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Publishmag- Digital Magazine Publishing Solutions


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Publishmag- Digital Magazine Publishing Solutions

  1. 1. Digital Magazine Publishing Services
  2. 2. Digital Magazines – A new era Analytics on your Add rich, interactive subscribers and page experiences. views Increase reach – Increase revenue by distribution is global selling subscriptions and instant and rich-media ads2
  3. 3. Case Study: Popular Science iPad sales in 2011 Launch of Apple Newsstand (iOS5) in Nov 2011, accelerates sales3
  4. 4. Magazines Need to Consider a Digital future  Lower costs in productionand distribution  Unrivaled User Experience  Immediate access to published issues  New revenue streams for publishers. Two Options  Kiosk Magazine:  Digital “Flip-page” iPad/Android Native App Magazine: Flash/HTML: – Creates a kiosk and – Multiplatform adapted to integrates with Newsstand. smartphones, PCs, tablets – Specially adapted to take – Formatting and design advantage of tablet extracted from a PDF and – Works offline other sources.4
  5. 5. Why an iPad Magazine?
  6. 6. Trends and Opinions Gartner: “Social media and tablets to make massive impact on businesses this year.” Antony Savvas - 12/01/2012 businesses-this-year/?intcmp=in_article;related “The desktop PC is dead; long live the tablet.” Center for the Digital Future - 14/12/2011
  7. 7. “The Magazine is an iPad that Does Not Work” (YouTube video with more than 3,500,000 visits ) Take-Away: The digital consumer of the future grows up with Apps7
  8. 8. Newsstand – A standard feature of iOS5  Your favorite mags in one place. Easy to find and BUY Newsstand Kiosks are  Personalized  Interactive  Timely  Easy  The iPad enables a much greater experience than print alone.8
  9. 9. Option 1: iPad/Android Magazine: Native App
  10. 10. Better than a print magazine  A dedicated and personalized Kiosk for your brand.  The magazine is specially designd for the iPad.  Works offline, as issues are downloaded10
  11. 11. Better than a print magazine – Opportunity to USE RICH MEDIA11
  12. 12. Not just magazines, Anything that’s in Print Example: Hyundai Equus “Owner’s Manual” Example: GE Annual Report: 2010/id425705238?mt=812
  13. 13. Dedicated Kiosk Function  A better way to reach your customers: Unite in your company/brand kiosk all of your publications  Increase your visibility and reach: Develop a new channel Having a Kiosk means you will have an app in the AppStore, potential to reach 200 million mobile users in the world13
  14. 14. New Revenue Streams Make Money Increase subsriber base and create revenue streams  Newsstands and kiosks allow you to sell your magazine to subscribers  You can also create new ad-formats for your advertisers.  Alerts to subscribers when new issues are published14
  15. 15. An iPad Magazine Enhanced Usability  Intuitivenavigation, defined core structure – feels like a print magazine  Zoom in, zoom out images, slideshows, videos, animations, google maps, sharing via twitter, facebook. etc.  Attractive images, no image quality loss15
  16. 16. This is not a PDF or a Flipbook  Easy to move between sections  Can have layers and pop-ups on the pages, as well as slideshows and scrolling text  Mimics the print version in layout.  Interactive table of content and browsing betwen pages16
  17. 17. A digital app Kiosk for your brand All of your publications and issues can be united in one Kiosk. You can sell SUBSCRIPITIONS to your magazines and create NEW REVENUE STREAMS17
  18. 18. Option 2: Digital Magazine: Flash/HTML5/Web App
  19. 19. Multiplatform Digital Magazine Digital Magazines use the following process: • Set up and configure the layout and process for content input • Load the content and configure interactions • Test and distribute in multiple devices 1 Set-Up 2 Publicar 3 Disfrutar (Edición 0) Plataforma Activos Plantillas19
  20. 20. Digital Magazine Publishing Agility and Flexibility Open Platform – Create Once, Publish everywhere • Can work with different type of source content (PDFs, InDesign, QuarkExpress, etc) • Publish everywhere: tablets, smartphones, laptops, iPhone, Android • Makes use of HTML5 “reader” and incorporate technology to create interactions that are truly engaging20
  21. 21. Digital Magazine PublishingSome features Rich Media Adaptation • Create your branded page with the magazine at the center • Incorporate rich media – videos, slideshows, images, links, audio (music, emails, etc.)21
  22. 22. Digital Magazine Publishing: AdvertisingAdvertising Track of Advertising • Google Analytics integration • Permits advertising with banners and pages in any areas of the digital magazine page Use of SEO, Social Media • Pages can be indexed by search engines and can include meta tags • Social Media sharing of pages can be enabled22
  23. 23. Example: iPad Magazine
  24. 24. Example: Digital Magazine
  25. 25. Example: iPad Magazine (demo for client)