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Awaaz - Voices from the South Asian Diaspora


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Diana Athill now 88 was regarded as one of the finest editors in London. She worked for the BBC throughout the Second World War and then helped Andre Deutsch establish the publishing company that bore his name.
In her book ‘stet’ she describes how she heard a man say that humankind is seventy per cent brutish, thirty percent intelligent and though the thirty percent is never going to win, it will always be able to leaven the mass just enough to keep us going. She went on to say that ‘intelligence’ means not just intellectual agility, but whatever it is in beings that makes for readiness to understand, to look for the essence in other beings and things and events, to respect that essence, to collaborate, to discover, to endure when endurance is necessary, to enjoy: briefly, to co-exist. Finally after many years as an editor, as she finally set to “scribble” her book ‘stet’ she looks back and says “it gave so many kinds of enlargement, interest, amusement and pleasure to my days. It was a job on the side of the thirty percent. We at Awaaz are on the same side.

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Awaaz - Voices from the South Asian Diaspora

  1. 1. AWAAZ Voices from the South Asian Diaspora 2003 – 2008
  2. 2. The motto of the Colonial Times was ‘ Free, Frank and Fearless’
  3. 5. 1914 – 2002 Freedom Fighter & veteran Journalist .
  4. 7. 1915 – 1995 Eddie Pereira Kenya’s Fierce Nationalist
  5. 8. “ Carve your name on hearts, not on Marble ” January 1995 The night he was murdered
  6. 9. 23 October 2002 Pheroze Nowrojee, awarded the Bernard Simons Award by the International Bar Association
  7. 10. “ Another world is not only possible, she is on here way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing”
  8. 11. 1879 – 1926 Manilal Desai Champion of the African Cause
  9. 13. SIDI GOMAS
  10. 14. 1913 – 1973 Makhan Singh Celebrating Kenya’s Freedom Fighters
  11. 15. 1924 – 2003 Pranlal Sheth Exposing Iniquity
  12. 16. L to R: Pranlal Sheth, Pio Gama Pinto and Piyo Rattansi
  13. 17. Front row:L to R: Pranlal Sheth, Mrs Hindocha, Oginga Odinga and Mr Hindocha
  14. 19. Harinder Veriah 1967 – 2000 “ Her death was entirely avoidable” Hospital denies racism claims Observer, 4/3/2001 Anti-racists take on Hong Kong’s secret shame South China Morning Post, 22/11/2000
  15. 21. Achhroo Ram Kapila 1920 – 2003 ‘ A full life’
  16. 22. Story by Jameela Siddiqi ‘ Reliving the Ugandan Independence’ Dedicated to my ‘fiesty mother’
  17. 25. 1965 – 2005 Pio Gama Pinto Independent Kenya’s first Martyr
  18. 26. Nominated to Parliament 1963
  19. 27. With children outside the door of his House, not far from where he was shot
  20. 28. Unveiling Kenyatta Statue in Parliament grounds circa 1964
  21. 29. February 1965: Scene of assassination and investigation
  22. 30. At funeral: L to r: Makhan Singh, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, brother Rosario Pinto, wife Emma Pinto and K P Shah
  23. 31. Posthumous award given to Pinto by International Organisation of Journalists on September 1965
  24. 33. 1935-1968 Priya Ramrakha A tribute by Shravan Vidyarthi The Photographer that Kenya forgot
  25. 34. Unforgettable images from the lens of a forgotten Photographer Photographs courtesy of The Priya Ramrakha collection and special permission from Time/Life
  26. 35. Martin Luther King Richard Nixon
  27. 36. Leopard Senghor
  28. 37. Kamuzu Banda
  29. 39. Only 66 out of the original 101 names of South Asian origin were retained
  30. 40. Ishan Kapila 1957 – 2005 ‘ he not only saw Kenya’s potential he felt it’ John Githongo
  31. 41. 1922 – 2005 Sophia Mustafa ‘ Against the Shadows’
  32. 42. At a rally With Julius Nyerere
  33. 43. On the campaign trail On a march