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Folk lore medicine for Asthma and Eczema


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There are certain folklore treatment which are very effective but lacks in scientific validation. Council for Development of Rural Area and Scientist council of scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). validated some of the formulations in the form of plant identification and dose determination

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Folk lore medicine for Asthma and Eczema

  1. 1. Contributed by “Gunis”The traditional healers
  2. 2. Folk-lore medicine In India, there are so many people or families who arenot institutionally qualified or trained and treatingpatients successfully by using local herbs since timeimmortal. Some are in this business for generations.These persons even not aware about the scientific background of the plant or the disease, but their treatmentis very effective.
  3. 3. Guni You can spot such family in tribal areas moreeffectively. In Rajasthan such persons are called Guni(knowledgeable) and these Gunis have very richtradition of treating patients. Jagran Jan Vikas samiti Udaipur starts recognizingthese guni’s contribution towards Ayurveda and try tovalidate their treatment. A compendium was organized by Council forDevelopment of Rural Area and Scientist council ofscientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).
  4. 4. Asthma
  5. 5. Guni- jagdeesh Prashad MeenaFormulation- 1-A1. Apamarg- Achyranthus aspera roots 1.00 kg2. Shunthi- Dried Gingiber officinale 250 gm3. Gud- Jaggery 250 gm4. Water 1.00 litreTake out Ark of the above after fermentation for 3-4 days in an earthen pot.Formulation- 1-BArk-Calotropis procera ,flower bud powder.Dose- two tea spoon full twice of formulation 1-A and 2 gm powder ofFormulation 1-B with honey twice a day.First take 1-A followed by 1-B after 10 minutes for a month.Apathya- Fat, red chillies and acidic substances. Use less amount of salt.
  6. 6. Guni-Prithvi Raj Sthar1. Vasaka- Adhatoda vasica leaves 1.00 kg2. Kanthkari-Solanum xanthocarpum root 250 gm3. Apamarg- Achyranthus aspera roots 200 gm.4. Puti karanj- Caesalpinea bonducella leaves 1.00 kg5. Water 8.00 litrePrepration-Add the entire ingredient in the same quantity and prepare 2litre decoctions of the same, add 500 gms of Gud-Jaggeryand fill in glass bottles.Dose- 2 TSF twice a day for a month.Apathy- Khatai, oil, wine, cigarette, potato, rice and curd.
  7. 7. Eczema
  8. 8. Guni- Madhu RamA. Buffalo or Cow leather 125 gB. Alum – sfatika 125gC. Copper sulphate –Tutha 50 gProcess-Burn the leather and obtain coal.Add b & c and grind to powder, filter.Uses- Apply at the affected area mixing with coconut oil.
  9. 9. Guni- Jagdish MeenaA. Chakvad – Cassia Tora seeds 50 gB. Neem patra- A. indica young leaves 20 gC. Karir – Capparis deciduas young leaves 10gProcess-Grind fine all the ingredients in citrus lemon.Uses- Apply at the affected part.
  10. 10. Guni- Suraj Mal RawatA. Arni-Clerodendron phlomidis leaves 250 gB. Neem patra - Azadirachita indica leaves 250 gProcess-Grind both the leaves and fried in pure ghee tomake a paste.Uses-Wash the affected area with Neem patra boiled inwater and apply the medicine.Apathya- oil, khatai, red pepper
  11. 11. Guni- Khem Chand RawatFormulation-IA. Citrus lemon juiceB. Alum powderProcess-Make a paste of alum with citrus lemon juice.Uses-Wash the affected area, rub it with citrus lemonand apply the paste.
  12. 12. Guni- Khem Chand RawatFormulation-IIa) Chitrak-Plumbago zeylanicum root powderb) CurdProcess-Put a & b in a copper lota and mix thoroughly.Uses-Apply over the affected area.
  13. 13. References Council for Development of Rural Area Scientist council of scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR). Jagran Jan Vikas samiti Udaipur
  14. 14. ThanksDr. Surendra ChaudharyMedical OfficerGovernment Ayurvedic HospitalSuraj Pur-Greater Noida,