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Masooma Reflection


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Masooma Reflection

  1. 1. Classroom management project reflection<br />By: Masooma Alkhayat<br />Working on this project was so enjoyable and beneficial and helped me realize the importance of cooperative learning.<br />The group experience:<br />My group was so cooperative; we divided the work so that everybody took a part. Everything was organized and everyone committed to his part and submitted it on time because we worked step by step and hand by hand to complete it. I felt so comfortable working with this group because we all understood each other and appreciated each other’s efforts because we all worked very hard.<br />Group Meetings:<br />We set specific times for meetings, some of them were online but most of them were at BTC. At the first meeting, we talked about the main ideas of the project and divided the work into parts for each person. The other meetings were to see how the work was going and to give advice to each other and to make sure that everybody was committed. The final meeting was online for agreeing on the Power Point design and to make sure that everything was ready for the presentation.<br />My Contribution to the group work: <br />I had to work on the third step for this project which is the importance of classroom management and how to apply this theory in the classroom. I did research and a lot of reading about the theory to choose the most important ideas. I also designed the Power Point presentation. <br />My Reflection:<br />Skinner’s theory which we worked on is so important in classroom management, It helps to know how students behave and how these behaviors can be controlled. If we control student behavior, we will have an orderly and stable classroom, and a suitable learning environment. As a future teacher, I will use different strategies (e.g. cueing, modeling and rehearsing behaviors), and apply Skinner’s theory in the classroom by reinforcing student behaviors by showing them the consequences of their behaviors.<br />