that their concern is the fall of in-coming weapons to Syria in the hands of “jihadists and terrorists”, reiterated his country’srejection of arming the opposition in Syria.In turn, the Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Shbindalegr said that the European Unionwill become a party at the conflict in Syria if he agreed to arm the opposition, which wouldbe a dangerous development and a threat to the future of the Austrian unit operating in theGolan Heights.