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Daily newsletter-no388 e 14-2-2014


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Daily newsletter-no388 e 14-2-2014

  1. 1. 2014/2/14 -NO. (388) Syrian Army takes over Rima farms. Saudi suicide bomber near Kweres airport... ISIL leaders … From prisoners to officials. PAGE 4 Israeli study … 23 foreigners carried out the bombings in Syria. PAGE 5 Al-Malih: Heading to the Security Council if negotiations failed. PAGE 5 Jordan … We won` t be a conduit for an attack on Syria. PAGE 4
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )388( Page NO .2 2014/2/14 Fourth Day of Geneva 2 peace talks In the Fourth day of Geneva conference, UN envoy to Syria “Lakhdar Brahimi” warned of the possibility of discussions’ failure, stressing that no progress has been made. Brahimi said in a press conference that U.S and Russia promised to help in solving all sticking points between the Syrian government’s and opposition’s delegation. This promise came after his meeting with Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Wendi Sherman and the deputy of Russian foreign minister Gennady Gatilov.For his part, a coalition delegation member considered that atmospheres in Geneva are not positive, expecting that if the second round of discussions failed, there would not be a third round. The Coalition`s spokesman Louay Safi said that Geneva discussions have nearly reached a blocked route, asserting the Russian attitude has not changed regarding pressing on the Syrian government. Syrian Army takes over Rima farms Sources reported that Syrian Army took over Rima farms near Yabrud in the countryside of Damascus, after fierce clashes with Jabhit al- Nusra and the Islamic front gunmen. Opposition sources asserted that about forty alNusra fighters had been killed during these battles. Official sources announced that Syrian Army targeted gunmen’s hideouts in Sahal, Almalaha and Jayrud farms in the surroundings Alrahibaa town and in the western mountains of Al-Zabadani, Almilaha and Darayya. On the other hand, opposition source said that two mortars fell on Yarmouk camp during clashes between the Syrian Army and opposition figters in AlQadam district. Two citizens killed and eight injured as a result of mortar attack on Jadidat Aratouz town and Harasta highway in Damascus countryside .
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )388( 2014/2/14 181 prisoners released United Nations announced that the Syrian government released 181 detainees out of 430 male prisoners between the aged 15 to 50 year-old arrested for questioning after they came out of the old city on Homs. Sunaa Brigade targets Daraa`s electricity. A number of opposition militants were killed after air strikes on their headquarters in Sayda and Naemeh in Daraa. Meanwhile, fighters of “Sunaa “ Brigade targeted the main powerplant in Daraa and transfer station in Khirbet Ghazaleh, which led to outage of power form the province. Page NO .3 Agreement in Zabadani. An agreement has been reached between the Syrian Army and the leaders of armed groups and committees of national reconciliation to announce a ceasefire while raising the Syria`s flags above the governmental buildings to show militants` goodwill . Saudi suicide bomber near Kweres airport... Southern Front to Liberate Syria. A 49 faction of free army declared union under one banner and one military body and one name “the Southern Front to the Liberate Syria and de- fense the Syrian people’s right to choose its representative government”.Suwayda Maghawir brigade also joint the newly-established Front. Several Syrian soldiers were killed due to a suicide car bomb carried out by the Saudi “Sultan al-Qahtani near Kweres military airport in Aleppo countryside, opposition sources reported.An official military source said that the Syrian Army killed gunmen in the vicinity of the central prison of Aleppo and Andan, Azzan, Almasranih, Tel Sheir and Amuslimh villages. In a similar context, ISIL took over Retian town in Aleppo countryside after fierce battles with FSA fighters.
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )388( Page NO .4 2014/2/14 Foreigner terrorists killed in Homs and Latakia and Frenlq forests, including “Abu Zubair” a leader of armed group and “Abu Othman al-Turki” leader of Ahbab Mustafa battalion. Four cars packed with missiles and weapons were also destroyed in addition to a car equipped with a heavy machine gun. Syrian army targeted headquarters of opposition militants in Rastan in Homs countryside, killing Saudis and Lebanese militants in Zara village.In the northern countryside of Latakia, gunmen of Ahrar Sham and Jabhet Nusra were killed in areas of Shamas ISIL leaders … From prisoners to officials. Iraqi Deputy Interior Minister, Adnan al-Asadi, revealed the identities of 6 of ISIL senior leaders, three of which are Iraqis. One of them served in the Iraqi army, while the others were former prisoners in Iraq who joined ISIL after being released.”ISIL commander ‘Abu Bakr alBaghdadi’,his real name is (Ibrahim al-Badri) was a lecturer in Islamic studies and an Imam in several mosques in Baghdad and Fallujah, he later founded the” Sunni army “and joined al-Qaida” al-Asadi said”’Abu Ayman al-Iraqi’, one of the most important and second in command leader of (ISIL), and a member of its Shoura Coun- cil, was a former colonel in the Iraqi air intelligence and now he leads the fighters in Idlib, Aleppo and Latakia`s Mountains.’Abu Ahmed alAlwani’ is a member of Shoura council.’Abdurrahman al-Bilawi” is a member of ISIL Military Council who was detained in U.S. prisons in Iraq.’H’aji Bakr’ an ISIL leader who was an officer in the Iraqi army and a prisoner in U.S. detention in Iraq. Haji Bakr has been described as the most powerful leader of (ISIL) in Syria.’Abu Fatima Algehichi’ was responsible for ISIL operations in south of Iraq, before moving to Kirkuk city in the north of the country. Israeli study … 23 foreigners carried out the bombings in Syria. A study conducted by the Israeli Center Meir Amit for intelligence information says that those who carried out suicide bombings in Syria adopt the ways and methods of al-Qaeda and its branches in Iraq, mainly and Jabhet Nusra and “the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”. According to the study, 23 out of 30 suicide bombers in Syria are foreigners, including 13 Saudis, four Jordanians, three Iraqis, a Tunisian and one from Australia, Canadian and 7 Syrians.
  5. 5. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )388( 2014/2/14 Page NO .5 Al-Malih: heading to the Security Council if nego- Defense minister of tiations failed. government`s opposiCoalition member Haitham 2 failed, explaining that if tion resigns. al-Maleh said that we will go to the Security Council if negotiations of Geneva Russia use veto the Coalition will resort to UN to issue a binding decision. Akbeek …we attend Geneva to stop bloodshed Munzer Akbeek, member of the Syrian opposition delegation announced that the coalition attends Geneva negotiations in a serious manner to spare the Syrian bloodshed and help in launching the peace process, pointing out that the coalition informed all the parties its approval on the international as well as Security Council resolutions issued to implement the Geneva 1 communiqué. Al-Arabiya TV spoke about the resignation of, Mustafa Asaad, the Defense Minister in “the Interim Government of Syrian”, without giving any further information. Jordan … We won`t be a conduit for an attack on Syria. Jordanian official source confirmed that Jordan won`t be a corridor base for any hostile action against Syria, adding that Jordan`s interest lies in reaching a political solution in Syria and has no interest in instigating the conflict.