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How to make the most out of Lead Management and CRM


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You’ve implemented Dynamics CRM, you “kind of” manage leads, but you either have no real process or a process that regularly fails. In this session we will find out how to take advantage of Dynamics CRM to manage your leads more effectively and track the conversion of leads to actual opportunities and sales.

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How to make the most out of Lead Management and CRM

  1. 1. LeadManagementKirsten Bockett-Smith and Sophie Khun-Hammond
  2. 2. Your presenters Kirsten Bockett-Smith Sophie Khun-Hammond Solution Specialist – Dynamics CRM Senior Dynamics CRM Consultant  6 years experience with Dynamics CRM  6 years experience with Dynamics CRM  7 years at Intergen  3 years at Intergen  Wellington based  Wellington based  Presales / Solution Lead / Analysis & Design /  Lead Consultant on CRM Implementations / Project Governance Gather requirements / Design solutionsLead Management
  3. 3. Our Agenda What is a lead? How do you capture leads? How to utilise Dynamics CRM to manage leads Reporting / Dashboards Demo
  4. 4. What is a Lead? A potential or prospective customer. In Dynamics CRM A lead record is an unstructured form, for gathering information about a person, and/or organisation and/or potential deal. An opportunity in contrast to a lead is a qualified potential sale and is associated with a customer.Lead Management
  5. 5. How do you gather leads?Lead Management
  6. 6. Lead Management
  7. 7. Lead Management
  8. 8. Lead Management
  9. 9. Lead Management
  10. 10. Lead Management
  11. 11. Lead Management
  12. 12. Lead Management
  13. 13. Where/how do you store the leads? Are they in one central place?Lead Management
  14. 14. Lead Management
  15. 15. You can increase your lead conversion rate and create more revenue generating opportunities, if they are correctly tracked and developed. You need the right process and tools in place to make this successful.Lead Management
  16. 16. Utilise Dynamics CRM tomanage leads
  17. 17. Productive workers need the right tools WORKFLOW FOR LEAD DISTRIBUTION & ASSIGNMENTLead Management
  18. 18. Teams working together produce better results SEGMENT LEADSLead Management
  19. 19. Utilise the Dynamics CRM Process Flow Leads Workflow Leads assigned to email entered Sales team created Lead Lead converted to Qualify followed up opportunityLead Management
  20. 20. How to enter leads
  21. 21. Demo ■ Outlook – track an email ■ Convert a campaign response ■ Import a list ■ Manually create a lead via mobile phoneLead Management
  22. 22. Demo: Outlook: Track email, convert to a leadLead Management
  23. 23. Demo: Campaign completed, response converted to leadLead Management
  24. 24. Demo: Import: List of LeadsLead Management
  25. 25. Demo: Add a lead from your phoneLead Management
  26. 26. Lead Assignment
  27. 27. Demo ■ Assign to a user or team ■ Workflow for lead assignment ■ Activity FeedsLead Management
  28. 28. Demo: Assign to a user / teamLead Management
  29. 29. Activity Feeds■ Enables Sales Managers to be kept up to date with lead progress■ Manual of automatic updates■ Posted to external apps via APILead Management
  30. 30. View activity feeds via Windows Phone AppLead Management
  31. 31. Qualification
  32. 32. Do you have a structured leadqualification process?Lead Management
  33. 33. Demo: Qualification processLead Management
  34. 34. Demo: Qualify As you qualify leads, you can convert them to other types of records. You can qualify multiple leads at onceLead Management
  35. 35. Demo: Convert a leadLead Management
  36. 36. Measurement
  37. 37. Do you need to measure how well your sales team performing? Can you identify your most successful lead source?Lead Management
  38. 38. Measuring SuccessLead Management
  39. 39. Reports Lead Source Effectiveness – compare lead sources Neglected leads – leads have not been contactedLead Management
  40. 40. DashboardsLead Management
  41. 41. In Summary The right process + the right tool = success ■ Improve productivity ■ Easily measure your sales teams performance and effectiveness ■ Close deals faster through team input and centralisation ■ Ensure a consistent process is followedFor more information, contact or Management
  42. 42. Thank