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Sheer wind pp-10_slides_royalton1


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Sheer wind pp-10_slides_royalton1

  1. 1. SheerWind Chaska, MN •  Early 2009 Technology Validation and Development •  2010 Founded as “C” Corporation •  2011 Operation Began •  4 Patents in USA & Filed Internationally •  Our Mission is to Provide Affordable Electrical Energy to Anyone, Anywhere
  2. 2. SheerWind’s Mission: To provide affordable, clean electrical power to anyone, anywhere.
  3. 3. Providing Affordable Clean Energy Capturing, concentrating, and accelerating wind
  4. 4. SheerWind's INVELOX Technology •  Applies hydro-power principles to wind energy production •  Increases the capacity of wind •  Turbine/generators safely at ground level
  5. 5. How INVELOX Works Wind Capacity 70–90% WIND Speeds as Low as 1mph
  6. 6. Power Curve Comparison INVELOX Vestas 80
  7. 7. INVELOX Performance Energy Production Improvement
  8. 8. INVELOX Features and Benefits No Harm to Birds or Wildlife Greater Output Low Wind Speeds High Wind Speeds Closer to End User No Noise or Radar Interference
  9. 9. INVELOX Features and Benefits Multiple Consecutive Turbines Building Integration Less Land Use Local Production No Yaw or Pitch System Competitive Pricing
  10. 10. Output: 1 – 25 MW
  11. 11. Imagine the Possibilities Industrial Parks Urban Buildings Commercial Buildings Water Towers Cellular Towers Retrofit Wind Towers Retrofit Smokestacks Farms/Silos Public Art Water Treatment Retail Stores Rural Communities Islands/Offshore Off-grid Locations Rapid Deployment Emergency Power Military & FEMA Emergency Medical Disaster Recovery Consumer Products
  12. 12. Thank You Royalton Royalton’s dedication to renewable, sustainable energy creates an exciting learning and media platform for students and communities around the globe.