State ayurvedic college gurukul kangri Hardwar


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Government Ayurvedic College Gurukul kangri Haridwar is one of the famous and oldest ayurvedic college of India

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State ayurvedic college gurukul kangri Hardwar

  2. 2. Brief A brief history of one of the oldest Ayurvedic college in India. This presentations shows a journey from the original Kangri villege which washed away in Ganga’s devastating flood forcing Gurukul administrators to shift their campus to somewhere across the ganga Present campus is in villege Jagjit Pur of Hardwar district Sad part is that the landmark gate “Singh Dwar” was demolished by the Haridwar, +91-9810004259 administration
  3. 3. contact STATE AYURVEDIC COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL GURUKUL KANGRI HARIDWAR- UTTRAKHAND ( INDIA) PH. NO. 013342406563 FAX - 013342406563, +91-9810004259
  4. 4. Journey from nowhere… to.., +91-9810004259
  5. 5. Present One, +91-9810004259
  6. 6. The founder This educational institute was established in 1922 by renowned social reformer, freedom fighter and Aryasamaji,Swami Shraddha Nand ji, to save the Hindu culture, traditions, Philoso phy namely Vedas, Ayurveda, Sanskrit , Astrology etc.  /Swami_Shraddhanand, +91-9810004259 
  7. 7. “The Kangri”  The famous saint of Arya Smaj swami Shardhananda ji starts a gurukul at Gujrawalan Punjab on 16th May 1900. But swami’s inner will of establishing the Gurukul in the foot hill of Himalyas initiate him to move from Punjab to village KANGRI on the bank of Holy river Ganga on 4th may 1902. Munshi Amar Singh Ji of Nazibabad in district Bijnor donates 1400 bighas of his land to Gurukul. Thus the name Gurukul Kangri comes in to the existence, +91-9810004259
  8. 8. Kangri to Jagjeet Pur   The present premise of Gurukul Kangri University which also has State Ayurveda College was sifted from Kangri village because of devastating Ganga flood. Now Ayurvedic college is run by Uttrakhand government and not a part of Gurukul Kangri Vishvavidhalya in any way., +91-9810004259
  9. 9. Early days of Gurukul Kangri University  There were separate Mahavidyalya (college) for different disciple like- Ved Mahavidyalya, Samanya Mahavidyalya, Krishi Mahavidyalya etc.  Ayurveda Mahvidyaliya was established in 1922 with vision to give in depth knowledge of Ayurveda along with modern medicine.  Veda Alankar and Vachasvapati were Gurukul university’s degree for graduates and post graduates respectively. These degrees for Ayurveda were Ayurveda alankar and Ayurveda Vachasvapati., +91-9810004259
  10. 10. Ayurveda Commission  Ayurveda commission constituted by the state of Uttar Pradesh in year 1926, recommends“The Ayurved- medico college of Gurukul Kangri University is a first class institution of high reputation. The highly qualified teaching faculty, modern teaching technologies, availability of teaching & educational materials, very rich, +91-9810004259 library and wide vision are among the few
  11. 11. The syllabus All subjects recommended for MBBS curriculum at that time +  Ayurveda subjects , +91-9810004259
  12. 12. Scholars          Jai Dev Vidya alankar Atri Dev Vidya alankar Satya Dev Vidya alankar Niranjan Dev Ji Inder Sain Ji Ayurveda alankar Ananta Nand ji Ayurveda alankar Dr. Ramesh Bedi Ayurveda alankar Dharma Dutta Ji Vidya Martand Vaidya Ranjeet Rai Ayurveda alankar and, +91-9810004259 manymore
  13. 13. Shining Stars  Ayurveda alankar was so reputed degree of its time that so many scholars of Gurukul Kangri Ayurveda Mahavidyalay obtained their post graduate degree,M.D. from various foreign Universities.  Dr.AtriDev, Dr.Rameshwar. Dr. Narayan Dutta, Dr. Rajpal Mishra completes their M.Ds from Munich University., +91-9810004259
  14. 14. Shining Stars- Dr. Dharmanand Kesharwani       Dr. Dharmanand Kesharwani Ayurveda Alankar, became the first chest surgeon of India and head of Bhawali T.B. sanatorium. Did his M.D. from Munich and Rome T.D.D. from Italy, Z.T. from Vienna and Z. Chirujri from Berlin. Dr. Kesharwani is the only example of its kind in Ayurveda., +91-9810004259
  15. 15. Shining Stars- Jai Dev Vidya Alankar Translate Bhaishajya kalpna, chiktsa Kalika and Charak Samhita to Hindi.  Wrote authentic commentary on Vedas  Published revised and researched editions of Ras Hirdya Tantra, Rasendra Chudamani etc.  He also edited the famous Shiv Das commentary of Chakra Dutta , +91-9810004259
  16. 16. Shining Stars- Atri Dev Ayurveda Alankar His contribution in the field of Ayurveda is unmatched.  There was not a single topic on which AtriDev ji didn’t comment.  He wrote about 30 books.  Translate Charak Samita, Ashtang Sanghrya, Ashtang Hirdya, Prtkshya Shariram and many more , +91-9810004259
  17. 17. Shining Stars- Dr. Ramesh Bedi Ayurveda alankar Was a keen nature and wild life photographer of international fame.  Bedi Films is one of the best 5 wild life production houses of the world. , +91-9810004259
  18. 18. Management Before affiliation to I.M.B.(Up to 1952) Ayurvedic College was 100% managed by the Gurukul Kangri University  1952 onwards all the financial burden was born by the university and State of Uttar Pradesh on 50%50% basis. , +91-9810004259
  19. 19. Provincialisation      In the coming years Vidya Sabha (The Managing Body of Gurukul University) was unable to bear this financial burden and decided to close the Ayurvedic College with a voice vote. This was very unfortunate for the faculty and students and they decide to fight against this decision. After a marathon struggle on 15.5.1977 Vidya Sabha agrees to transfer all the movable as well as unmovable assets to Government of U.P. Gurukul Kangri pharmacy remain with the Vidya Sabha. On 10.8.1978 government fully take over this college and Gurukul Kangri Ayurveda Mahavidyalya became “Gurukul Kangri Government Ayurvedic College, +91-9810004259 Hardwar”
  20. 20. The present one, +91-9810004259
  21. 21. Degree awarded Year Affiliation Degree Up to 1952 Gurukul Kangri University Alankar-Graduation Vachasvapati-PG 1952 IMB-Lucknow B.I.M.S 1957 IMB-Lucknow B.A.M.S. 1977 Kanpur University B.A.M.S. HN Bahuguna University B.A.M.S., +91-9810004259
  22. 22. Location  The college campus is located in a natural and peaceful environment and surrounded by different varieties of fruit plants, medicinal plants, herbs and shrubs, at the bank of holy river Ganges, on Haridwar-Delhi national highway and is distanced about 5 Kms from Haridwar Railway Station and Bus Stand.Distance from State capital Dehradoon is about 55Kms and from national capital New Delhi is about 200 Kms.Nearest airport is Jolly grant (Dehradun) which is about 40 Kms from the campus., +91-9810004259
  23. 23. Navigation-200km from New Delhi, +91-9810004259
  24. 24. Navigation from Hardwar Rly Station, +91-9810004259
  25. 25. Navigation from Singhdwar, +91-9810004259
  26. 26. Navigation from Singhdwar, +91-9810004259
  27. 27. Course  College is offering a regular 5 years 6 months B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) degree course, which is recognized by C.C.I.M.( Central council of Indian Medicine ) New Delhi. Admission to this course is done by written entrance examination ( PAT Uttrakhand) on purely merit basis for 50 seats every year. Required qualification is PCB class 12th in minimum 50% PCB, +91-9810004259
  28. 28. Departments 1. Sharir Rachana (Anatomy) 2. Sharir Kriya(Physiology) 3. Samhita.Sanskrit and Sidhanta(Basic Principles) 4. Rog and Vikriti Vigyan (Pathology) 5. Swasthavritta(Hygiene) 6. Agad Tantra ( Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology) 7. Dravya guna (Phamacology and Pharmacognosy) 8. Rasa shastra(Pharmacy) 9. Kayachikitsa ( General Medicine ) 10. Shalya Tantra( General Surgery ) 11. Shalakya Tantra( Eye and E.N.T.) 12. Prasooti and Stri Rog (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) 13. Bal Rog ( Paediatrics) 14. Pancha karma, +91-9810004259
  29. 29. College principals chronological order… S. N Name From To 21. Dr. Arun Tripathi 20. Dr. Dyanand Sharma 01-02-2012 Present 01-08-2007 31-01-2012 19. Dr. Vinod kumar Sharma 18. Dr. Dyanand Sharma 25-05-2005 31-07-2007 31-05-2004 24-05-2005 17. Dr.Pooja Bhardwaj 16. Dr. Raksha Goswami 22-11-97 30-05-2004 23-09-93 21-11-97 15. Dr. Harish Chandra Katiyar 14. Dr. K. C. Verma 10-11-1990 22-09-1993 01-05-1984 09-11-1990 13. Dr. Suresh Chand Shastri 12. Dr. Narendra Pal Singh Verma 06-10-1980 30-04-1984 01-08-1978 05-10-1980, +91-9810004259
  30. 30. College principals chronological order… S.N Name From To 11. Dr. Narendra Pal Singh Verma 24-07-1977 01-08-1978 10. Dr. Dharm Pal Singh 1977 1977 9. Dr. Kranti Krishan 1977 1977 8. Dr. Ananta Nand 1965 1977 7. Vaidya Niranjan Dev 1956 1965 6. Vaidya Narendra Nath 1955 1956 5. Dr. Sundar Lal Bhandari 1951 1954 4. Dr. Jwahar Lal 1948 1951 3. Dr. Ramraksh Pathak 1943 1947 2. Vaidya Dharm Dutta 1939 1943 1. Dr. Radhakrishan 1922 1939, +91-9810004259
  31. 31. Hospital  For the training of the students and treatment of the patients, there exists O.P.D’s 0f all clinical departments along with a well equipped 150 bedded Hospital where in- patients of various disorders are managed with Ayurvedic therapy by specialist of different branches. A well equipped Operation Theatre, labour Room, pathological Lab.,X-Ray ,E.E.G., E.C.G., Kshar sutra Clinic and Panchakarma Clinic ,render services to the patients., +91-9810004259
  32. 32. Hospital  Patients of various chronic ailments like Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gouty Arthritis, Asthma and Bronchial Allergy, Ascites, Diabetes,Intestinal Disorders,Liver Diseases,Heart diseases, Epilepsy,Mal-nutrition related diseases of the children, Infertility, Skin disorders, Leucorrhoea and other gynaecological diseases ,Fracture and dislocation, Fistula in Ano, Fissure in ano,Piles, Anal Prolapse, Chronic Ulcers, Urinary disorders, musculo skeletal disorders and autoimmune diseases etc are managed effectively with Ayurvedic management., +91-9810004259
  33. 33. Library and Hostel College has a rich Library with more than 6500 Books on various subjects .  Hostel facilities for boys and girls is available in the campus separately. Sukanya Hostel for Girls students has capacity of 60 students and  T.N.Medical Hostel for Boys has capacity of 70 students. , +91-9810004259
  34. 34. The Auditorium, +91-9810004259
  35. 35. The Auditorium, +91-9810004259
  36. 36. Panchkarma, +91-9810004259
  37. 37. Pathology Lab, +91-9810004259
  38. 38. Museum   An old Museum with preserved wild Animals and rare medicinal plants is the attraction of the institute. It housed the full Skelton of an adult elephantcollected by students and staff of the college., +91-9810004259
  39. 39. Museum, +91-9810004259
  40. 40. The Herbarium, +91-9810004259
  41. 41. The dissection Lab, +91-9810004259
  42. 42. The Teaching Block, +91-9810004259
  43. 43. The Teaching Block, +91-9810004259
  44. 44. The Operation Theater, +91-9810004259
  45. 45. The operation Theater, +91-9810004259
  46. 46. Present day scholars       Many of alumni joined state, central government services Number of them served as District Ayurvreda officer, deputy directors etc So many are serving different ayurveda institutes as lecturers, readers and professors etc Private practitioners are on the top of their locality Many are in social field One of the graduate served as Ayurveda physician to Indian Olympic team. He is a good shooters also, +91-9810004259
  47. 47. Present day scholars Prof.(Dr.) Hari Mohan Chandola BAMS, M.D (Ay), Ph.D., Dip. Yoga, PGDIPR Director-Principal Ch.Brahm Prakash Ayurveda Charak Sansthan NCT-Delhi ion/director-principal/, +91-9810004259
  48. 48. Present day scholars Prof. (Dr) Satyendra Prasad Mishra Vice Chancellor Uttrakhand Ayurveda University esk.php, +91-9810004259
  49. 49. Thanks, +91-9810004259