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Chiropractic Nerve Interference


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Chiropractic Nerve Interference

  1. 1. What is Chiropractic ?
  2. 2. Chiropractic is an art, science and philosophy of maintaining health in the body.The chiropractor’s objective, is to insure proper cell communication by way of preserving optimal nerve function.
  3. 3. Chiropractors are trained to locate vertebrae which are misaligned, resulting in nerve pressure. The chiropractor, using various techniques, eliminates the nerve pressure by restoring proper joint alignment and motion.
  4. 4. Nerve Pressure
  5. 5. Benefits of Chiropractic Care Restore Proper Nerve Signals (Mind/Body Connection) by removing any interference Restore Proper Joint Motion Restore Proper Joint Alignment Restore Proper Body Biomechanics Restore Proper Muscle Tone and Strength Prevent Degenerative Joint/Disc Disease Insure Optimal Immune Response Pain Relief is a Beneficial Side Effect
  6. 6. Nerve Signals:Mind/Body Connection
  7. 7. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body ConnectionTwo major divisions of the Nervous System Autonomic (Automatic) Somatic (Voluntary)
  8. 8. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body ConnectionAutonomic Nervous System Controls all of these areas simultaneously and instinctively: Digestion Circulation Respiration Temperature Regulation Healing and Tissue Regeneration Detoxification and Excretion Growth and Development
  9. 9. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection Autonomic Nervous System
  10. 10. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection Does this seem to be an intelligent system to you? Does the autonomic nervous system sound like an important system to you?
  11. 11. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body ConnectionSomatic Nervous System Consists of: 12 Pairs of Cranial Nerves 31 Pairs of Spinal Nerves
  12. 12. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection Somatic Nervous SystemInitiating all of yourvoluntary movements ofyour arms, fingers, legs,toes, face, eyes, and morewhile…
  13. 13. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection Somatic Nervous System…allowing you toperceive millions ofsensations daily.
  14. 14. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection Imagine the intelligence required to create a system this complex!Does the somatic nervous system appear to be an important system to you?
  15. 15. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection In the body, intelligence or information is transferred through the nerves of the Autonomic and Somatic nervous systems.Pressure on the nerves, results in interference to the intelligence/information communicated through the nerves, and therefore impacts the function of cells, organs, systems and the body.
  16. 16. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection Do you think it is important to have good intelligence sharing between cells, organs and systems inside of you?
  17. 17. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body ConnectionWhat if the intelligence was interfered with at some point along the nerve pathway? Example:Intelligence between CIA, FBI, National Security and President of the USA recently broke down. RESULT: SUCCESSFUL TERRORIST ATTACK
  18. 18. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection Would the attacks have been successful, if there was optimal intelligence sharing by the separate departments? Apparently, our national leaders think intelligence sharing was the demise, given the extensive inquest into this area.
  19. 19. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection The disruption of intelligence sharing between two entities can be defined as INTERFERENCE. INTERFERENCE Disrupts INTELLIGENCE
  20. 20. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection Interference in the body results in chaos, however, here we define the chaos as dis-ease or separation from health, not terrorism.Do you think it would be important to check for nerve interference in the body regularly?
  21. 21. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection At what point, in the body,is nerve interference a good thing?
  22. 22. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body ConnectionIs it acceptable to allow our children, family andfriends to go through life with nerve interference in their body (knowing the damaging results), while there is a system(chiropractic), which can detect it?
  23. 23. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body ConnectionDo you think a person would have a better chance to survive, thrive and succeed with or without nerve interference?
  24. 24. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body ConnectionGood intelligence sharing is the core essential to the healthy function of the intelligence network between systems, organs and cells.
  25. 25. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection Yet, every year, people buy millions of dollars worth of “health” products to try to feel and look better. Health Clubs, Trainers, Home Exercise Equipment Diet Food, Energy Drinks, Energy Bars Diet Plans: Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, etc. Drugs, Cheap Supplements Cleaners, Creams, Scrubs, Lotions
  26. 26. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection However, what results do these things produce if interference is present in the intelligence sharing of the body?
  27. 27. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body ConnectionExercise will produce extra wear and tear on joints and related structures (tendonitis, bursitis, strains, sprains).Supplementation and diets may be misguidedly used or proper nerve signals may not be present to assimilate nutrients.Energy bars and drinks will stress an already stressed nervous system.Cosmetics will only cover up the symptoms.Drugs always carry with them toxic side-effects.
  28. 28. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body ConnectionWhat causes vertebral induced nerve interference? Stress!!! Physical Stress Emotional Stress Chemical Stress
  29. 29. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection  Emotional Stress  (Work, time, traffic, news reports, war, terrorism, fear, relationships, etc.)  Chemical Stress  (Food additives, fast food, alcohol, smoking, drugs, medications, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicide, EMFs, sugar, etc.)  Physical Stress  (Car accidents, posture, trauma, repetitive work activities, weekend warriors, birth, sports, inactivity, etc.)
  30. 30. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection Would you agree, we live in a highly emotionally, chemically, and physically stressful environment today?
  31. 31. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection After knowing how stress affects your body, is it likely your nerve signals may experience interference at times?What happens when interference is present in the nerves and your body is exposed to more stress?Will it respond correctly? Will it respond at all?
  32. 32. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection While living in this high stress society, don’t you think it would be wise to make sure the intelligence in your body was free from interference?
  33. 33. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection Intelligence is crucial to maintain a properly functioning body. When stress is introduced, intelligence becomes even more crucial.
  34. 34. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body ConnectionAt what point is it good for a person to not get their spine checked for nerve interference?
  35. 35. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection“If it doesn’t hurt, there is nothing wrong.” True or False?
  36. 36. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body Connection False
  37. 37. Nerve Signals: Mind/Body ConnectionIs there early pain with the following conditions?  High Blood Pressure  High Cholesterol  Plaque Build-up in the Arteries  Many Cancers  High Blood Sugar (Diabetes)  Tartar and Plaque on teeth  Osteoporosis  Nerve Pressure NO!