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Custom publication and magazine apps for tablets

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Advanced Tablet Apps 2

  1. 1. > Advanced Tablet Apps < The next generation ofmagazine tablet apps has arrived.
  2. 2. > communicating brand value < > Why Tablet Apps The market is experiencing explosive growth. Readers are discovering—and demanding—magazine apps that provide an engaging interactive experience. Now, your organization has a tremendous opportunity to entertain, educate and motivate more qualified customers by adopting a tablet publishing strategy. In 2011, iPads sold at a rate of 109 per minute, and more than 60 million will be purchased in 2012. Additionally, millions of other tablets, including Android and Kindle Fire, are expanding at an exponential rate. International Data Corporation is nowprojecting global tablet shipments to reach 106.1 million units this year, up from theprevious forecast of 87.7 million units.> DistributionBe found anywhere, anytime.Digital publishing has changed how we shop for products in more ways thanone. It has even transformed staples of the sales and information industry, suchas magazines, brochures and catalogs. Not only is creating an online publicationmore cost-effective and eco-friendly, it also reaches a wider customer base muchfaster than mass mailing. What does this mean for you? Now, you can take yourbusiness into the digital age and begin reaping the rewards your knowledgeableinvestment will bring.Apple Newsstand, Google Play and Amazon Newsstand allow consumers tosubscribe to what they want to read on an iPad or any tablet device; now,newspapers, magazines and journals are neatly organized in one convenientplace. App newsstands automatically downloads new issues from users’subscriptions in the background, so it won’t interrupt their reading.
  3. 3. > communicating brand value < > Features Multiple layers of content. DCP’s Advanced Tablet Apps offer a unique digital canvas that doesn’t constrain your publication to the edges of the device’s screen. Text can be free-scrolling or move in blocks; it can also be turned off to allow full-screen images on any layout. Creative options for integrating video and audio. Videos and audio can either be on a layer, scrolling with the text or the under text, or on auto-start, going full-screen and disappearing when done. You can even make custom control buttons. From the audio player, users can play and pause anytime. Ability to embed interactive elements. With our advanced tablet application, you can add the features you like and have the look you want. Want a slideshow? A 360-degree rotation? A form? Choose any of these features to showcase your business, products and services through DCP’s Advanced Tablet Apps. Measure your success. The Advanced Tablet App incorporates an integrated analytics system that allows you to see and measure exactly what your readers are doing inside your publication.> Views and DeliveryHorizontal or vertical.The advanced tablet platform allows for both horizontal and vertical orientations,and each direction offers a unique and optimized layout. Every page (or selectedpages) can be designated for directional views, or the app can lock to oneorientation on a single page or for the whole issue.Single edition or multi-folio.The single-edition model provides a way to deliver single brochures, catalogs,portfolios, training materials and books to the iPad and other tablet devices. Singleeditions can be in the form of free or paid distribution.The multi-folio model provides a way to download multiple publications within oneapp. Once downloaded, your customer will be able to access multiple publicationswithin your app, even if they’re not connected to the internet. The readerwill simply tap your app icon and then click the library button to view all yourpublications that they have downloaded.
  4. 4. > communicating brand value < Always up to date. If you decide to update content on either the single or multi-folio edition, the application will send out “push” notifications to your readers. Public, private or restricted distribution. You can distribute any tablet application in several different ways. A public application, free or paid, can be accessed through marketplaces such as Apple Newsstand, Google Play or the Amazon App Store. With private distribution, the application will be available to a limited set of users rather than through the app store. To limit various users’ access to content within the application based on roles (c-level, sales, marketing, etc.), you can publish your content using restricted distribution.> Next StepsLet us help you achieve your goals.Whether you want to retain existing customers or acquire new ones, DCP canhelp you achieve your goals. Drawing on nearly three decades of experience, weknow how to entertain, educate and ultimately influence readers.Whether you have an existing print piece or are starting from scratch, DCP canmake your Advanced Tablet App a reality for your organization. Contact us for moreinformation about Advanced Tablet Applications and custom publishing options. xxx xxx DCP 2520 Camino Diablo Walnut Creek, CA 94597 voice: 925.943.1111 fax: 925.943.1045 email: web:> newsletters and magazines / mobile apps / direct mail / direct marketing / content / design <