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DF13 Salesforce Fundamentals: Strategy for Campaign and Lead Management


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Dreamforce 2013 Salesforce Fundamentals: Strategy for Campaign and Lead Management presentation slide deck Presented by Deepa Patel, Halak Consulting, LLC, Shell Black, Shell Black, LLC, Maria Beli, CASE Partners, Bryan Boroughf, Monday Call

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DF13 Salesforce Fundamentals: Strategy for Campaign and Lead Management

  1. 1. Salesforce Fundamentals: Strategy for Campaign and Lead Management Deepa Patel, Halak Consulting, LLC, President @halakconsulting Maria Belli, CASE Partners, Inc., Senior Salesforce Consultant @JustAGirlyGeek Shell Black, Shell Black, LLC, President @Shell_Black Bryan Boroughf, MondayCall, Senior Account Manager @BryanBoroughf
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  3. 3. Deepa Patel Halak Consulting, LLC @halakconsulting
  4. 4. All about Halak Consulting, LLC Halak Consulting LLC a Salesforce partner. We have been helping firms identify problem areas and propose solutions that meet the firm’s requirements for the last 10 years.  We work with clients to define their business goals, analyze current business infrastructure and identify nonexistent business processes.  We focus only on software services  Silicon Valley User group co-leader, run Process & Strategy and Salesforce Certification Study Groups on Success Community  Visit Us – 
  5. 5. Target audience for this session: I'm not using this area of Salesforce today and want to learn more I am using this area of Salesforce today, but want to pick up some tips or confirm "I'm doing it right” Functional Roles: Marketing, Sales & System Administrators
  6. 6. Organized Lead and Campaign Management
  7. 7. Lead Management – What is a Lead? A Lead is a person with a business card  Name  Telephone  Email address  Street Address
  8. 8. Lead Management – What is it? A process that allows us to measure and monitor Lead Conversion  Quality of Leads • % of Leads accepted and working vs. % of Leads rejected and disqualified  Conversion of Leads • What % of Leads were converted and what was the time frame
  9. 9. Lead Management – Life Cycle How do we do this?  Lead Life Cycle • A process to move a Lead through different check points between receipt and conversion to an Opportunity.  Lead Status (Standard field) • Is the Lead being worked on? Has contact been made? Is this Lead Dead? • Open, Contacted/Working, Closed/Converted, Nurture, Dead  Lead Source (Standard field) • Where did this lead come from? • Web, Trade Show, Word of Mouth, Advertising, Webinar
  10. 10. Lead Management – Life Cycle How do we do this?  Lead Stage – Custom Field • Defines where the Lead is in the Lead Life Cycle – Marketing Qualified – Did marketing consider this a lead good enough for sales to work on? – Sales Rejected – Did Sales decide this lead was not a good lead to work on and send it back to Marketing for nurture or consider it dead – Sales Accepted – Did Sales agree to work on this lead – Sales Qualified – Sales has worked this lead and considers it qualified enough to develop an opportunity
  11. 11. Lead Management – Life Cycle How do we do this?  Lead Score – Custom Field • Defines the priority a lead should be given – Quality – How complete is the data in the lead record? – Aging – Is the Lead more than 30 days? – BANT – Is there a Budget, Need, Authority and a Time frame to Purchase?
  12. 12. Lead Management MQL Status = Open Date and time stamp Reject SRL Sales Rejected Lead Marketing Qualified Lead Dead Lead Back to Nurturing Status = Dead Status = Nurturing Accept Status = Rejected Date and time stamp Reason for Rejection
  13. 13. Lead Management Accept SAL Sales Accepted Lead Status = Open Date and time stamp Sales - Follow up and track activities in Salesforce Status = Contacted/Working
  14. 14. Lead Management Quality – Score 5 - 1 Status = Qualified Date and time stamp SQL Aging – Score 5 - 1 BANT Cumulative Score Budget = 5 – 1 Authority = 1 – yes 0 – No Need = 1 – yes 0 – No Time Frame = 4 – Less than 3 months 3 – 3 months – 6 months 2 – 6 months – 1 year 1 – More than 1 year Lead Score Sales Qualified Lead High Medium Low Status = Disqualified Date and time stamp SDL Reason for Disqualification Sales Disqualified Lead Dead Lead Back to Nurturing Status = Dead Status = Nurturing
  15. 15. Lead Management – Full Process MQL SAL Marketing Qualified Lead Status = Open Sales Accepted Lead Status = Open or Contacted/Working SRL SDL Sales Rejected Lead Status = Dead or Nurture Sales Disqualified Lead Status = Dead or Nurture SQL Sales Qualified Lead Status = Qualified Converted to Opportunity Status = Converted
  16. 16. Lead Management – Benefits What are the benefits of designing a process like this?  Monitor Quality of Leads  Gauge Velocity of Leads  Identify Bottlenecks in the process  Have an opportunity to make improvements and increase Lead conversion
  17. 17. Maria Belli CASE Partners, Inc. @JustAGirlyGeek
  18. 18. All about CASE Partners, Inc. CASE Partners, Inc. is a Salesforce partner celebrating 20 years as an IT consulting firm that specializes in maximizing the capabilities of Salesforce through innovative configuration, workflow, and integration solutions  Highly skilled staff of certified Salesforce administrators and developers  Specializing in advanced web and application integration services  Broad industry experience: Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Non-Profit, and more  Organizers and leaders of the Connecticut Salesforce Developers’ User Group  Visit us online at
  19. 19. Page Layouts
  20. 20. Page Layouts cont.
  21. 21. Reporting
  22. 22. Dashboards
  23. 23. Shell Black President,, LLC @Shell_Black
  24. 24. All about, LLC is a Cloud Alliance Partner in Dallas TX helping companies maximize their CRM investment through elegant solutions leveraging  Strictly Salesforce – our single focus results in deep domain expertise  Proven Process – fine tuned over a hundreds of projects  Community contribution – two Salesforce User Group leaders and a Salesforce MVP  Visit us online at
  25. 25. What is a Campaign? A Campaign is a marketing initiative that you track in Salesforce  Email  Customer Events  Outdoor Advertising  Training (yes, training)  Print  PPC, Organic Web Traffic  Social Media  Public Relations / Press Releases  Direct Mail  Client Entertainment  Trade Shows  Promotions  Telemarketing  Etc.
  26. 26. Campaigns - It's all about ROI! Campaigns allow you to see which initiatives (marketing spend) have the best return For example:  Was attending the trade show in Chicago last year worth it, and if so, should we buy a bigger booth next year?  We entertained guests with our stadium box seats, did it close any business?  What advertising components of our product launch produced the best results?
  27. 27. With Campaigns, you can: Target and market to existing Leads and Contacts Generate new Leads Track response rates on a Campaign Track Lead conversion rates on a Campaign Attribute Opportunities to a Campaign Calculate ROI
  28. 28. Mechanics of launching a Campaign Create the Campaign Determine your Campaign Member Status Target Leads and Contacts Launch! (and communicate internally) Measure
  29. 29. Create the Campaign – standard fields to know  Parent Campaign – allows multiple individual Campaigns to be associated to a larger initiative  Type – A dropdown (picklist) used to categorize your Campaigns • e.g. Print, Direct Mail, Outdoor, Email, Webinar, Social Media, PR, etc.  Status – A "lifecycle" pick list field • e.g. Idea, Planned, Budgeted, Deployed, In Progress, Complete, Abandoned  Active – This checkbox is what makes a Campaign visible to your users!  Actual Costs – (used in ROI calculation)
  30. 30. Campaign Member Status A dropdown (picklist) to know if a Lead or Contact has been targeted (sent) or responded to a Campaign  Direct Mail Simple Example: “Sent” and “Responded”  Custom Event Complex Example: • Default: Mailed • Responded: RSVP, Attended, No Show  Sometimes you only know who responded (not sent): • Outdoor advertising, PPC, Press Release, etc.
  31. 31. Methods to associate a person (Lead or Contact) to a Campaign  Manually – using the “Add to Campaign” button on Leads and Contacts  View – On Leads or Contacts Tab have a “Add to Campaign” Button  Report – Leads or Contact Reports have “Add to Campaign” Button  Manage Members – on the Campaign (add or update status, or use a file)  Data Loader – use when you have more than 50,0000 records
  32. 32. Launch! (and communicate internally) Check the “Active” checkbox on the Campaign Educate and communicate to Sales to be sure they are giving credit to Opportunities for your Campaigns
  33. 33. Measure the Results On the Campaign you can see roll-ups of your Campaign Members, Responses, Lead Conversion and Opportunities From the Campaign Tab, you can run the ROI report ROI is expressed as a percentage. Anything over 100% is a “winner” Formula: (Total Value Won Opportunities - Actual Cost) / Actual Cost
  34. 34. Bryan Boroughf MondayCall @BryanBoroughf
  35. 35. All about MondayCall Solutions At MondayCall, we help Salesforce customers, from SMB to mid-market to Fortune 500, make the most value from their investment .  Based in San Francisco and founded in 2009  Over 300 customers in a variety of industries across the country  Full range of services entirely focused on the Salesforce platform  Average: 9.5/10 customer sat rating
  36. 36. Deepa Patel Shell Black Maria Belli Bryan Boroughf President @halakconsulting President @Shell Black Senior Salesforce Consultant, @JustAGirlyGeek Senior Account Manager, @BryanBoroughf
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