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The Secrets to Finding and Keeping Customers Through Content Apps


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Published in: Marketing, Technology
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The Secrets to Finding and Keeping Customers Through Content Apps

  1. 1. Congratulations, You’re a Publisher! Secrets To Finding—and Keeping! —Customers with Content Apps MASTERCLASS • NEW YORK • JANUARY 22, 2014!
  2. 2. What’s Mag+? An  end-­‐to-­‐end  solu,on  for   crea,ng  and  distribu,ng   content  for  apps  on   touchscreen  mobile  devices.  
  3. 3. What’s Mag+? Founded  in  2009,  launched   with  the  iPad  in  2010;  now   nearly  2,000  apps  created   across  mul,ple  categories.  
  4. 4. What’s Mag+?   Support  iPad,  iPhone,   Android  tablet  and  phone,   as  well  as  Kindle  Fire.    
  5. 5. What’s Mag+? Design  your  own  content   using  InDesign  or  use  our   Studios  service.     Deliver  embedded  HTML,   send  in-­‐app  messages,  live   news,  and  push  no,fica,ons.      
  6. 6. What’s Mag+? Add  sign-­‐in  capabili,es  to   gate  content,  or  even   segment  content  based  on   behavior  or  loca,on.  
  7. 7. What’s Mag+? Built-­‐in  analy,cs  to  measure   audience  behavior  and   usage  and  marke,ng  tools  to   reach  new  audiences.  
  8. 8. Content matters Because  61%  of  consumers  say  they  feel  beNer  about   a  company  that  delivers  custom  content,  they  are  also   more  likely  to  buy  from  that  company.  (Custom  Content  Council)   90%  of  consumers  find  custom  content  useful   and  78%  believe  that  organiza,ons  providing   custom  content  are  interested  in  building  good   rela,onships  with  them.  (TMG  Custom  Media)   The  average  cost  to  generate  a  lead  through  inbound  marke,ng   ($143)  is  about  half  the  average  for  outbound  marke,ng  ($373).   (G+)    
  9. 9. Mobile is where your users live 91%  of  adults  have  their  mobile  phone  within  arms  reach  24/7.   *Nielsen  2013   Adults  spend  more  3me  on  mobile  media  than   they  do  on  newspapers  and  magazines  combined.     *Nielsen  2013   57%  of  people  say  that  the  tablet  is  their   favorite  place  to  consume  content.   *Mequoda  Tablet  Study  2013  
  10. 10. Apps are what they use
  11. 11. Apps are what they use Customers  are  downloading  more  than  800   apps  per  second  at  a  rate  of  over  two   billion  apps  per  month  in  the  App  Store.*       As  of  February  2013,  there  are  224   million  app  users  in  the  U.S.   compared  to  221  million  laptop  and   desktop  users.**  
  12. 12. Go from push to pull I  have  to  seek  out  your  web  site   or  print  product.     Once  the  app  is  on  my  device,   you’re  embedded.     It’s  like  having  a  walkie-­‐talkie   with  the  user.       You  just  have  to  speak  into  it!  
  13. 13. Mobile relationship management Use  all  your  messaging   channels!   •  Subscrip,ons  (auto  delivery)   •  Push  (real-­‐,me)   •  In-­‐app  messages  (get  them   when  they  open)   •  Newsfeeds  (up-­‐to-­‐date  content)   •  Web  portals  (engagement)  
  14. 14. Mobile relationship management •  30%  click-­‐through  rates  on   newsfeeds   •  50%  increase  in  consumer   engagement   •  2000%  increase  on  ARPU  
  15. 15. For example United  knows  when  I’ve  read   the  SeaNle  issue.     The  app  then  sends  me  a   newsfeed  item  on  discounts  on   flights  to  SeaNle.     Then  when  I’m  in  SeaNle,  it   sends  me  a  push  no,fica,on   for  discounts  from  adver,sers   from  that  issue.    
  16. 16. So, I lied … Don’t  just  think  about  being  a  publisher.       Think  about  being  a  communicator.       Be  relevant.       Be  ,mely.       Make  the  conversa,on  two-­‐way.     Establish  a  rela,onship  with  your  user  and  it  will  pay  off.